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man remember project metis

here is literally everything i have written for the third chapter of Project Metis since i probs won’t get to it for a while

****Chapter Three: they told us we could be whatever we wanted, and we chose puppies***


MILITARY RANK: Special Officer

DIVISION: Hybrid Strike Corps, Musutafu Base, PPDC

ACCESS: Omega Level

AGE: 5

HEIGHT: 176cm

ALTER EGO: “Shouto”




POINT OF ORIGIN: Endeavor Project

DESCRIPTION: Category Five; dragon-like; long, serpentine body; six eyes, heterochromia; spines and vents down back, spines trailing down to make a heavily spiked tail, note crown of horns and white shoulder spikes; red sheen over black scales

QUIRK: half-cold, half-hot; can expel magma from mouth and propel ice from shoulder spikes; can change temperature of hide at will


MILITARY RANK: Special Officer

DIVISION: Hybrid Strike Corps, Musutafu Base, PPDC

ACCESS: Omega Level

AGE: 25

HEIGHT: 166cm





POINT OF ORIGIN: Lycaon Project

DESCRIPTION: Category Three; lion-like; smaller but strong feline build; thick, curling mane; green sheen over black scales and mane; beaked face, thick hide, dull spikes, massive claws on heavy paws

QUIRK: “one for all”; incredible physical strength

MARCH 17, 2035  8:32 HOURS

LOCATION: LOCCENT Mission Control, Musutafu Base, Japan

Uraraka hides a yawn behind her clipboard and doesn’t notice the person sneaking up behind her.

“That’s a good look on you,” Aizawa says, coming to a stop beside her.

Uraraka squeaks and blushes, peeking out from behind her clipboard and glaring at Aizawa. “Sensei!” she exclaims. “You shouldn’t sneak up on a lady like that!”

The corner of Aizawa’s mouth twitches. “How are they?”

Uraraka lowers the clipboard and turns to the holographic screens displaying a herd of thousand-ton monsters running, swatting at each other, leaping, and all in all…playing around. On screen, Mina bites Kirishima’s tail and he yelps. Uraraka smiles. Then, straightening her back, she delivers her report.

“Artemis pack seems to be in top-tier condition,” she says. “The test run a couple days ago showed no sign of shifting pack structure—Bakugou is still clearly the point of the pack. Ojiro and Shouji aren’t showing signs of discontent as rear guards, and Tokoyami is as usual, submissive to Bakugou. Any worries we had about Kirishima vying for Bakugou’s position are null. All our results suggest that his insubordinate acts help Bakugou blow off steam. He’s acting as the regulator for the pack.”

“Good,” Aizawa says. “I’m still worried he’s a powder keg on the brink of exploding, but…”

But we need him. Uraraka nods. She gets it. “Apollo pack is due for a test run soon, but I don’t have any worries about shifting pack structure. As a rule, they tend to be steadier than Artemis pack anyway. That kaiju takedown illustrates just how functional they are as a pack. My only concern would be that they rely on Todoroki a little much, but all his psych analyses come back with negligible worries. He’s a machine when it comes to leading; I’ll never understand how you managed to pry him from Todoroki-sensei’s hands.”

“It came at a high cost,” Aizawa says. “Sometimes I wonder if I have yet to realize all I gave up for him.” He frowns.

“I believe Iida briefed you on the results of Alpha Strain’s routine check?” Uraraka says.

Aizawa nods. “Yes, and I did look over the test run results briefly when they came out. What I really need to know from you is how the officers themselves are doing.”

Uraraka rolls her eyes. “Well, Artemis pack is doing as well as their kaiju counterparts. They’re not…close…like Apollo pack is, but they have an understanding. They work together when they’re needed and their ties are strong. I think Ojiro feels inferior,” she says, frowning. “Tokoyami and Shouji balance and rely on each other. Kirishima and Bakugou balance and rely on each other. But Ojiro has no one. I want to look into that.”

“And Apollo pack?”

“Like a family,” Uraraka says proudly. “Midoriya and Tsuyu might as well be siblings. Mina gets along with everyone, and Kouda is protected and looked after by his pack. Todoroki is respected and loved.” Her smile fades a little. “Midoriya told me he’s been having those nightmares again. He had one so bad it woke up his packmates, the morning before the double event.”

“Is it a problem?” Aizawa asks.

“As a researcher, it’s not my place to say,” Uraraka says. “It’s Todoroki’s responsibility to get Midoriya in to a psychiatrist if he thinks the nightmares are affecting Midoriya adversely. I trust his judgment. He’s logical and clear-headed, and if he thought Midoriya was dragging his pack down, he’d do anything to fix it. But Midoriya performed well during the battle, so it can’t be affecting him that much. As a researcher, I think it’s okay to let it go.”

“But as a friend…” Aizawa trails off.

Uraraka sighs. “As a friend, I don’t like to see him suffer. I worry Todoroki is being too cold, but I’m not in their heads. I don’t feel what they feel. I don’t know if Midoriya can handle it, even if he thinks he can.”

“Thank you, Uraraka,” Aizawa says. “For now, I’ll advise the Marshal to withdraw Apollo pack from any encounters with return kaiju until we can get Midoriya analyzed properly. No special treatment aside from that; if he thinks he can handle it, I’ll let him try. But I’m not throwing one of my best officers into a situation where a trauma-induced moment of hesitation could kill him if I can help it.”

“Is it because he’s a good officer, or because he’s Alpha Strain?” Uraraka asks quietly. Not quietly enough, though, because Aizawa gives her a sharp look.

“If you want to talk favoritism and human rights with me—”

“No, no, I’m sorry,” Uraraka says. “It just slipped out. I understand even if I don’t like it.”

“Good,” Aizawa says. “We don’t look it, but we’re skating on thin ice here. The last thing I need is one of my closest to start doubting our cause.”

“I don’t doubt us,” Uraraka says. “But they are my friends, too.”

“Then you know better than any of us why we can’t have anyone too nosy poking their head into what we do,” Aizawa says.

Uraraka nods.

Aizawa jerks his head towards the door. “I’m going to check in at R&D. Make sure our officers don’t kill each other, won’t you.” He turns away sharply.

Uraraka sighs and collapses into a chair, rubbing her temples. Ah, she had ruined her good mood. Why couldn’t she keep her mouth shut?

She looks up at the kaiju moving millions of gallons of water like it was nothing as they pounce on each other and roll and snarl, jaws parted in what might as well be smiles. Aizawa-sensei was right that they were soldiers who lived to fight, but they were also human underneath the mass of scales and claws and teeth and fur. They were human and they needed to be treated as such. Aizawa-sensei couldn’t separate their human and kaiju selves, couldn’t help but see the whole picture; it was only logical, but also terribly heartless.

She wishes Iida were here. Iida always knew how to phrase his concerns logically. He was always on the same wavelength as Aizawa-sensei, but Iida had a heart. He cared for their friends as much as she did. He knew that Aizawa-sensei’s ways weren’t fair and he would find a way to word it so that Aizawa-sensei would agree. Uraraka thinks about calling him, just to hear his steady voice and have him talk her down but no, she had taken this shift to allow him to sleep in for once. She wouldn’t wake him up even if the sound of his voice, heavy with sleep, brought peace to her mind.

Besides, she loved this part of her job. She loved the kaiju. That’s why she was here and why she put up with the ethical dilemmas of their work. And to think Uraraka Ochako, a woman fresh out of graduate school, could befriend the groundbreaking hybrids and work alongside the legendary Aizawa-sensei to keep them all safe—

She frowns, and then swears softly. Speaking of safe…

She pounds the com. “LOCCENT to HYCOM, what the hell are you guys doing? They’re going to kill each other! Get on it, officers!”

MARCH 17, 2035  8:15 HOURS

LOCATION: Musutafu Training Bay, Musutafu Base, Japan

Enrichment days, Midoriya thinks, are awesome.

Uraraka had told him why enrichment was an important part of keeping their kaiju healthy and their mental health stable, but Midoriya couldn’t really fathom all that science-y mumbo jumbo. All he knew is that his hundred-foot long lungs were heaving and he hadn’t felt this alive in days.

Ojiro’s ear frills lift and then lower, a taunt. He’s poised and ready to leap, rear in the air and spayed out in front of him, a reptilian dog ready to play. Midoriya tenses his own haunches and leaps out and to the side, ready to pounce on Ojiro’s unprotected flank. Ojiro tears away from him, long blue tongue hanging out of his mouth as he pants. Midoriya chases him, hind legs bunching as he picks up speed.

They tear around the group of kaiju in an outer circle, so fast Midoriya can feel the wind whistle past his ears. Ojiro makes for the relative safety of Shouji’s tentacles. He’s right—Midoriya won’t run under Shouji’s body because he doesn’t have a death wish. Shouji eyes him with what Midoriya guesses is amusement. Tokoyami, draped across the slope of his back like a black, feathery ridge, ruffles his wings in irritation at the disturbance. Midoriya huffs. He bats at one of Shouji’s tentacles and gets another two slithering out after him.

Yelping, Midoriya jumps away. Shouji makes a sound that is definitely amusement. Tokoyami, decidedly woken from his dozing atop Shouji’s back sits up and glares at Midoriya for a moment before beginning to clean Shouji’s scales with his beak and claws. Shouji makes an appreciative noise and lowers himself into the water. Ojiro, realizing his protection is about to crush him, scurries out and right into Midoriya’s waiting paws.

Midoriya body slams him, knocking them into a wrestling match in the water, jaws parted and snarling, the flats of their paws batting at each other. They’re careful to avoid each other’s spines. Ojiro gets to his feet and starts to run again, but Midoriya grabs onto his hind leg and drags him down, pushing him onto his back and holding him down with a heavy paw. Ojiro huffs.

You win.

The hivemind is alive with emotions and thoughts and impressions from all the hybrids but Midoriya can pick out Ojiro’s voice easily, warm and amused, just a little disappointed. This is why Midoriya was a flank and he was rear guard, though. It was only a natural result.

Midoriya lets Ojiro get to his feet and bumps shoulders with him affectionately, brushing their hides together from shoulder blade to hip. Midoriya feels a spike of pain and hears Ojiro exhale sharply and he pulls back, alarmed.

Shoulderouchpulled, Ojiro projects and Midoriya can feel the faint throbbing as if it were his own pain. He sniffs at the sore spot on Ojiro’s shoulder, projecting his own worryconcernwasitme?

Ojiro shakes his head; he had landed funny on his leg when running from under Shouji. Midoriya laps at the sore spot anyway, as if he could take the pain away just from cleaning it. Ojiro pushes at Midoriya with his nose, appreciating the sentiment. He pads off to see Bakugou probably, who will look at his injury, snort, and say well, what do you want me to do about it?

More likely he’ll point out that it’ll heal when they shift back so Ojiro should just deal with it, but Midoriya doesn’t want to give Bakugou that much credit. Ever. Hey, when one of your own kind nearly shreds you for trying to play fight with him, it sticks with you.

His partner gone, Midoriya turns back to find a new bloodmate to brawl with. Mina has taken to leaping up in the air and swatting at Tokoyami on Shouji’s back, who screeches at her and claws back. Shouji doesn’t seem too perturbed by Tokoyami’s distress. Their section of the hivemind is an almost sibling-like squabble, easily dismissed as not real fighting.

Ojiro and Bakugou are together. Kirishima is dodging Tsuyu’s attempts to smack him with her tongue, and underestimating her speed if that yip is anything to go by. Todoroki, predictably, isn’t engaging in the fun and instead sits off to the side, still managing to look elegant with the long column of his neck extended and the sun glinting off the sharpness of his facial features. Kouda sits beside him, the only kaiju bigger than Todoroki, head on his paws and eyes closed, taking in the sunlight on his rock-like hide.

Midoriya approaches Todoroki, bobbing his head. It’s a causal invitation to play. Kouda looks up, senses Midoriya’s intention, and moves off towards Shouji with a passing good luck offered to Midoriya. Todoroki blinks slowly.

He regards Midoriya with passing interest, showing no intention of getting up from where he’s comfortably splayed in one hundred feet of water.

Midoriya tries again. Runchasejumpcatch? He suggests. Bitepawgrowlplay?

I don’t, Todoroki replies. You go.

Midoriya whines. Not pack without you.

Artemis is here, Todoroki points out. Bother them.

But Midoriya doesn’t want to bother them. He wants to see Todoroki get up and do something, enjoy himself for once. Todoroki’s always so stone-faced and business-minded; he never got a break. This is their break. Their scheduled time off to play like the puppies at heart they all were.

Midoriya not-so-delicately swipes a paw through the water and splashes Todoroki in the face.

Todoroki, to his credit, doesn’t react as angrily as he could have. His shoulders tense, but other than that he doesn’t move, dripping with water. His scales glitter and then he’s covered in steam, burning away the salt water. He exhales loudly once, expelling salt from his nostrils. He’s not amused.

Midoriya, however, is. He runs in a circle around Todoroki, continuing to splash him while Todoroki burns away all the water. He paws at and chews on Todoroki’s tail until Todoroki shifts and growls at him. He actually gets Todoroki to whip his head around and shift towards him. Midoriya leaps back, but Todoroki doesn’t follow. He’s almost got him, though. Midoriya pads back towards him and headbutts his shoulder affectionately, rubbing against him like a cat.

Todoroki growls again and Midoriya does it again. He can feel the tension in Todoroki’s body and his mind, irritated by Midoriya’s pushiness. As always, his mind is impenetrable, but Midoriya can tell it’s a swirling mess right now. He probably shouldn’t taunt Todoroki too much—he was much stronger than Midoriya, and bigger, too.

Midoriya flicks his tail across Todoroki’s nose almost flirtatiously and Todoroki snaps. He gets to his feet faster than Midoriya expected and swipes at him. Midoriya’s fast enough to get away with only a few scales off his hide, but Todoroki can reach far.

The chase doesn’t last long. Midoriya knows to run hard when he’s irritated Todoroki this much, but Todoroki has speed, length, and power and Midoriya’s only purpose in agitating him was to get him up and running anyway. Todoroki swipes Midoriya’s legs out from under him and Midoriya goes down, rolling onto his back.

Todoroki is on him in a second, hovering above Midoriya and prodding at him with one paw while Midoriya flattens his ears and growls, his muzzle crinkled into a snarl. Todoroki prods at his cheek and Midoriya hisses, swatting at his paw. Todoroki jabs at him again and again, Midoriya on defense but still belly-up, vulnerable.

Then Todoroki lets out a low, rumbling growl and parts his jaws, making a clicking noise. His paws are on either side of Midoriya’s shoulders and he dominates the hivemind, pushing against Midoriya’s consciousness and subduing him.

Midoriya’s growl peters out and his muzzle flattens. He makes a small, chuffing noise and lowers his paws, allowing Todoroki to nose along his neck, nipping at the soft skin he finds there. He’s completely limp under Todoroki’s ministrations and when Todoroki nips at his chin, Midoriya dares to lick his chin. Todoroki growls softly, pleased. He parts his jaws and wraps them around Midoriya’s mouth. Midoriya goes still and allows Todoroki to shake him a little and press a paw over his heart, claws kneading Midoriya’s vulnerable underbelly.

This is complete submission.

Todoroki releases him a moment later and steps off him, eyeing Midoriya one last time. The hivemind is grudging fondness from Todoroki and a sense of satisfaction from his kaiju specifically at Midoriya’s submission. The rest of Apollo pack are pings against Midoriya’s mind, vying for Todoroki’s attention next. Todoroki steps away from Midoriya, but not before the tip of his tail brushes against Midoriya’s nose.

Midoriya’s heart sings with so much pleasure, he knows it reaches the rest of his bloodmates through the hivemind. Mina snorts, but she’s Todoroki’s next target, rolling on her back easily and grabbing at his face to lap at his chin, playfully submitting to her point.

Kirishima, inspired by Midoriya’s display, bumps Bakugou. Unlike Todoroki, though, Bakugou doesn’t tolerate any kind of playfulness. Her turns on Kirishima in an instant, snarling. Kirishima barks back, pawing at Bakugou, playing with fire. Bakugou charges him and Kirishima hops back swatting at his face. Bakugou knocks him off balance immediately. Kirishima falls onto his belly and Bakugou climbs over him, grabbing him by the scruff of his neck.

The fight goes from Kirishima’s body immediately and he lets Bakugou give him a few rough shakes, snapping his head back and forth. Midoriya winces in sympathy. It looks like it hurts, but when Bakugou releases Kirishima, there are no teeth marks in his neck. Kirishima sinks bonelessly into the water, turning over curling his paws over his chest, whining.

Bakugou ignores him. Kirishima whines louder. Kidding, kidding! The hivemind says.

Kirishima places a paw against Bakugou’s muzzle and Bakugou’s lips pull away from his gums with the force of his growl. Don’t touch me.

Aw, Bakugou…Kirishima plays cute harder, this time wagging his tail.

Bakugou snorts. I hate you, he says.

Kirishima doesn’t say ‘I adore you’ in so many words, but his love for Bakugou isn’t exactly subtle across the hivemind. Even Midoriya can feel the force of it. This time, when Kirishima presses a paw to Bakugou’s muzzle, Bakugou knocks it aside so he can lean down and nip at Kirishima’s chin. Kirishima’s tail goes wild.

Bakugou steps off him and Midoriya huffs at Kirishima. Gross, he says.

Kirishima might as well grin at him, tongue lolling out of his mouth. He flips onto his stomach and growls gently at Midoriya. Midoriya growls back, tensing to leap on him.

Bakugou throws himself between them, jaws parted as wide as he can spread them, and roars.

Bakugou is not Midoriya’s point. But he is a dominant member of a pack and Midoriya, a lower rank than him, cowers back, tail tucking between his legs and ears folding back. He shrinks into a ball, unable to run as his muscles lock.

Bakugou doesn’t have a chance to make a move. Todoroki is at Midoriya’s side and in front of him with an ear-splitting roar of his own.

The two points square off, roaring at each other and posturing. The rest of their packs slink away save for Midoriya and Kirishima, frozen with fear and confusion that innocent playing had instigated a point-versus-point battle.

Bakugou’s jaw frills extend and shake, brilliant red-orange sunbursts against the pure white of his scales. He’s intimidatingly large and fierce, but Todoroki is not shaken. He flares his own spines and ear frills, and the vents running down his back hiss and spit steam. Their heads starts low but slowly rise in tandem with each other until Todoroki’s height beats Bakugou’s.

Bakugou strikes first. He swipes at Todoroki’s neck, but it isn’t with the flat of his paw as he had swatted at Kirishima—this was with claws extended, hoping to tear Todoroki’s throat open. Todoroki bats him away, but then Bakugou is throwing himself at Todoroki, standing on his hind legs to use both paws to punch at Todoroki’s face. Todoroki mirrors him and they fight like tigers, dueling with their front paws and then dropping to all fours so they can try to ram each other with their bodies before standing back up again.

Todoroki should be faster than Bakugou, but Bakugou is angrier. He manages to sink his claws in the flesh of Todoroki’s hind leg and hold on as Todoroki snarls and tries to throw him off. Bakugou locks his entire body onto that haunch and tears at Todoroki’s leg with his back legs, trying to cripple him, but Todoroki doesn’t let him. The steam that spews from his vents grows hotter, as do his scales, and in one burst, he forces super-boiled steam into Bakugou’s right three eyes and burns the skin off the pads of the paws hooked onto him.

Bakugou howls in pain and lets him go. When they stand face-to-face again, Bakugou is blind in three eyes and his scales are ashen and flaking off where Todoroki burned him. Todoroki is limping, his back left leg shredded. They circle each other and Midoriya feels for the first time, the seriousness of this fight.

SPECIAL OFFICERS BAKUGOU AND TODOROKI STAND DOWN, IMMEDIATELY, Yaoyorozu shouts over the hivemind, using HYCOM’s controls to amplify the volume of her voice so that it drowns out the rest of the thoughts and voices of the hivemind. Bakugou, Todoroki, and the rest of the hybrids wince at the loudness. Kouda tries to cover his ears with his paws.

All of you are to return to base for a debrief at once, Yaoyorozu commands. You are not to engage each other on the way to base or I will personally see you turned off from the Hybrid Strike Corps.

Before he can help himself, Bakugou thinks, Sure you will. There are so many places for a kaiju hybrid to go.

It would be my absolute pleasure to turn you off and watch the Jaeger teams tear you apart, Yaoyorozu says heatedly.

Let them try, Bakugou says, bearing his teeth.

Bakugou, Mina speaks up before anyone else can. That’s enough.

Like I wanna hear that from you, Bakugou says, but the fight is gone from his mind and his limbs. He and Todoroki limp back to their exit bays, tension still humming across the hivemind. Their packs follow, subdued. The mood of contentment and relaxation fizzles out like steam in open air.

MARCH 17, 2035  9:07 HOURS

LOCATION: Shatterdome, Musutafu Base, Japan

Prompt from @mega-fairy-tail: Magnus being away for quite a while because he is preparing for Alec’s oncoming birthday, and Alec didn’t know what and where Magnus is and doing. Magnus got the whole Institute, including the Downworlder’s who know them to act oblivious about what’s Magnus is doing.

I hope you like it! :•) (read on ao3)

no more prompts please!

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12 from the list if you have time?

things you said when you thought i was asleep

The warmth of the sun against Yuuri’s cheekbone is almost upsetting. Almost, because Victor’s cool fingers are tracing delicate patterns into his back, and Yuuri’s lips itch to curve into a smile. He keeps his eyes closed, in case Victor has himself propped up-Yuuri wants a few more minutes to quietly enjoy this before Victor finds a more forceful way to wake him up.

It’s usually pleasant. Victor wakes him up with fingers running through his hair, with kisses on his eyelids, kisses on his cheeks, kisses on his lips, kisses down his neck, kisses elsewhere

Other times, they are not so pleasant. Yuuri has war flashbacks to three days ago when Victor woke him up by shoving a foul-smelling green concoction under his nose (”smoothie,” he called it).

Yuuri doesn’t have any qualms, however. He has already been living in Victor’s St. Petersburg apartment for two weeks, and Victor has yet to wake him up the same way twice. Not that Yuuri would mind to a repeat of the ‘kisses elsewhere’ method.

Victor’s fingers dip into the curve of his spine and they tap a soft rhythm down its line. “I’m so lucky.” It’s a whisper, heavy with emotion and close to cracking.

Something raw and strong gets caught in Yuuri’s throat and he fears his gulp is audible. At the very least, he’s sure his eyelids flutter from the sudden, prickling hint of tears, but then Victor presses his face against his back and nuzzles against it. 

Yuuri feels his mouth move. “I’m so lucky.” This time, his voice definitely cracks.

His arm slings around and loosely falls over Yuuri’s waist. It must not be too late in the morning then, because Victor’s breathing slowly evens out. But Yuuri doesn’t think he’ll be able to go back to sleep. His arm rests over where Victor’s is on his stomach, and subtly thumbs at the ring.

Today, he’ll be the one to wake Victor with a green “smoothie”.

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Do you have any LoVe fic you would recommend from what you have read/used to read? :)

Hey anon! Sorry it took me so long to answer this, I went digging through the blog for some old posts. I made a couple of ficrec posts back in 2014, here’s an overall L/V ficrec masterpost and here’s one with only movie-related fic. Some other mods have also reblogged to the ficrec tag.

Those lists might be a bit outdated but I know there’s been a lot of fic in the fandom since then, I just haven’t gotten around to reading most of it. The ones I really enjoy are Slipstream by @cheshirecatstrut​ and pretty much everything by TheLastGoodGoldfish (not sure if they have a tumblr, I linked to their AO3 profile). The @vmficrecs​ blog is a great resource too.

I also remember reading a fic in which Logan was a florist and Piz was evil (even just typing that made me laugh so much) but I can’t find it. If anyone knows which fic it is, let me know! And feel free to reblog and add ficrecs to this post or even just self-promo, I’ll reblog it here so everyone following this blog can see them too. :)

I desperately needed some fluff after the barrage of wonderful gifs we got over the past few days. Here’s a drabble that popped into my head.

EDIT: you can read this on ao3

*Notes after the fic

Jyn couldn’t move. She desperately, achingly, needed to, but she just couldn’t. Sleep had long eluded her, and she gave a withering stare to the snoring figure lying beside her. If he hadn’t been resting up from a mission she would have probably “accidentally” nudged him in the ribs with her elbow. Hard.

At least one of us can get some sleep, she thought bitterly. She tried moving again, leveraging herself against the wall beside her, the soreness in her right hip pushing her to desperate measures. Her flailing limbs still failed to wake Cassian, although she was sure she had hit him a few times. He had only grunted softly, but otherwise showed no signs of waking.

There would be no avoiding it. This was partly his fault, anyway.

“Cassian,” she hissed, but she was only answered by a slight stutter in his snore. “Cassian!” a little louder now, through gritted teeth. He finally lifted his head up slightly, and in the semi-darkness Jyn could see him blinking the sleep out of his eyes.

“Mm… Jyn? What’s wrong?” his voice was thick from sleep, but his eyes narrowed in on her, and for a moment Jyn felt a pang of regret for waking him, and possibly worrying him. The moment passed quickly, however.

“You need to get up.” she demanded, in that tone Cassian knew all too well.

“Ah. Of course.” Cassian pulled the blanket off of them and got out of the bed, leaving ample space for Jyn to crawl out.

Jyn shimmied her way to the edge of the bed, swung her legs out and over, but when she tried to sit up, nothing happened. Cassian stood by the bed. Jyn lay half out of the bed, half in it. For a few agonizing seconds, they were at an impasse.

“Help me. Please.” Jyn finally spit out. Cassian tried not to chuckle as he grabbed a hold of her arms and pulled her into a sitting position. She begrudgingly took his hands but once she was sitting she pulled away, not meeting his eyes. She turned back towards the bed, crawled back to her side, and lay down again, this time on her left side.

Cassian waited the requisite few seconds, while she adjusted herself and got comfortable, before he asked, “All good?”

He was only met with a soft snore.

Chuckling to himself, he crawled back into bed and wrapped his arm around the swell of her stomach, marveling at how, in just a week or so, there would be someone else keeping them awake at night.

A/N: Someone once told me that when she was nine months pregnant, if she wanted to switch the side she was lying on, she couldn’t just flip over. She would have to get out of bed, and crawl back in. I thought this was a preposterous story. Until I was nine months pregnant myself. Anyway, I don’t headcanon Jyn getting too big when she’s pregnant, but that belly definitely makes sleeping very challenging lol

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hello! i just found this blog and it's so amazing to see all the questions people have because then i don't feel so alone! but i haven't seen this question yet so my question is: can you go over the basic sentence structures for things? because sometimes i'll think i have it correct and then suddenly the words are switched around but then when i try /that/ method again, it goes back to the way i had first? like if i put verb before subject, then it says subject before verb? do i make any sense?

Thank you so much, love!! <3 

I’ll try to cover the sentence structure in Norwegian main clauses (the post would probably get way too long if I tried to cover subordinate clauses as well, though I could do that in another post if you want! The main clause is definitely the most important/basic one though.)

( Also, do keep in mind that there are always exceptions in a language, so you might stumble across sentences that don’t follow these rules - though most sentences should. )


#1 - Essentials. 

Like English, Norwegian is a SVO-language (though it can also act as a VSO-language in certain sentences, but more about that in #5)

To make a sentence in Norwegian you must have:

1 - A verb
2 - A subject (you can omit the subject if you’re ordering someone to do something (e.g. “Run!” or “Come here!”), but to make an actual sentence, you would need both). 

This is enough to make very basic sentences, such as:

“Han går.” - “He walks.” / “He’s walking.”

“Jeg spiser.” - “I eat.” / “I’m eating.”

“Du ler.”“You laugh.” / “You’re laughing.”

*!!! - as you can probably see; in Norwegian there is no past progressive form, so sentences like “Han går” can be translated into both “He walks” and “He’s walking”. 


#2 - Verbs.

- Verbs must be the second element in a regular main clause

- Verbs must be the second element in a question if it’s not a yes/no-question 

- Verbs must be the first element in a question if it is a yes/no-question

*!!! - “element” is not the same as “word”. The subject could be “Mary and John”, but it’s still only one element. 


A regular main clause:

Jeg bor hjemme.” - “I live at home.”

“Han spiste fisk.” - “He ate fish.”

“De løp rundt.” “They ran around.”

A regular question:

Hvor bor du?”“Where do you live?”

“Hva spiser du?” - “What are you eating?”

“Hvem er det?” - “Who is that?”

A yes/no-question:

“Bor du her?” - “Do you live here?”

“Spiser du fisk?” - “Do you eat fish?”

“Er det deg?” - “Is that you?”


#3 - Subject.

- The subject is usually the first element

- If it’s not the first element, it will be the third element, directly after the verb (this can happen when an adverbial or object is the first element etc.) 

- If the sentence has more than one verb and the subject is not the first element, the subject will be in between the verbs. 


Subject as the first element:

“Jeg liker iskrem.” I like ice cream.”

“Jeg liker iskrem nå.” - “I like ice cream now.”

Subject as the third element: (usually you would make a sentence like this if you want to put more stress on the object or adverbial (time/place/etc.))

“Nå liker jeg iskrem.” “Now I like ice cream.” 

Two verbs + subject as the first element: 

Jeg kan spise iskrem nå.” - “I can eat ice cream now.”

Two verbs + subject as the third element (subject between the verbs):

“Nå kan jeg spise iskrem.” - “Now I can eat ice cream.” 


#4 - Negation.

- In a main clause the negation “ikke” will usually come directly after the verb.

- If the sentence has more than one verb, the negation will split the two.

- The subject can sometimes split the verb and “ikke” if it’s the third element of the main clause instead of the first


“Jeg liker ikke brød.” “I don’t like bread.”

“Han snakker ikke mye.” - “He doesn’t talk much.”

Two verbs:

Han kan ikke lese.” - “He can’t read.”

“Jeg liker ikke å skrive.”“I don’t like to write.”

When the subject is the third element:

Nå lager han ikke mat.”“He’s not making food now.” 

“Denne boken liker jeg ikke.” - “I don’t like this book.”

*!!! - be aware that the negation “ikke” comes before the verb if it’s a subordinate clause and not a main clause


#5 - Adverbial. 

- Usually either the first or the very last element in a normal sentence.


“Nå leser han.” - “Now he’s reading.”

“Han leser nå.” “He’s reading now.

*!!! - when an adverbial is the first element, the sentence can turn into an VSO-sentence instead of an SVO-sentence.


Like previously mentioned, there are always a lot of exceptions in a language, but this should at least be enough to make and understand basic sentences! c:


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Hey, I wanted to say that I absolutely love your work. It's definitely the most high quality afrocentric custom content for the Sims. I downloaded the Sims 4 base game and basically wanted to quit because of the lack of representation for POC. One of my friends re-blogged one of your hairstyles and I went to your page and definitely fell in love. You made me start playing again :D I turned my notifications on for all of your posts, and when I get back to college, I'll become a Patreon! Love you!

Hey sweetheart! I am so sorry for the late reply. I really wanted to keep this ask in my askbox for a while to keep reading it because it is literally one of the sweetest asks I’ve received in a long time. I am so glad you’re back to playing a game that you feel represented in now with the content I’ve shared. It would be an honour if you did, but there’s definitely no pressure. I appreciate the love the same way! Thanks again for such a beautifully positive message sweetheart <3 

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one thing i always forget as a 17 year old writer, is that i don't need to prove I'm serious about writing yet. I used to (ok and still do) get so frustrated when people disbelieve me when I say I'm pursuing writing as a career. I feel like i need to show them how much writing I've done to prove I can do it. Your video is super helpful and reassuring! I'll definitely be coming back to it when I'm feeling down about my writing.

You don’t have to prove shit to nobody. People will doubt you even as an adult. Fuck ‘em (not literally). Just do you. Let them worry about themselves.

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Headcanon meme for Ford! 8, 30, and 49!!


8- Favorite indulgence and feelings surrounding indulging

In his younger years, (specifically in college), I imagine Ford would find indulging his own fanciful interests a waste of time and/or money in periods where he had boatloads of work to get done. I think- barring a few exceptions- he’d hold off on the indulgences and use them more like rewards after completion of a major goal. Of course, on his accelerated undergraduate path this mentality would lead to long stretches of time where he was working for months without break for any serious “me” time, which… isn’t healthy. Damnit Ford, practice some better self-care, why don’t you?

Out of all of his interests and hobbies and favorites however, his favorite is definitely some DD&MD. He’d always play or DM in a big campaign with some of his friends each end of term. This is where the exception comes in, because I’m sure there were a few weekends Fiddleford would physically drag Ford out of his dorm by force to “take a DD&MD study break.”

This mentality would stay roughly the same while he was researching in Gravity Falls. (Although here, his early work was rather enjoyable, not tedious.) Especially when he began working on the portal.

Within the multiverse, Ford didn’t possess the resources to be able to indulge in anything

Post Weirdmageddon, when everything settles, Ford’s opinion on indulgences softens. From here on I imagine he’d just go “what the hell?” and treat himself a bit more often, because damnit he’s lived a long tiring life and after all that he deserves it. There’s not any pressing matters for him to attend to now, anyhow. Nothing that he needs to wait to reward himself on. 

(Auxiliary HC- Ford has a bit of a sweet tooth that’s gone long unsatisfied, be it for nutritional reasons, financial, or sheer unavailability. But now that he’s home, and in the close vicinity of Mabel, well… you get the gist xP )

(image source)

30- Reaction to sudden intrapersonal disaster (eg close family member suddenly dies)

I feel like we’ve seen two different sort of examples of how Ford might react to this in canon. One of them we saw directly and the other was kinda implied. I’m gonna expand upon those two thoughts. 

The first disaster we can imply how Ford reacted to is Stanley getting kicked out. Not really a death per say, but in a way we could classify it as one. It’s definitely the death of their relationship at this point and any lingering childhood dreams. After this event, it’s implied that Ford throws himself into his college classes with such intensity that he would have already advanced far beyond first year student standing in credit hours after only two or so terms. 

(If he got his PhD 3 years ahead of schedule, then he must have BOOKED it through his undergraduate degree. Dear god Ford, how many credits were you TAKING a term??) 

I strongly HC that this drive isn’t merely based on his academic ability alone, but is also his way of distracting himself from thinking about Stanley.

  • So, reaction type 1: Ford distracts himself from the situation by giving himself so much work to do that he literally has no time to think about everything that’s going wrong.

The second disaster- Stan’s memory getting wiped, a far more genuine analog to death- shows how Ford tends to react emotionally when the facade of reaction 1 does slip a little. First of all, when he finally embraced his brother again, we see him sniff a little. It would not surprise me if Ford were about to cry that whole scene and this was him desperately trying to mask that.

Additionally, there’s this exchange a minute or so later:

MABEL: “There’s gotta be something we can do to jog his memory!”

FORD: “There isn’t. I’m sorry, Stan’s gone.”

Stan’s gone. There’s nothing we can do. Nothing we can do. Says the man who literally devoted his life to figuring out the answers to supposedly unsolvable problems. In the face of tragedy, this tells me that Ford tends to shut down emotionally and mentally.

Ford’s supposed to be the adult in this scene, the one trying to figure out how to help Stan in any way he can, the one trying to console the kids… but instead you can really tell he’s given up in this moment. He’s fallen into blind acceptance far too quickly when there’s grief he still needs to work through.

If this is the worst case scenario of how he reacts in dire situations, then it’s no wonder he tends to distract himself from the matter altogether with work.

  • Thus, reaction type 2: Should type 1 fail, Ford desperately tries to mask any outward expression of emotion and any focus given to the crisis will eventually lead to emotional withdrawal.

Overall, it’s clear that this poor man… doesn’t have healthy coping mechanisms in place. I fully blame this on the environment he was raised in. Fuck you, Filbrick.

49- If this person were to get into a fist fight, what is their fighting style like?

Ahahah, oh boyyyy… 

I bet Ford would utterly love to see himself as some sort of badass fighting strategist, but I strongly HC that he’s… well, quite the opposite. Ford is incredibly impulsive, headstrong, and tends to make split second decisions that can either fare well or incredibly poorly. 

He doesn’t like to admit it to himself, but too many of his victories within the multiverse were due to sheer luck.

I get the sense that given an opportunity to actually plan out his actions in a fight, he would fare incredibly well. I don’t have my copy of journal three to directly cite from, but as I remember his “kill Bill quest” to the nightmare realm seemed like it would have been a success if it weren’t for the portal back home opening up. But then, he had years to plan this.

In unplanned fights, Ford would likely just jump right in. His punches have power behind them, but they’re not very focused. Either that, or he’d start the fist fight. Canon definitely presents him as a man who’s always ready to fite, 24/7.

(headcanon ask meme)


Seventeen Challenge: Hip Hop Unit Bias - Jeon Wonwoo


and when i look at you, the stars glow in my eyes. it’s strange, because my eyes have never held anything so warm and bright before without being burned.

Welcome Home

Request: Hi I absolutely love your work! Could you please do one where Shawn finally comes home : ) you can make it a bit smutty but up to you if you’re not comfortable

a/n: thank you for your kind words ! I’ve actually never really ~written smut haha like nothing against it but whenever I’ve tried it just turn out really awk so I just always allude to it at the end!

Your name: submit What is this?

Being away from Shawn for such a long period of time was something you don’t think you’ll ever get used to.  Two years of dating and the time zones still messed you up, and while the Skype calls made you happy, they always fell short because he was never actually right there in front of you.  There was always a screen and an ocean separating the two of you.

But now Shawn was only a fifteen-minute drive away.  He’d come back from during a few radio promo tours in the UK two days ago. Of course you wanted to see him right when he landed, but you wanted him to spend some quality time with his family. Family was the most important thing in the world to Shawn, and you could understand why.  He tried to see you when he first landed, but you made sure that he spent the first few days with his mom, dad, and sister.

Tonight though, the two of you had plans for a nice dinner in Toronto.  You told him over and over again on the phone that you were fine just ordering in pizza and relaxing at either his or your house. But Shawn was adamant on treating you to a nice dinner after being away for so long.

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have some chaorian headcanons bc im having Feelings and am sleep-deprived (modern au i guess idc i just want them to kiss)

  • they get their own apartement as soon as they leave high school; its not rlly big since they dont need the space and there are lots of plants !! they are a mess most of the time but at least the flowers are okay; who cooks?? they dont know either, neither one is particularly great at it so they take turns
  • unlike dorian, chaol isnt that much of a reader (esp of things that arent historical bc he is a History Nerd™) but he enjoys period dramas; so whenever dorian is reading chaol is either taking a nap in his lap or sitting next to him maybe even feeding dorian chocolate cake from time to time; they have movie nights once a month and when they watch pride and prejudice chaol totally cries
  • when they first got the apartment it had just one big bed so they had to share,,, if they woke up tangled together nobody mentioned it (later the bed was replaced by two separate ones; the spooning was missed by both but again neither made a comment)
  • chaol is the one who is half-dead w/out his favorite black coffee in the morning while dorian can perfectly manage w/out his overly-sugary monstrosity (and is unafraid to mention it every five minutes) and chaol is just ??? amazed™ bc its not fair that somebody can be so cheerful so early in the morning
  • dorian is The Aliens Guy, they exist they are gr9 and he will fight you on this; on their days off they go on roadtrips to look at the sky maybe search for ufos; thats actually what happens to be their first date which started out as bros doing bro things like looking for aliens while holding hands and sneaking loving glances at each other; one minute they were looking at the moon and the next oh look your face is rlly close,,,, what would happen if like ??? i lean in a bit ??? o-oh look,,,, oops we’re kissing !! ha ha isnt that funny; it was honestly just a matter of time nobody is surprised some are actually confused that they have started dating just now ??? are you kidding me you were literally sitting in his lap two days ago !!!!
  • now chaol only needs dorian to wake up (tho he stills drinks his coffee bc he Likes coffee); occasionally its just opening his eyes and seeing that beautiful boy in his bed that makes him go !!!, others is that beautiful boy kissing his neck or trailing a hand along his back and chaol is definitely not one to complain more often than not returning the favor (they eventually return the small beds and get one they both fit on)

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Hello! I read all your content all in one sitting and loved every single one of them! They made me laugh and cry (the one with X getting his memories of Zero removed specifically), and made me remember how much I liked Mega Man X and Zero (and how much I love seeing them as pair). Thank you so much for taking time out of your schedule to write these beautiful stories for everyone to enjoy! I hope you have a wonderful 2017; may good things come your way this year! (And get some sleep!)

ANON I’M GONNA CRY ON YOU this is really sweet??? Thank you so much! I’m really glad you liked my stories and I’m glad they brought back some nostalgia for the series (sorry about the sad one though haha)! I’ll definitely be posting more fanfic of them within the next few months. I hope you have a wonderful 2017 too! Here’s a big version of these two dorks from my last sketchdump just for you!

  • Nine: John, I came down here to say I’m sorry.
  • John: Oh, good. Go ahead.
  • Nine: No, that was it. I did it. I said I’m sorry. Hey, I said it again. Now I got one in the bank so I can do whatever I want to.
  • John: Do you even know what you're supposed to be sorry for?
  • Nine: Come on, man! I said the words, I paused afterwards. I even averted my gaze to make you feel like the alpha!

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Thanks for answering me. Since 19 is already asked I'll plead for 12 and/or 16. ^-^

Who picks fights for no reason just so they can have kinky sex?

Oh Helga, definitely. Especially when she’s in the mood for Arnold to take the reigns. Getting him super frustrated is guaranteed to make him want to get back at her and it all just leads to a really great fuck and Helga loves it. Like I see her being the dominant one most of the time but sometimes she just really wants to be fucked hard, so she picks a fight and riles him up to bring out ~dark Arnold~. I think the first time after it happens Arnold might worry a bit about it because he’s Arnold but she tells him she wouldn't have riled him up if she didn’t want it, and although it won't happen all the time, the experience was A++.

Who smells the hell out of the other’s shirts when they’re away but pretends that they don’t?

Helga, I’m sure she’d bury herself in a pile of his clothes and just lay there for a while if she could. Honestly she probably would if he’s gone for a long stretch of time (like a business trip or something) because she misses him and she’s always loved the way he smells (it’d be funny if he comes back early one day and catches her, she’d never hear the end of it). I bet she steals his shirts a lot just to take it with her. Arnold really loves her smell too, but he likes smelling her rather than her shirts, it’s part of the reason he loves cuddling with her so much and nuzzling her skin and hair.

Never Getting Back Together [Toph/Aang ft. Satoru]

I may dislike pretty much everything that has come from the A:TLA comics, but hot damn Satoru is definitely not one of them. And you can easily misconstrue Part 1 as Aang being jealous of Toph’s newfound crush XD

hey sense8 fandom, here are some free capheus fic ideas besides “shows up in other people’s stories to be generically ~wise~, issue-free, and conveniently asexual”

(because a lot of this is the show’s fault but not all of it and you know what, YOU CAN DO BETTER. that is a choice that you have.)

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Day 15: Regeneration: Whoops! What’s their new outfit?

I decided to combine this month’s prompt (Regeneration) and Day 15 of the 30 Day Gemsona Challenge into this one!

I had already decided some time ago on what would her next outfit be, so here it is! The background comes from StevenCrewniverse, from the chapter “On the Run” :D

Also, for technical reasons (aka i can’t draw monsters) I’m gonna skip Day 14 for a little while; I’ll definitely get back to it though!