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how to feign indifference:

1. start smiling a lot, never let it slip your lips because someone might catch you at your worst and we all know what happened the last that happened. one crack and you’re gone. but smiles know how to cover cracks and faults, so no matter what happens, you cannot lose the one thing that has the ability to save you.

2. do not try to hurt them, or anyone else. to hurt means to care, to care means to be disappointed and to be disappointed means to be hurt.

3. put all your grudges aside when you see them, it’s like stepping into a taxi and realizing you’ll have to try to hold your breath for the next 15 minutes because it smells like stale chemicals and dead fish and breathing from your mouth feels disgusting. so suck all your grudges in, it’s only for a while anyways.

4. do not talk about it, the more you talk about it, the more you think about it. the more you think about, the more you want to talk about it. talking is comforting yes, but we do not need sadistic temporary comfort. the key to put up a good lethargic front is that you keep your true feelings hidden from everyone.

5. do not look for them in front of them, do not look for them in front of anyone who knows them, do not look for them in front of anyone related to them, do not look for them at all.

6. do not do anything related to them, do not listen to songs about them, do not write about them, do not read about them, do not think about them, do not do anything related to them.

7. follow all the do not’s even if they’re a lot and even if they hurt because this how you feign indifference and i hope to god, you master it because i almost did and by writing this, i just lost it.

—  t. 

A bit of fluff + a bit of angst (◡‿◡✿)

Almost there! Answering the so-asked question of what happENS WITH VIKTOR’S HAIRCOLOR- Well, it gets just a bit darker because of aesthetic purposes ★⌒(●ゝω・)bAlso gave him a proper mirror-slashed haircut for the moment!

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‘Isn’t it lonely without him?’

'It’s like the stars forgot to come out one night and instead I was left in the dark, wondering what I could do to make them come back.’

—  j.f // but they were too far away to listen to my tears • excerpts of stories I will never write
“It’s terrifying, isn’t it?”
     "What?“ he asked.
     "That we’re all so small,“ she said, turning her face to the stars. "And that we live such complicated lives. Do you ever think about that? The fact that every person in rush hour traffic has a first kiss and a favorite person and something that makes them cry on the spot. I mean, there’s billions of us on this one little speck overthinking what the hell we’re doing with our lives. Constantly planning and worrying and discovering. Knowing all along we’re just a dot in the universe. A tiny little crumb. Practically invisible.”
     She paused to take a breath, her lungs expanding until she could hold no more, and then she whispered, “It’s terrifying to me that we can be so small and so enormous at the same time.
—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write // 27
You know, a lot of people might wonder

“How do you play as Zenyatta?” Well, the answer is obvious.
Unleash all the pent up rage that lurks within your heart as you aggressively float towards the enemy team and attempt to 1v6 them.
Throw your discord orb on a different enemy every three seconds.
Throw your orbs around with reckless abandon.
Violently kick the enemy in the face while saying hello.
Ignore your team’s cries for healing.
Pretend that you are invincible.
Become one with Tankyatta.

Thank you to everyone who sent in prompts based on this awesome pose sheet! Got some good tablet practice in, and took my first serious crack at drawing TFA characters. I’m totally going to keep going with the prompts, but I’m very slow so don’t wait up. 


just two guys….bonding… i can’t believe this is my first contribution to this amazing show…

@sasseffect and i have diverging headcanons regarding Phil : i think she is tall, and she thinks she is small. So naturally i had to draw 4 Philippas in one picture to illustrate the variety of Philippas one can come up with. An experiment, if you will.

Smol Phil compensates for her shorter stature with a slightly bigger owl form. Tol Phil wonders why she is like this.


decided i’d try to draw them all like this ?? so i did the cousins !!

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hi do u have any favorite bts authors/tumblrs??

yes!! I need to spread my love so this might get a little long but no one hold me back because all these blogs are amazing!! some are writers and some make gifs and rad edits but !!! just !!! pls !!! check !!! them out !!! even if u already know of them, drop by their blog again and say hey ahah

fic writers: @jiminniemouse / @tahyungs / @jungblue / @inktae / @sugajpg / @ggukyng / @jeonesque / @cosykims / @jjungkooked / @dailydoseofdia@workofteaguk@dearkook / @taechubs@kookingtae / @kainks / @an-exotic-writer / @cremesuga / @zephyoongist / @haniwritesbtsstuff / @hobibliophile

gifs/gfx/other lovely edits: @pingkeujin / @rapsae / @suntaes / @jeony / @jiminsaid / @eridanianada@busanie / @y0ngsin / @jungkook-e / @blondejeon / @ohsuga / @junqkookied / @yourpinkpill / @mewchim / @mvssmedia / @mangaetteok / @sweaterpawsjimin / @apgujeon / @daihun / @mnyunki / @jengkook / @hoseokxx / @hopseoks

other wonderful miscellaneous blogs: @mintychim@bts-has-ruined-me / @jungkookjpeg / @jeons / @jeonsin / @cutiepiebts / @hobuing / @jeondiary

All I ever wanted to do was wreck myself. Take everything good in my life, and throw it all away. It seems crazy for me to want everything I love to be gone forever, but it’s what I need. I need to pick up these sad broken pieces and put them back together. It’s my only desire, and I’m begging you to break me. Take every good thing I love about you and make it horrible, make me hate your existence. Hurt me like no one else ever has. Then once you’ve shattered me, I will glue myself back together
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1177
its always the person who you won’t think will ever hurt you that always does and its always the best friend thats “forever” that ends up being the one whose not.
Nothing is fucking predictable, and you can’t predict anyones intentions in your life, you can only live through them. And these past couple weeks I’ve been feeling so damn alone, I seem to forget that I am surrounded by people.
All I can do is replay every single word you’ve said to me over and over again, and I still feel the same way I did, when I first heard those words.
And I can’t make sense of anything anymore. Everything that I thought made sense, stopped and everything that I thought I knew turned into everything that I didn’t know at all.
I used to think that we were forever. I mean, we’ve been through worse, and we were still side by side after it all and now nothing has even happened, we just stopped telling each other everything and then we just stopped telling each other anything at all, and then before i could even make sense of it, there was so much distance between us that there was nothing to reach for anymore. Your so far away, and there is no point in reaching over anymore because we are not the same people we used to be.
I used to think that when somebody said they loved you they’ll love you forever. i used to think loving someone was something that would never go away. the words “I love you” were so raw for me, but none of that makes sense anymore because the truth is, people lie.
Sometimes “i love you” is just a lie, and sometimes its not. But when do you know when its real?
the answer is, you dont.. and sometimes someone will love you one day and then completely ignore you the next for no reason at all.
nothing about anything makes sense anymore. people are here one day, their gone the next. sometimes you don’t even get a reason, you just get to stay up night after night wondering where the fuck did it all go wrong?
and it just doesn’t make sense. nothing makes sense, and I don’t know how to take in the fact that, there are no reasons for why things happen, and sometimes you get no reason to why someone just stops loving you and stops being there for you. You just get to live through it.
—  We used to stay up on the phone talking for hours, now I cant even get a text back. 

The squire and the alchemist…. feat me drowning into rare pairings all over again