i'll cosplay tomorrow


“Hail and well met, my dude.”

More progress on Taako (now with props)! This cosplay has been a wild ride and I am so happy with how it’s turning out. Everything on this entire outfit was fabricated from scratch (except the umbrella, which was heavily modified) so if anybody has any questions or wants progress pics hmu! You’ll notice I had to take about three inches off the hat but it is much more manageable now. Also forgive the wig–I threw on my Zevran wig (which is oddly appropriate) but I’ll probably end up using a different one.
…anyway RIP my ankles


I wore this shirt I’ve dubbed “The Broken Recawd” to a 4/13 meetup as part of a casual Dave Strider cosplay. It combines the two motifs most recognizably associated with him - crows and a broken record - into one symbol that unites them both: a record breaking apart into a flock of crows.

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Mod O-

Here kids have some fun photos

A very upset Yosuke, where is his bro to hug him?

I’m way tired to draw anything super proper tonight

i’m opening up a few icon commissions this weekend!! mostly because i have a week before school starts and any extra cash i can get is awesome

these will be icon only commissions, i do not have any time to do anything larger/more complicated! the icons will be done in my usual style and some examples are up above. really the sky’s the limit with these, my only rules are that you are limited to two people per icon, i will not do nsfw, and you HAVE to put direct credit to me in your blog description for as long as you use the icon!

commissions are on a slot-based system, so send me an ask if you want a spot and i’ll give you details from there!

slots left: 10