i'll cosplay tomorrow


“Hail and well met, my dude.”

More progress on Taako, now with props (Sword inspired by @gullshriek )! This cosplay has been a wild ride and I am so happy with how it’s turning out. Everything on this entire outfit was fabricated from scratch (except the umbrella, which was heavily modified) so if anybody has any questions or wants progress pics hmu! You’ll notice I had to take about three inches off the hat but it is much more manageable now. Also forgive the wig–I threw on my Zevran wig (which is oddly appropriate) but I’ll probably end up using a different one.
…anyway RIP my ankles

I finally reached 1k followers on my cosplay instagram (@ vulcannic.cosplay if u were wonderin) so that means I can reveal my newest cosplay, Jaylah :’)

I bet post-beyond Jaylah would be the best, most kickass engineer in the galaxy!

“..I don’t know how to make this any more clear..”


im trying to start drawing again and im just so in love with this anime♥ like, its so super cute and its honestly just genuinely heartwarming ♥ ♥ ♥

i really want tohru and kobayashi to kiss in the finale tomorrow!。゚・(>﹏<)・゚。

Viva la Rebellion!

Hera will be trooping with the Rebel Legion at MCM London tomorrow. Find out what YOU can do to help your local Rebels out!

I’ll be at a comic con tomorrow the whole day (where I’ll meet John Barrowman)(and cosplay Rose Tyler)(I’m very excited omfffg) which means I can’t be online but I set up a tiny queue + ps.: I still need to finish the 6k celebration which I’ll hopefully do on Sunday ❤️❤️


I wore this shirt I’ve dubbed “The Broken Recawd” to a 4/13 meetup as part of a casual Dave Strider cosplay. It combines the two motifs most recognizably associated with him - crows and a broken record - into one symbol that unites them both: a record breaking apart into a flock of crows.

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Sadly, you have noticed that Sirius Black is in a perpetual state of Hair Fixing. For example;

You walk in on him with his hands digging through blue-black tresses. His face is a mess, cuts littering his cheeks and mouth. There is a reddish hue around his right eye. You cannot think of a time when he didn’t have a face full of minor injuries, and suddenly there’s a smile gracing your face as his eyes catch on yours. Sirius is about as charming as he is wild.

He leans in, hands catching against the table in front of you, and there it is–

His hands in his hair and a look of complete sureness. How could you not fall for it? 

A very upset Yosuke, where is his bro to hug him?

I’m way tired to draw anything super proper tonight


can this count as next week’s munday but just super in advance

Pics of my crossplay for the con! We’ve done a test run today of how we’re gonna transport it all since it was sort of quiet compared to what it will be like tomorrow (and my friend’s cosplay is super big foam amour but it’s beautiful and we know how to move it around now) so I’ll be able to get more pics tomorrow ;w;

(he/him/his pronouns)

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Love u binch. Slay the haters

Thank u my love. 😘