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I was going to clean these up and color them but it was taking to long. These are the doodles from the opening weekend of the RP. I chose to play as Flip. XD

At first he wandered around thinking he was dead or dreaming but he eventually figured out he had just got transported to this strange new place. He met up with Outerswap (Cadet) and found Westy.

They hung out for a bit till Cadet decided that flip should go play in the ocean with him. But Flip cant swim and didn’t want anything to do with the ocean. So Cadet used shenanigans and this happened.

Flip was not amused.

But they got him out of the water and had a good night. The next day Flip went to explore the island and had fun in the Gameroom.

He tried a lot of games but then things got a little out of hand.

A fight broke out and and flip thought he saw a ghost and passed out. Later that night More shenanigans took place.

Let me tell you that Drunk flip is really fun to play. XD But he stumbled around with people trying to help him and then…..well….

anyway he got lost and fell into a hole.

It was not flip’s night. XD

The next morning.

Flip woke up in the spa thinking that he had gotten possessed the previous night because he has never had alcohol before. But then An actual ghost showed up.

Needless to say flip had and interesting first weekend at the Island.