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With all the miraculous week themes to do prompts with, I haven’t seen a miraculous swap week yet, so I’m offering one! 

It’s a chance to have fun with miraculous swaps, you can do the main seven, or you can explore different miraculouses (like deer, rooster, firefly, ect.); you can do this with anyone and set it up any way you want. You can do your ships, brotps, rivals/enemies, OCs, explore other characters. 

Just a week to have fun with miraculous swaps. 

I’m having it happen Oct. 8th to the 14th, enough time to plan or get other projects done. Hope you jump on board and have fun with it! 


Day 1. Flare/Soft
Day 2. Whatisthat?!/Awkward 
Day 3. Tired/Temptaion
Day 4. Tendencies/Cuddles
Day 5. Close/Tensions
Day 6. Banter/Secret
Day 7. Alive/Still


Calum + dogs (part 2)


[there are 8 gifs of dan reynolds. in gif 1, dan is sitting with wayne, and the caption reads, “hey nice to meet you i’m depressed”. in gif 2, dan is sitting with imagine dragons, and the caption reads, “we’re a very colourful bunch of white guys”. in gif 3, dan is sitting with imagine dragons and the caption reads, “we’re imagine dragons, and now you know all our secrets”. in gif 4, dan is sitting with imagine dragons, and the caption reads, “i will tell you, plen is 100% real”. in gif 5, it just shows dan’s face, and the caption reads, “i make a mean bowl of cereal”. in gif 6, dan is standing at a keyboard onstage and doing some sort of dance where he twists his shoulders from side to side. in gif 7, it shows a drawing that dan made of daniel from dan and phil, which has very large eyes and a rectangular face. the caption reads, “that is the most realistic drawing of me i’ve ever seen”. in gif 8, dan is sitting with imagine dragons and an interviewer, and the caption reads, “we hated each other at first. we were enemies at first actually”. end description]

presenting dan reynolds of imagine dragons

(to anyone wondering, two of the gifs won’t move and idk why. i literally can’t get them to move.)

• omg I’m loving the meme squad headers on mobile. I was crying when I saw them all

   - HAHA omg yes they make me so happy. sora is so good at drawing the bara’s like holy shit

• How are you!? If your stressing out with something or not quite sure on something, know that- YOU GOT THIS!! BELIEVE IN YO’ SELF 💖 YOU’RE DOIN’ GREAT 💖


• Maybe this isnt the best question to ask but you mentioned school starting back up for you and it got me thinking, how do you balance school, work, and art? I know you mentioned you might have to cut back on art a bit, but I’m starting college soon and the thought of so much of my time being taken up by school and work scares me. I don’t want to lose what little time I have to sit and doodle as it is.

   -  Oh wow! as much as I SHOULD balance things better, i always make time to doodle :’) as they say, you gotta pick 2 out of 3 between sleep, work, and social life :’’’’’’) just go at your pace love bug! You’ll figure out what works for you<3

• Hey! Out of all your oc’s, which do you enjoy to draw the most and why? Thanks :)

   - HASFGHLDF I DRAW LIKE 2 OF THEM ;;;;; i love drawing yve cause of his monotone composure and fluffy hair, but latley lillypad has been fun since he’s still a fairly new character, and i’m playing with his design! Also my OC artemis, her hair is fun! aLSO DARIAN CAUSE HE’S A VERY UNIQUE CHARACTER BEING A MERBOI AND ALL SO HE FUNNNN

• Why are you so fabulous?!

• If you have any, what are some of your biggest style inspirations for your current drawing style? And do you have any advice for getting anatomy down? Your anatomy is 👌👌 (I really struggle with guys)

   -  Oh dang! HMM i’m in love with yamamori mika’s style! She’s the manga for hirnaka no ryuusei<3 ive traced her work several times to get a feel. i’ve also tried to copy work by other mangaka i like, so you could say a lot of manga has inspired me :’’’’) 

     as for coloring, i’ve been playing with gradiant maps that i learned from a video (x) made by @genicetea!! it was so helpful!!! I also want to learn how to color like amei zhao ;;;;_;;;; i love her work so much, she’s defenitly one of my biggest inspirations! @velocesmells is an incredible painter as well!!! fUC I COULD GO ON ABOUT MY FAVORITE ARTISTS JUST CHECK OUT THIS PAGEEE<3 (x)

• Feelings about LGBT ships? Do you have any? Or you just… Don’t found one you think worked well yet?

   - alkfjsldf there is no denying that i do indeed :’) . here’s my ship list (x) <3

     i guess you’re asking that since i’ve never uploaded any drawings of them, but my soul is just so wrapped up in shallura it out shines all other big ships ( except makoharu…. makoharu was my highschool ship and yall can rip it from my cold dead hands)

• Heyyy starry, (excuse my french) but I fucking love your art SO MUCH. its so aesthetic and and the colors are alwayd so pretty and i just love the way you draw eyes sm and your shallura peices ALWAYS make me SO happy <333 Questions: when did you start drawing seriously? what tablet/pen do you use? Do you usually do warmups/cool downs? Sry for the long msg, keep being awesome girl <3


     1) HMMM i’ve had a passion for drawing since i was a kid, and i new i wanted to be a pro when i got older. However i didnt really take it seriously until i got around highschool age, where i started looking at online tutorials ( a lot of anatomy basics) and books ( lots of anatomy again) so i am SOSOOSOS flattered that you like my anatomy cause damn i worked hard on it :’) deviantart ( at the time…), youtube, books, and pinterest were all incredible help!!

     2) I use a Huion H610 pro! Not the fanciest, but it was cheap and works great :’)

     3) I am trying to build that habit to do all the time! Sometimes i forget, but it’s incredibly helpful when i do!! But lol yeah even after working on something big, i’ll find myself doing small doodles at the end. I’ll often stretch my hand if i feel it getting uncomfortable ( gotta take care of your drawing hand!!!)

nah gurl don’t apologize ur beautiful<3


~click for better view and captions!

I customized some little halo soldiers I got and turned them into agents Carolina, Washington, and Florida! painting them was a HUGE pain but sealing the paint was even worse ksfdjkfs

i’m happy to say though that they’re 100% sealed and finished, and should essentially be water/damage proof! during the process however carolina got damaged in a lot of spots, but i’m just pretending her armor has battle damage shhh…

gonna try and do more soldiers later when I get one for every free-lancer!

Bonus picture of how I painted their heads:

plots based off songs from melanie martinez’s debut album crybaby;;

001. alphabet boy — fuck all your abc’s, alphabet boy,

  • { a } & { b }  have always been at odds—both being the smartest kids in their grades but having completely different opportunities. { a  } was born into a poor family and therefore family takes priority over grades and they fall behind constantly. { b } was born into wealth, affording all the tutors and generally having it easy and picking on  { a } who they usually have to tutor so they can catch up. eventually { a } drops out of school to work for their family and { b } graduates top of their class. but a year later they both run into each other and things are different— { a } is still working but earned a ged and is now moving into a new apartment, and { b } is struggling after being cut off financially and now with no place to stay—not to mention they’re knee deep in college debt now. { b } is now in desperate need of { a }’s help, but will they help them after so many years of teasing?

002.  soap —  i feel it coming up my throat guess I better wash my mouth out with soap,

  • { a } & { b } were once really great friends who told each other everything, who could call one another at one in the morning and know the other person would pick up. however, { a } felt something more for { b } and as easily as they could, confessed to them. { a } now feeling smothered and pressured, said they didn’t feel the same way and { b }, hurt, cut off all communications with them. years later at a party, { a } sees { b } drunk and ignoring them at all costs. when { b } drunkenly stumbles outside,  { a } corners them and demands to know why they’ve been avoiding them for long, generally getting more and more upset until   { b } drunkenly yells that they’re still in love with them and never got over a broken heart before passing out. { a } takes { b } home with them, and the next morning { b } wakes up in { a }’s apartment, hungover but with the blaring memory of what happened the night before. they try to escape, but { a } won’t let them leave their life again. because just maybe….in the years when { b } ignored them, { a } realized they were actually in love with { b }. but seeing how { b } completely hates them now, doesn’t know how to say it.

003. training wheels —  fully undressed no training wheels left for you,

  • before they were even a couple, { a } and { b } were always known as the shy kids, so when they got together, nobody could resist admiring how cute they were as a couple. from blushing every time they looked at each other, to the gentle way they touched each other, even how they always teased and poked fun at each other when they never did it with anybody else. they’ve always been on the surface of a relationship, but { a } is ready to take it further—they feel that they’ve been ready to go father, but { b }, who suffers from low self esteem after a previous bad relationship, has always been the reason they’ve held back. when they decide to take a small roadtrip together, { a } hopes to use this time to get closer to { b }, emotionally and physically. they’re staying in old hotels and sharing beds, stealing each other’s clothes and all both of them really want is to be with each other, no matter what happens.

004. pacify her —  you don’t love her stop lying with those words,

  • { a } and { b } have been friends for a while, and there’s always been something more bubbling under the surface, but neither have ever acted on it until both got drunk at a party and admitted it and then slept together. after that day things have always been a bit strange between them, but they kept their stance as friends. but when { b } starts dating another person who { a } personally can’t stand, things turn sour between them. and when their partner lets out their ugly side and lashes out at { a } and { b } does nothing to defend them, { a } decides they want nothing to do with either of them. until { b } shows up crying at their door.

005. mrs. potato head — oh mrs. potato head tell me, is it true that pain is beauty,

  • { a } is born into family where looks are everything—their mother is a beauty queen, so are their sisters. their father is deemed attractive, voted the most handsome in high school and still now is complimented for his good looks. { a } from a young age is forced to believe without good looks you’ll have nothing, and has been groomed from a young age, participating in beauty pageants where they always take first place. nobody looks at the person { a } truly is, and they themselves are forced to hide away the truer parts of them that would rather curl up in sweats and write stories, something they’ve been doing forever to handle the pressure. along comes { b } a journalism student, who comes across one of the stories { a } leaves behind after a gala and is impressed; always having the idea that { a } and the rest of their family were rather stuck up and annoying. the next time they run into each other, { b } returns the story along with a book they’ve always enjoyed. as time goes on, the two develop a cute relationship, leaving notes for each other in books, sneaking around and { a } sneaking out from galas and parties just to be with { b }. { b } is seeing { a } for who they are, not because of their face, and that in itself makes { a } want them all the more.

i was bummed when it looked like they might share a dance together at the celebration & then didn’t but LOW AND BEHOLD JUST A LITTLE LATER ON WE GET A VERY NICE SLOW DANCE TO SMOOTH JAZZ RECORDS WHILE DEBATING DEALS WITH A DEMON & PROMISING THEY’LL SAVE EACH OTHER FROM MADNESS, SO YEAH I’M DOING FINE but i felt like finishing this wish-fulfillment piece anyway, so…

anonymous asked:

Once you get this, you have to publicly post five things you like about yourself, then send this to 10 of your favorite followers! Spread Positivity 💞 (do only if u wanna !! just making sure i send these out)

awh geez, i’m flattered i even got this. 

1. i’m not bad at drawing
2. i’m good at listening to people vent (at the very least i try) 
3. i’m not a bad cook
4. i’m good at the kazoo
5. i’m good at taking care of my pet rock

Peggy took a trip to the US to do some traveling. She wanted to go to California, but there was a layover in Indiana. Once she landed in Indiana, her flight to New York was delayed a day. She got a motel room and began to unpack herself. She heard some people arguing outside, sounded like 2 men. She went to the window and moved aside the curtain carefully and looked out. 2 men, one very tall and the other a bit shorter than him were walking to their room she guessed. They began to head over to hers and she quickly moved away and pretended to be doing more unpacking(even though they can’t see her).

A few minutes later, she went outside to get some air and possibly find somewhere to eat. She looked around and didn’t really see anything in walking distance. She sighed and leaned against the door.


Doodles from the past few days! Btw pulled an allnighter last night for no good reason and I’m dead tired rn