i'll do it the same way i do on my rin

The reason why I love iwa0i the amount I do is because no matter what Iwa-chan will be there for Oikawa if he breaks down. So I find a lot of comfort in their relationship, it makes me feel better in the one thing that Sousuke and Rin lack. I dunno I blame mostly kyoani for it, but if they do make a movie or something all I want more than anything is for Sousuke to recover and this time to have Rin by his side helping him.. but then sometimes I think that that’s not how their relationship work but then at the same time I feel like Sousuke just needs Rin there just to show a bit of support— just a little. I dunno. If they make a movie then yeah ok I’m happy but if they don’t show a supportive Rin or Rin being there for Sousuke in any way shape or form then I’m going to get upset .. and burn all my free merch and only keep Sousuke stuff.