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Things to look forward to:

-Moving back to Wilmington where all my friends are
-Being surrounded by people who use they/them pronouns for me
-Not having to hear the near daily transphobic gender identity “jokes”
-Living in Gay House with Dev and possibly/hopefully Nicky
-Finally getting to play my first DnD campaign
-Being involved in theater and Improv again
-Finding a cute girlfriend/nonbinary partner to take to my Sister’s wedding next June???

Kidnapped (Closed angst starter for soldiermara)


Chara had decided to take a day to herself. She had left Mia with Toriel for the day. Unfortunately that hadn’t turned out well. The day had gone fine at first. But eventually someone decided it would be a good idea to capture the ‘princess’ of monster kind. Currently she was chained up in what appeared to be a basement of some kind. “You guys are making a big mistake.” She said in anger. Though she was slightly confused since the last thing she remembered was being in the mall then smelling something weird. After that nothing.

“Oh I don’t think we are. After all no one will find us here. At least not easily.” The obvious leader mocked. All the men looked to be big and burly, and were obviously part of the anti-monster crowd. 

How To Study

Step 1)  Open multiple tabs of various homework and course notes

Step 2)  Open Tumblr in new tab because you have already become overwhelmed with how behind you are

Step 3)  Swear to browse Tumblr for 5 minutes

Step 4)  Realize you’ve been tumbling for the past 40 minutes

Step 5)  Decide to create a reward system for studying- for every section of notes you complete or review, you get 5 m&m’s

Step 6)  Eat entire bag of m&m’s while still browsing Tumblr

Step 7)  Exit out of studying tabs and swear you’ll start the next hour

Step 8)  Continue to tumble while stressing out.