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some of your friends write pedophilia and incest, are you cool with it too?


Please note that all other questions like this will be deleted as I am not one to influence people who can’t address such topics OFF anon. So, after receiving this last night I went back and forth about whether or not to even shed light on this manner. Honestly, I’m a person who doesn’t enjoy confrontational matters and I am an anti-hate person but this really baffled me because this person was intentionally looking to stir up something that has NOTHING to do with me or my blog. If they would’ve read my rules or even looked at the content of my posts than they would’ve understood my position on this topic. I would have deleted this, just like I do all my hate, and move forward because this isn’t worth the time but what got to me most about this question was that it wasn’t looking to come at ME personally but others and I don’t stand for that, especially since my partners don’t deserve to be ridiculed for whatever it is they choose to write on. 

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When rebloging those stimboards,sometimes you might have to check the source of the post because some of them do not want cg/l interaction,even though your blog is SFW..Sorry if I sounded rude,that wasn't my intention at all!

You didn’t sound rude at all. I try to check sources but often times I forget cuz I have a very bad memory (I even forget to do basic stuff like eat & brush my teeth). I forget tht the blogs I follow may reblog something from someone who doesn’t want Cgl/re interaction. I also forget which blogs are ok with it & which aren’t. There’s so many names & some icons look identical. It’s just difficult for me so I often stick to blogs I follow. I follow banners/descriptions but even tht isn’t perfect as someone can delete it (even though its very wrong to do so). Also if someone asks for a post to be deleted I delete it. All I can do is try my best ☺️☯️

Okay but Harry clearly loves cameras right? Like can you just imagine like your just sitting around and doing homework or watching something, or you’re just listening to music and you’re like all concentrated, and then all you hear is a “click click click.” And you look up like half annoyed like what is that??? And you just see him like peeking from behind the wall, and all you see is that stupid camera and you’re all annoyed like “seriously harry?” And hes like “what? I just wanted some candid shots. And you look all cute so concentrated.” And yet he’s snickering as he’s looking at his pictures which of course makes you concerned like WHAT DID YOU TAKE A PICTURE OF??? And you’re like chasing him to see that stupid picture if you now threatening it’s way to twitter and that “everyone will love it.” And you gotta chase him around the house to delete it and you eventually get to by tackling him to the ground, just to realize it was all already deleted and hes just laughing like, “I just really wanted to get your attention back on me again.”
Wow okay. What an attention seeker.

weird little sorry-i-haven’t-been-on-much-due-to-family-and-essays apology drawing. otherwise known as the i-spent-time-drawing-this-instead-of-doing-those-said-essays drawing. anyways sorry for not being too active the past few days due to family and essays. click for more details as usual