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anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

look dear anons you don’t come into my inbox and talk to ME about a red riding hood au and not expect me to get both nasty and thirsty enough to stay up late to scribble a wolf!JJ before bed


Sooo uhhh I bought myself a birthday present today :p

I already have a betta, but I forgot to take myself off the list and they called and said there was than especially gorgeous betta there. I saw him online and he is GORGEOUS! I’ve never seen a betta with colors like that. Soo I bought him. I’ll find somewhere to keep him :p

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Holy shit night the fireworks, the kiss, the everything! That was my favorite part of that chapter and you just breathed beautiful life to it!

awww, thank you so much-! ;v; i truly loved that part of the chapter, and cannot begin to express how many lovely emotions it gave me… i’m honored that you think i even came close to doing right by it. <3 @tyranttortoise truly is an utter genius of a storyteller - i can never hope to shower adequate enough praises upon her ;)

ah, and, to this sweet anon-

heh, the reason i do blonde hair is because i’m blonde myself. it’s taken me forever to have any form of comfort when inserting for Reader characters (thus why so many pieces of my art for Ty’s SSLL chapters tend to focus on the skelebros, not the reader) - and i tend to see brown-haired reader inserts far more commonly (or just inserts that are uncolored sketches/lineart, or have that ‘grey anon’ look), so it’s been a bit of a practice in self-confidence to try to get to a point to put a ‘Reader’ that at least has that trait of myself… and i’d be a liar if i said that the fact that Ty also has blonde hair of a similar length isn’t bonus fuel for that, as it’s a delight to make something for her that she can insert into as well ;D

that said, i’m a total sucker for bringing a smile to your lovely faces, so here:

spent a bit of time recoloring/working this one to substitute brown hair :) <3

i’ve actually got two bigger long term projects going on in the background (one is @swaptalestory - the intro teaser is up, and the first chapter will be up this weekend!<3) and one that i haven’t shared any details on yet… but there’s a heavy insert aspect to it, and i’m working hard to have multiple… shall we say options that different people may be able to jive with. i’m hoping i can pull it off, heh.

actually fun fact about my cosplay past: 2D was my first cosplay, i had dyed my hair blue and spiked it, i had dark shades and couldn’t black out my two front teeth and i vowed to do him again someday to redeem him
but here i am, making another murdoc cosplay


When you feel beautiful with and without makeup <3

(feat. the most natural and most covered versions of me since I’ve started this blog)

before the dawn (royai week 2k17, light/darkness)
ana (@tsaritsa)
before the dawn (royai week 2k17, light/darkness)

saturday, june 10th - light/darkness  /  original composition

alrighty here is the big one. the tune and chordal structure went thru so so so many changes and even now i’m not sure if i have struck the right tone for what i want to convey……

recorded on my 1880′s era piano on my iphone bc what’s quality

how did we end up like this?
you’re a ghost that’s lost in my heart
and you linger in the corners
where i have feared to tread

i can feel you scattering
your bones are breaking
please, don’t turn away from me
don’t take away my will

i will find you
before the dawn
i will find you

i will find you
before the dawn
i will find you
before the dawn

please let me be right
you’re heavy in my hand
and you’re growing fainter now
i can’t let you go

i’ll bury you
smother you
protect you
i’ll remain with you

i’ll damage you
create with you
i’ll destroy with you
i’ll die with you

i’ll murder you…

A-Hero-Complex Mobile Masterlist


DC Imagines:

The Flash:

Barry Allen

Cisco Ramon | Vibe

Earth-2 Cisco Ramon | Reverb

Harrison Wells

Eobard Thawne | Harrison Wells | Reverse-Flash

Hunter Zolomon | Zoom

Zoom Mini Series:

Cry Wolf: I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, Finale

Multi-Character Imagines


Oliver Queen

John Diggle

Multi-Character Imagine

Legends of Tomorrow:

Leonard Snart

Mick Rory

Rip Hunter

Multi-Character Imagines


James Olsen

Young Justice:

Kaldur | Aqualad

Gods and Monsters:

Kirk Langstrom | Batman

Batman VS Superman:

Bruce Wayne | Batman

Multi-Character Imagines

Arkham Series:

Multi-Character Imagines


New 52!Barbara Gordan | Batgirl

Marvel Imagines:

Agent Carter:

Daniel Sousa


Tony Stark | Iron Man

Multi-Character Imagines


Wade Wilson | Deadpool

Vanessa Carlysle | Copy Cat

DC One Shots:

The Flash

Why does the BIGBANG community feel so dead here on tumblr nowadays? Where’d you run off to, fam? I miss my dash being flooded with lots and lots of BB goodness…

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“If this is really all happening in some other dimension.. shouldn’t we er- I dunno maybe send something to help them? Ya’know, so you don’t end up having to murder me at the end of all this?”

“Y-you kidding me Lee? You been w-watching this shii-urrrp-shit? I ain’t going anywhere near Rick Q-327!”

It started out as Rick finding a dimension where his life is directed by Quentin Tarantino on the multiverse goggles. Then they found the directors cut on inter-dimensional cable. The rest of the family walks in and out of the room at random intervals, really not wanting to ask why they’re watching and most of the time either laughing or crying over a movie where Rick appears to be killing everyone.

uh hey?

sorry for being quiet here for like…forever;;

tbh tumblr is becoming slow for me..like really slow ahah;; but i tune in once or twice a month to see whats up. Also to the ppl messaging me abt important stuff? im rarely here so im sorry i dont see these in time….

I AM frequent on twitter tho, newest place for me to hang! I have tons of new art there too>> so join me there! <<

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I know that AU thing with Opal was probably just a one-off doodle, personally, but I would LOVE to see more!

Haha that’s cool, but really idk what AU to make from it. Like an Opal AU Bestie-swap spinoff? Or something like that, no clue, but fun to think about lol