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here’s a darkwing artwing i made yesterday! i was planning on adding a cooler background or some text today but Nope

Edd is a pretty fly ace guy, and I’m honestly so glad he exists, because I relate to him on a personal level. 

Probably my favorite Edd scene was him just raising his hand and yelling “I don’t like anyone” when Rolly asked if anyone else was going to come out, because I’ve literally done that myself when coming out to people as asexual. I love him.

I’m determined to get to all the characters before Pride Month ends! 

🌈 Happy Pride, y’all! 🌈

Learning a foreign Language
  • Expectations: It's so fun, yeah, maybe it's hard sometimes but I am really learning a lot and everything is going fine! :) *insert random sentence in a foreign Language*
  • Reality: what the fuck is that
  • what does that mean
  • why do u use *this* word in this case and *this* other word in this other case don't they mean the same? Where's the difference?
  • wat
  • *Google Translates a word* oh so that's the meaning yeah okay I'll keep that in mind
  • *three seconds later* No wait what the fuck did that mean I forgot
  • WAT I wanted to write *pure innocent word* but I got one letter wrong and I accidentally wrote the most sinful word ever.
  • WTF this word sounds like something dirty in my language how can I say this with a straight face like srsly
Shadow Creatures

This nice request was given by someone who wishes to remain Anonymous but wow they are basically my favorite monster.

It started with flickers in the corner of your vision. You barely noticed them, after all, they were just your mind playing tricks on you, They were figments of your imagination. You were just tired. They couldn’t be real. You just missed your meds. You had been looking at your phone too long. Well, at some point it had become less of you “not noticing them” and more you most definitely and pointedly ignoring them. 

Lately though you were finally coming to terms with it. You were seeing things. Not just seeing though. Feeling. You had walked through one once, and they were surprisingly warm. Somehow you always thought they would be cold, but no. It was a warm pressure that enveloped you for a second before you and it went your separate ways. If you really looked… they were beautiful. Shifting forms, never truly solid, ever changing. Their Skin was pitch black, wisps like smoke trailing off of them as they walked around. And as you actually started looking around, you noticed something. 

One was always there.

You didn’t know for how long it was there, or how you knew it was the same one despite how they shifted and changed, but deep down, you felt a tug on your very being. A recognition. And in that moment, It looked up. 

You’re shocked, they had never looked at you before, just as humans seemed to be oblivious to their presence, they seemed to be oblivious to yours, that or ignoring you, but this one.. was different. The inky darkness of it’s features made it’s expression impossible to tell, but it seemed to flinch back in surprise and double take. You quickly put your head back down and keep walking, though now you’re very aware of it’s silent steps behind you.

You must have imagined the hand brushing against your cheek later that night.

People always treat Soda and Steve’s age gap like it’s a full-year difference but when you actually start to think about it, they were both born in 1948. In the book, Steve is said to be 17 when he’s first introduced, and later on Soda says that he’ll be 17 “in a couple of weeks.” The story takes place in late September. Soda’s birthday is October 8th. Steve’s birthday is April 15th. Which means that they’re actually only 6 months and one week apart, exactly.


pedophiles swarm the shamchat community so i decided to bait some fuck and here’s his kik!! i told him i was 16 (a bit older than my real age, still a minor, but one of the more ‘attractive’ ages to pedos) and this 26 year old was entirely fine with the age difference. i’d like to see daddy doms try and defend their kink now. sorry if the screenshots aren’t too good but it’s all i’ve got!!!

please report the shithead.

tbh i’m not quite sure how to put it into words but like. season one is pretty amazing. because it starts and it’s this show about two boys who go around hunting monsters and yeah it’s nice because it’s got this cool classic americana aesthetic with this dark ass lighting that sets the tone but i dunno. that kinda seems to be it. but then dean shoves sam up against the bridge and says in that deep, low way of his don’t talk about her like that and just for a second you’re like oh, oh, okay, and it’s this hint of something more

like the story of supernatural is original and all but the whole monster hunting thing has been done already and hell someone watching season one could easily say well why am i watching this when i could just be watching the x-files but like

the reason that they didn’t do that was because of dead on the water, because of faith, because of devil’s trap and john begging sam to shoot him while dean whimpers on the floor not to. because someone who didn’t know this show beforehand would think they were signing up for a show about guys who hunt monsters and demons and ghosts but the story just unfolds and suddenly this monster hunting show has some of the richest and deepest characters that all of television has to offer

realizing just how lonely dean is, how desperate and afraid, and realizing how similar sam is to john when you thought it would be dean who was, and then watching how john interacts with both of them and the different ways they respond to it, that’s what makes season one, it’s the show saying hey, here are these two brothers, these cool all-american guys, and then it slowly unties all the knots until all the threads are laid out on the table and wow, it goes a whole lot deeper than you thought it would

so basically in conclusion season one of spn is extremely underrated, please love it as much as i do

  • Ranma: Yo! Akane, I'm a bit stumped on this English homework. Can you help me out?
  • Akane: sure, whatever
  • Ranma: so there's 20 English letters right?
  • Akane: no! You idiot! There's 26!
  • -Ranma slaps his head*
  • Ranma: Right! I remember the ones I forgot, U R A Q T -He has a huge grin on his face-
  • Akane: -face is red- r-real clever you forgot one more though
  • Ranma: -winks at her- I'll give you the D later
  • -Akane then slams a mallet onto him-

Honestly tho I struggle with the concept that the vampires in ONS are 100% apathetic because they’re kinda…not???

We very clearly see them react to stimuli in certain ways that, while to us, is highly apathetic, but is still a *reaction* with some form of emotional response. Even if it’s just a behavior-stepping back or tilting their head curiously- that’s still a response conveying cues of their curiosity or attentiveness through body language. I’m someone who struggles with bouts of apathy, and usually during the most intense episodes (absoloute no emotion), I’ve been told that I act like a zombie, because my lack of emotion = very basic responses that are mere actions rather than reactions, which we DO NOT see normally with the vampires.

Given this, it *could* be possible that instead of losing their emotions completely, they merely experience a *shift* in emotional responses and thinking based on the fact that they are no longer human and therefore do not need to react in ways that are essentially human. They do not have the same social structure or social bonds that we do; they seem to be mostly individualistic creatures rather than the group mentality that we have. Their needs have changed: biologically speaking, they are now pure carnivores rather than omnivores, which means their actions are typically more hunter-like. Even their way of reproduction has changed, which could be why vampires do not have sexual desires (libido, I’m assuming) and consider blood drinking to be pleasurable (even if it’s not sexual in our terms, drinking another’s blood is generally the easiest way to turn a human into a vampire, so from a biological perspective deriving pleasure from it= increasing the chances that the vamp is more likely to do it. Tbh I feel like the pleasure from drinking blood is a mixture of hunting/eating pleasure and their version of reproductive pleasure, but on a somewhat lesser scale because it’s the vamp’s concious decision to turn someone instead of finishing the meal. In this reproductive scenario, the set-up of the possibility of creating a new vampire {coming close to draining someone} is most likely where that pleasure is focused because that’s a behavior that encourages turning. In this case though, the action of the bite is most likely what encourages that sensation v.s. eating pleasure because the existance of the physical body offers a chance for a human to be turned versus satisfying thirst, and thus the act of drinking blood from another vampire most likely developed socially to hold a high level of intimacy {not really in a sexual way bc they work differently than us} because of the trust in the other to not drain you in addition to the instinctual hunting/turning pleasure triggered through biting, which- dammit I got off topic).

To expect them to have human emotions, in this case, would be somewhat ridiculous. Their brains and body have changed to something inhuman; therefore, even though their body still retains the basic human layout and can probably still function, certain reactions cannot be enabled because there is no longer a psychological reaction that can trigger the action (like crying. We see animals that cannot cry express grief in different ways, and we ourselves do not always feel sadness that makes us want to cry. Therefore, vampires most likely can feel loss and sadness, but since their reaction is profoundly *vampire* it does not trigger the physiological reaction to our *human* grief, aka tears). In addition to this, our emotional reactions communicate social cues to our group and other humans, allowing for communication and strong social bonds. Because vampires do not need that, their emotional reactions (percieved apathy) are most likely severely decreased. (Example: solitary predator v.s. pack predators. If a solitary predator gets injured when hunting, their’s no need to show a strong reaction because there’s no one else to teach a lesson to/ask for help. Pack hunters would be benefited by expressing a high reaction to their injuries because it would teach the rest of the pack to not enact their mistake as well as draw attention and aid to their problem). And since they seem to be mostly visual creatures (their eyesight is insane), small, subtle gestures to certain things are to be expected, because they can be caught and read by another vampire easily. They don’t need to react strongly to things, because even the tiniest gesture will be noticed. Therefore, their percieved apathy by us could be a complex web of behaviors to other vampires, whose eyesight is keen enough to pick out the minute cues.

Then there’s also the fact that they aren’t human, period. Vampires and humans are, technically speaking, two completely different species, even if vampires used to be human (and probably still have lingering traces of humanity present in them). Even in our own world, humans and other animals show and experience emotion differently- leading to many, many years of us believing that animals were emotionless, though we could see certain behavioral cues that we shared across the genetic barrier. Hell, even in other cultures emotion and emotional reactions is expressed differently. When getting turned, new vampires probably feel like their emotions are fading (except for like Mika and Yuu bc Yuu is his last real human social bond and thus his bond eith Yuu is still intact even as the rest is becoming vampified) because they are shifting to something so alien the remaints of their human mind can’t comprehend it, and older vampires most likely comment on their detatched emotions as such because the bits of humanity still left over (prob. coming from the fact that their bodies, the last things they have left, were human and still generally are bc biology and psychology are intertwined) are still reacting to the vampire expressions and behaviors as something weird and different and unfathomable even though the vampire part of their brain has long-ago aligned and balenced out with their much-decreased humanity.

In other words, they *do* feel emotion-but it’s vampire emotion, based off their biological and social needs, not a human’s.


I’m afraid you’re out of luck.



book pages for each major character in my ongoing taekook Game of Thrones/Medieval AU fic series. read part one here / read part two here.
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Okay. At the insistence of my loving spouse, I’m starting a full Mass Effect run-through w/ my version of Jane. If anybody wants to use her face for their own Shep, here are the ME1 slider settings. 

Though I’ve had a few Shepards over the years, I am exceptionally boring and almost always come back to the same one: a Soldier + Paragon femshep based on the ME3 “default.” 

I’ve changed her origin and reputation a lot - just to play through different versions, but the closest match to “Red Streak” Jane is probably the Colonist + War Hero combo.

anonymous asked:

I have a lot of questions. But I'll just limit them to 3 and save the rest for later... 1. Would you still be a YouTuber if your Tumblr didn't get the attention it got in the beginning? 2. How different do you think your life would be if you went to Boston University instead of UCF? 3. Who would you want to play you in a movie about your life and why?

Oh gosh these are such good questions!

1. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t be a youtuber if it wasn’t for my Tumblr. I never actively tried to achieve success on YouTube. I never planned to make videos. If one of my followers on here never asked me to make a video, I never would have.

2. I honestly have no idea, but I often wonder the same thing. I don’t know if I would have continued YouTube in Boston. The main thing that kept me motivated to keep creating videos while in college was a YouTube convention in Orlando called Playlist Live. When I first started going, I wasn’t a featured creator. I was an attendee like everyone else. My first time there I got coffee with Hannah Hart. She gave me some fantastic advice, and that’s what kept me going. If I was in Boston, who knows if I would have continued YouTube

3. Hmmm I really don’t know! I’d probably go with a “no name” actress I found to be talented, but didn’t have her break yet.


SunshineSiblingsWeek: Day 1 - Baby Sister/Big Brother

When it happened, I cried a lot.

The next morning, I didn’t get out of bed.
Neither did I do so in the afternoon.

Two days later, my bestfriend came to visit with a carton of vanilla ice cream in her hands.
I didn’t eat much of it, because my new favorite flavor was pistachio because you had gotten me hooked on it.
We stayed up late watching my favorite movies and she spent the night on your side of the bed.

Six days later, I took out our old pictures.
I spent hours looking over them.
I wanted to rip them apart, but I couldn’t.
I stored them in a drawer I rarely opened, instead.

Two weeks later, I finally left the house to go for a walk.
I passed by the coffee shop that we had our first date in.
I paused, debated it.
Then, I stepped inside and ordered myself a caramel macchiato instead of an espresso. The first drink I had shared with you.
I always hated the bitter taste, but I drank it anyways because you had already ordered and I was too shy to change it.

A month later, I got myself a haircut.
You liked my hair long, but I always wanted to have it short.
I always struggled with managing it.
When the stylist was done, he smiled at me and said,
“It looks lovely. You look amazing.”
I didn’t go home and cry myself to sleep that night.

Six months later, I went to the beach one early morning to watch the sunrise.
I remembered resting my head against your shoulder as we waited for the sky to burst into different colors.
You always yawned numerous times, because you hated waking up early, but you did it for me anyways. I remembered teasing you about it.
I smiled.

A year later, I met someone new.

I don’t regret what happened.
There is no point in doing so.
I am happy now,
and I hope you are too.

—  Moving on