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Just dating Gladiolus Amicitia things:

  • Hoo boy. So you ended up falling for the buff, charismatic shield of the royal family, huh? No one can blame you, a lot of people do like him. They like talking to him, they like looking at him. Basically, just be prepared for that. He knows a lot of people and he has to help keep good relationships with them. Don’t get jealous! It’s just work, he has to do this, it’s part of the duty of family. Don’t keep Gladio from something that’s so important to him. There are some people who will try and maybe sway his affections away from you, but he can handle himself. He’s not only physically stalwart, but emotionally too. Gladio’s got you, anyone else is a gross downgrade.

  • Iris, Gladio’s sister, is a bit of a problem initially in your relationship. Not that she’s actively making trouble, but she doesn’t make much effort to be friendly. It might seem like Gladio takes her side most of the time and he does, but remember he loves his sister a lot. Be understanding of where Iris is coming from; she’s already lost a lot of time with her brother since he’s part of Noctis’ entourage, but its not so bad because they’re Gladio’s friends. You’re his significant other. It’s different to being a friend. Iris suddenly feels like she’s gonna be ousted from her brother’s heart. Don’t be too worried, Iris’ indifferent attitude towards you doesn’t stay for too long. She warms up when she sees how important you really are to Gladio. It’s hard not to see how much he loves you.

  • Gladio has had a lot of practice babysitting a certain prince and looking after a younger sister, so he is really good at looking after you. When you’re sick, expect him to do all the right things to make you feel as comfortable as possible while you’re on the road to recovery. If you’re working too hard and not really looking after yourself, he’s the one who’ll help you stay hydrated and bring you food and snacks to keep you going. One of your fondest memories is eating Cup Noodle with him in a dimly lit office. You were starving and he brought you the best late night dinner food ever! That evening, when you were way too tired to walk the rest of the way home, Gladio was more than happy to give you a piggy-back ride.

  • So your boyfriend has to keep his body in peak condition because of his work and you’re either impressed by his physique or you’re lying through your teeth. Gladio isn’t as vain as say maybe Noctis or Prompto, but he does keep himself groomed to maintain his rugged good looks. He also likes to tease you because he knows you like looking. It’s hard not to look okay, he goes open shirt/shirtless a lot. Gladio has really nice… everything. Arms, body, everything. He finds the fact that he can easily fluster you with his body hilarious. “C’mon. I know you wanna.” He’ll grab your hand and place your palm flat on his abs so you can have your fill. While he’s shameless about it, you might be dying from embarrassment.

  • “Hey you know what these are made of?” He grins.
    Boyfriend material.”
    “Gladio—no—why am I dating you?!”
    (bless @c-qcatwrites for this one lmao)

  • Before you guys dated, his flirting was relentless and he used everything he had to charm you. He’ll maintain a physical distance when he’s buttering up people for work; arms crossed, kind of closed off body language, but still friendly. When he flirts with you, its up close when he’s looking and smelling good. He’ll touch you, a hand on the shoulder, brush his hand against yours, maybe give you a hug. Closer to the time you were about to become official, if he was really daring he would give you a kiss goodbye on the cheek. It doesn’t go unnoticed that his kisses get closer to your lips each time he does it. Your lips finally meet when you become his though.

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