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TBH I don’t think Eclipsa would be a very good mom to Toffee when I think about it. It’s just an idea that bugs me. Like her adorable candy loving self is just a facade to hide how nasty she really is. Toffee would be like “ Hey mom do you love me? ” and she’d be like “ Love? That is ridiculous. You know I’ve always regretted creating you the moment you stopped being cute? Fun fact isn’t it? ”

There’s a reason she’s a villain, it’s because she is just the worst. Parent and evil wise.

Like she liked him when he was a baby or whatever but when he got a little older she would force Toffee to fight to prepare him for her personal plans and get angry when he’d let a monster or Mewman go. He was too nice. “ You are a disappointment. ” He heard this phrase a lot. And eventually she took away his ability to feel emotions which is why he’s the way he is. He can’t feel anything at all. He’s basically fueled to ruin Mewni because of Eclipsa’s personal propaganda and because she was his creator/mom.

Basically Eclipsa is a bitch and Star decides she will punch her great grandma in the face for abusing her child because god she messed the poor boy up

How To Study

Step 1)  Open multiple tabs of various homework and course notes

Step 2)  Open Tumblr in new tab because you have already become overwhelmed with how behind you are

Step 3)  Swear to browse Tumblr for 5 minutes

Step 4)  Realize you’ve been tumbling for the past 40 minutes

Step 5)  Decide to create a reward system for studying- for every section of notes you complete or review, you get 5 m&m’s

Step 6)  Eat entire bag of m&m’s while still browsing Tumblr

Step 7)  Exit out of studying tabs and swear you’ll start the next hour

Step 8)  Continue to tumble while stressing out.