i'll continue to walk with you

But please don’t leave someone wondering what they have done wrong.” he said. “Don’t just walk away and make them feel that they will never be enough. As if they were just some pieces of paper fallen out of your notebook. As if they were just a flower you took out of your vase.” he looked at her. With sadness in his eyes—with pain showing in the way he speaks. Then he continued, “Please. If you can avoid it, just please don’t hurt people that way.
—  ma.c.a // Summer Leaves
Deep breath. “It was you that I chose as we met eyes for the first time, but I never noticed until talking about you made me confused, my heart would scream, and the thought of you gave me hope that maybe I did have a heart, that love was really real no matter how many times I would tell my friends that I would rather be alone, but they would never know that I’d rather just be with you then to be all alone. Even if it’s crazy, even when I know I can’t have you or you could never feel the same I still hold out hope that my heart, for the first time isn’t lying to me because the only honesty I am giving myself is that I know what my feelings are and I am no longer a child and that telling you how I feel is a risk…I like you.” He never said anything, and she left the rest unsaid as she left the room, continuing in her head; But in reality, I’m going to ask you to break my heart and to turn me away because I need to be let go even when you never had me to begin with. I feed myself hope and pretty soon I will walk out that door and never see you again but first, let me go, I need to be let go… “Don’t go.” Deep breath.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write // 3
I will love you. I will take care of you, and I will hold your hand as long as you want to hold mine too. I will pick you back up every time you fall, and I’ll never give up on you.
I will keep my heart and my arms open for you, as long as you do the same for me. I will hold you at your worst, and I’ll dance with you at your best. I will give you every single piece of me. I will take time out of my day to remind you that I love you. I will never, ever let you doubt my love for you.

I’ll be here as long as you want me to,
But darling, I will never, ever beg you to stay if you wanna go. If you let go of my hand, I’ll let you. If you ignore my messages, I won’t send another one. If you close your heart for me, I’ll build walls around mine. If you turn your back at me when I need you, I won’t beg for your help. If you walk out of that door, I’ll close it behind you and continue living.

If you let go of me, I WILL move on. And it’s not because I don’t love you anymore, it’s because I respect myself.

—  F.F. // While I’m moving on.. #1
When you walked beside me I thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest. We walked so closely together. I noticed your fresh haircut up close, it looks nice. You were laughing as your friends pushed you around. I smiled and continued to walk to my class.
—  walking // 8:47pm
First of all let me just say I know what you mean when you say you can’t live without him, I know how much it breaks your heart to think about him sleeping next to someone who isn’t you. I know how much it makes your soul bleed to have to picture your life without him, trust me, I know. And I know that right now you’re utterly convinced that he is the one for you even though deep down you know he isn’t, but right now the idea of him feels so right and you don’t want to start over with somebody else. But let me tell you that your heart beat way before him and your lungs could breathe way before you even knew of his existence and they’ll continue to do so way after he’s gone. Life has no pause button, it goes on with or without you. You cannot continue to force something that is out of your control. If it isn’t right anymore you have to be able to admit that and walk away from it even if you think it’ll burn your life to the ground because you don’t think you can breathe without him, newsflash: you can and you will, because sometimes you have no other choice.
—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write
Never forget people who taught you great things in life. Always look back and have time to appreciate them. For they are a part of you and your story. Without these good people, you’ll never be the person who you are right now. They helped you to build your confidence, they inspired you to believe in yourself. So as much as you can, continue appreciating them for all of their contribution to your positive life. Never forget people who were there when you felt you lost everything. They were blessings in your life, keep them with you. Walk with them.
  • Qrow: *walks into a bar to find Raven staring straight forward holding a glass as her hand shakes.* Raven? What are you doing here?
  • Raven: ... *Continues to to stare wide eyed as she lifts her glass up to her lips taking sip, the whole time her hand still shaking.*
  • Qrow: Raven? *Qrow takes a seat next to her before waving his hand in front of her face.* Helloooooo. Remnant to Raven. Anyone there? *He then snaps his fingers a few times to no vale.* ... Alright then. You clearly lost it so I'm going to go where we're staying and check on how Yang and her emo friend are doing. I'll be back in a minute.
  • Raven: *Raven only nodded as Qrow patted her on the shoulder and walks out of the bar just as Raven quietly muttered.* ... make sure to knock....
  • ~~~
  • Qrow: *Qrow exited the elevator to find Yang and Blake, Yang in her pj's and Blake with a sheet around her, sitting outside of the room they were in.* Whoa. What happen to you two? And why are you out here?
  • Yang: *Yang looked up at her and waved.* Oh Hey uncle Qrow. We, uh, are waiting for the repairman to fix the window.
  • Qrow: Fix the window? You two break it while arguing about not loving each other despite loving each other? *Qrow Joking as he pulled out his flask.*
  • Blake: We weren't arguing and we didn't break it. *Blake said making Qrow notice a slight pinkish tint to her cheeks.*
  • Yang: Yeah we are all good now. Better then good actually. *Yang smiled as she snatched her now pink cheek, making Blake smile as well.*
  • Qrow: I see... So then how did the window break then? *He asked as he started to drink from his flask.*
  • Yang: It was the weirdness think, This big bird-
  • Blake: A raven.
  • Yang: Right a raven that has been sitting outside the window just started to go nuts and crashed through it sending glass every where before flying away.
  • Qrow: *It was at that moment spat out his drink and questioned with surprise.* COUGH COUGH! Wait! Wait! Wait! A raven!? Are you sure?
  • Blake: Uh, Yeah. Pretty sure considering my kimono is covered with broken glass and raven feathers. *Blake staring at Qrow with a raised eyebrow.*
  • Yang: Are you okay Uncle Qrow?
  • Qrow: Just one more question. Why are you wearing a sheet like Ruby wears a cloak? *He asked only to be asnswered with Blake and Yang blushing furiously causing him to start cracking up laughing.* ...Hehe. Hehehe...HahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-
  • ~Back at the bar~
  • Qrow: -HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *Qrow continued to laugh slamming his fist against the bar as his sister glared at him.*
  • Raven: This is NOT funny, Qrow!
  • Qrow: Hahaha, You're right! Hehe! It's hysterical! HAHAHAH! *Qrow laughed wiping his eyes.* You start checking in on Yang more only to catch her with her new girlfriend! HAHAHAHAHA! Oh this is priceless!
  • Raven: *Raven only groaned before and after downing her drink and slamming the glass down face palming herself.* Ruuuuuh. This is is even worse then the time me and Tai walked in on you and Summer when you two dated! I mean, seeing my brother and my ex is one thing but my daughter! God ththere isn't enough bleach in the world.
  • Qrow: Welcome to parenthood, sis. It's about time you showed up.
I bumped into you today. Your tall frame towering over my small one. As I walked passed you, you continued to look at me as I walked away. If only we talked to each other.
—  today // 8:00pm
So, my advice to you, would be to continue to use every crayon in the box. Live your life like there’s no tomorrow, and experience everything. The plus side to that, is the world will get to experience you. Don’t wait for the world to come knocking. Open that door, and walk thru it. It’ll be a better place with you in it.
  • Ruby: *Ruby and Weiss stand next to each other, glancing at each other from the corners of their eyes than back to what is in front of the before Ruby broke the silence.* Uh, Hey... Blake?
  • Blake: *For a moment there was no response until Blake's head popped out from Ruby's mattress.* Hello Ruby.
  • Ruby: How's it... ha-*Ruby started to ask before Weiss covered her mouth.*
  • Weiss: Your sister is bad enough. *Weiss Told her girlfriend before looking at Blake.* Blake What are you doing in Ruby's mattress?
  • Blake: Nothing. *Blake muttered as Weiss and Ruby just stare at her with raised eyebrows before she sighs and climbs out the Ruby's bed.* Okay. Okay. I'm hiding. *She admitting.*
  • Weiss: Hiding? From wh-AWH! RUBY! Don't lick me!*Weiss shouted as she whipped her hand away from Ruby who's tongue was sticking out.*
  • Ruby: Then you should let me breath. *She told her girlfriend and turned her attention back to Blake.* So What are you hiding from? Zwei is back with my dad afterall.
  • Blake: *Blake looks down as she sits down on the bed and said in an embarrassed voice.* I'm... hiding from Yang. *At this the whiterose couple looked surprised and then at eachother and back to Blake.*
  • Ruby/Weiss: From Yang?
  • Blake: Yeah.
  • Ruby: But why?
  • Weiss: Are you two fight? Is she mad at you?
  • Blake: No. No. It' nothing like that.
  • Ruby: Then what is it? *ruby Asked taking a seat next to Blake, placing her hand on her shoulder.* You can tell of us. We won't say anything.
  • Blake: I don't know. This is kinda... Private.
  • Weiss: Wait? Is Yang trying to make you do... perverted thing?
  • Ruby: WEISS!! *Ruby yelled*
  • Weiss: I'm just helping sure!
  • Blake: Well you can relax. Yang isn't doing anything like that and I'm a little offended that you would think that. *Blake Frowned at Weiss before continuing.* No Its just that with the exams coming up me and Yang decide to be less... uh.
  • Ruby: Intimate in the bedroom? *Ruby bluntly said making Blake Blush and look at her with surprise.* You two aren't as quiet as you think.
  • Weiss: I'll say.
  • Blake: A-anyway. Since then Yang has been doing this do to me and-
  • Weiss: What thing?
  • Blake: Well... *Blake started when the door to there room opened revealing her girlfriend.*
  • Yang: Hmm? Oh. Hey guys. *Yang smiling giving the whiterose couple and her girlfriend a wave as she walked over to the closet and pull out a bag.* I forget my workout clothe continue what you're doing? *Ruby and Weiss then watched as Yang walked over to the, leaning down towards Blake, cupping her cheeks gentle, and giving her a soft three second kiss on the lips.* Love you kitten. See you guys later. *Yang said as she walked away.*
  • Ruby: See ya sis. *Ruby smiled back.*
  • Weiss: Remember to take a shower before you come back. *Weiss callout and turned back to Blake.* So then What is it that Yang is do-oh.
  • Ruby: Huh? What's wro-Aaaaaw.~
  • Blake: *What Ruby and Weiss sees before then is Blake panting heavily as her cat ears slump down happily with wide starry eyes and a pink blush covering her face. It was a moment before she realized Ruby and Weiss were staring at her, Weiss with worry and Ruby in adorable aw.* THAT! THAT is what she is doing to me! *She then quickly got up and heads straight for the bathroom with a growing darker blush. Leave the whiterose couple aloe in the room with Weiss Blushing knowing why Blake suddenly left.*
  • Ruby: Wait. So Yang's kisses are making her need to use the bathroom?
  • Weiss: *Weiss shake her head.* ... You are too innocent my sweet rose. Too pure and Innocent.
A Question

Someone asked me,

“Do you still love her?”

I looked at her and without hesitation I replied,

“I still do.”

“Then why did you leave her?,” She uttered with girdled blues.

I cast my eyes over the window beside me and gently answered,

“Walking away from someone you love does not always mean you have stop loving them.”

She looked at me, puzzled, as though I am a perplexed mathematical equation.

I cracked a forceful smile as I continued,

“Sometimes, you do it because you have to stop hurting yourself.”


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Noooo, my heart! Please continue that VxReader where he accidentally calls MC Rika. I need a happy ending :'( I'm crying. I'll give you all the hourglasses!

Alright guys, I hear ya…(⌐▨_▨)

Fuck Rika–Part 2

{Part 1}

     You were sharing a glass of wine with Jumin Han, your best friend and now temporary roommate for the time being. He was the one you had gotten closest to since you and V began seeing each other. You didn’t want him to take sides…but you didn’t know where else to turn when you walked out so suddenly and he was more than happy to let you stay for as long as you needed. 

     You didn’t give him all the intimate details, but you didn’t really need to. He knew V well enough to understand where the problem had been stemming from.

     “I just felt like I had no other choice, Jumin. He had me backed up to the edge of a cliff and last night he gave me that final shove over the side,” you took a sip of your Chianti and let it sit on your tongue.

     “I can’t say I blame you. But I really did think you two would overcome this,” he swirled his glass.

     “You and me, both. But he won’t let go.”

     “V has always been too emotional. I’ve been saying that since we were children. Rika had a strong hold on him-on all of us. Is there really no way you’ll give him more time?”

     “I don’t know…” you sighed, “would you sign a contract without a guarantee that it will bring profit?”

     He chuckled into his glass. It was easy to make Jumin see your point of view on things, you just had to put it in terms of business to get his attention.

     “I always admired your insight and wisdom. But I will say this. As someone who knew him with Rika and with you…Well, I can tell his love for you is strong. I know I’m only an outsider, but from my observations I can tell you with confidence it’s stronger than when he was with Rika.”

     “Has this wine gone to your head already? Did you not listen to what I just told you?” you replied.

     “I’m serious. Listen to me. He can change, he just needed a push. And perhaps this whole fiasco was just that. His relationship with Rika was very…dependent/co-dependent-”

     “You can say that again,” you interrupted with a huff.

     “Let me finish…Your relationship, on the other hand, is healthy. I finally feel like I have my old friend back. The way he smiles when you’re near him. How much more active he’s been since you entered his life. I see that creative spark ignited once more in my old friend. You make him laugh, and when you’re not around he gushes about you incessantly. It’s quite annoying, to tell you the truth,” he emptied the last bit of liquid from his glass into his mouth and poured more wine for you both.

     “Well, Mr. Han. I had no idea you cared so much,” you laughed.

     “You know I hate when you call me that,” he sighed but smirked, “Look. All I am saying is that, to be quite frank, you’re the best thing that ever happened to him. You’ve managed to heal a wound I never thought would close in my dear friends heart. I know you’re upset, and I don’t fault you for that. But you are very dear to me as well, and I’d hate to see him lose you without me speaking my mind first. I just urge you to reconsider. He may be blind as a bat in more ways than one if he can’t see what a good thing he’s losing, and I’m sure he will come around for you.”

     “Thank you for your kind and insightful words, Jumin. I think I can take it from here…” V spoke from the side of the room.

     He was carrying an elaborate bouquet of fresh roses in his hands and approaching you slowly.

     “Ah, you’ve arrived! Well then, excuse me for a moment. I’ll let you two have the room,” he got up, but not before flashing you a smirk.

     “Damn it, Jumin! I should have known…” you protested.

     “Yes, you should have,” he walked away.

     “Do you mind if I speak?” V cleared his throat.

     “Well, you’re here aren’t you.” you replied.

     Getting up from your seat you approached him, placing a warm hand on his shoulder to let him know you were there, like you always did.

     “These are lovely,” you pointed out, bending slightly to smell the roses he held.

     “I know how much you enjoy them, and they’re only a small token on the road to making you see how truly sorry I am. I’m an idiot and a fool. Everything Jumin said is true, and more. I understand that now…When you left I cleared out the apartment of…everything…I want a clean slate. A fresh foundation for us. I’ll do whatever it takes to win you back. I love you. You,” the desperation in his voice had you almost in tears.

     “I don’t want to be hurt again…If I come back and you…slip up again, I won’t give you any more chances, V.”

     “I promise, that will never ever happen again. I never want to give you a reason to take this ring off again,” he held it up in his hands, a tear streaking down his face, “so…will you put it back on for me, please? And forgive this idiot?”

     You grabbed his wrist and helped him guide the ring back on your finger. He must have been holding his breath because he gasped in joy.

     “Can you two kiss already?” Jumin called out.

     “Jumin Han! What happened to giving us the room?!” you yelled.

     “He does make a good point, though,” V laughed and grabbed your face, pulling you in for a deep and apologetic kiss.

     “Now come here, you two. Let’s put those flowers on the table. I have just the bottle of wine for this occasion!” 

New York without you

That place was pretty.
It had everything you could ever dream of;
People from all around the world full of life, hopes, and dreams.
but sadly, I could not find too much beauty in this magical place.
I spent my time thinking of you,
in hopes that I would somehow run in to you.
The sun was shining, he was there, but he was not you.

In New York, the couples are roaming the streets.
They were in love, hand in hand, smiles all around.
Whispering into each other’s ears, and laughing off the day away.

By this point, you made your way to Georgia,
and the last thing you said was “New York isn’t my home”
Your home was in her arms wrapped in silk sheets caressing her skin,
and feeling the touch of her body against yours.
You said we could no longer be,
and ever since, I roam the New York streets, walking the miles figuring out what went wrong.
Catching the eyes of lost strangers,
they all seem to resemblance a piece of you.
maybe one day, I’ll continue to roam the streets,
and you’ll bump into me,
and if time is right,
I’ll be right for you.

– Topaz P.

Bath Time!
  • Me: *Splashes in tub making the water go everwhere*
  • Mommy: *walks in* Hey! what are you doing? You making a mess?
  • Me: ....nnnnooo! *looks away*
  • Mommy: Oh? Then what is all this water doing on the floor?
  • Me: Wellll see! The water was trying to escape so I kept making it go back in and some got on the floor!
  • Mommy: *Sigh* Okay baby ,well make sure it dosen't escpae anymore okay?
  • Me: Uh huh! I'll keep the water in the tubbie!
  • Mommie: Okay baby you do that for me. *walks away*
  • Me: *Continues to splash water everwhere*
  • Jihyo: [As she's walking past] Tzuyu! You and the other maknaes need to clean up your dorm room.
  • Tzuyu: Ugh, Jihyo-unnie can be really annoying sometimes
  • Dahyun: I know right, she's always nagging us
  • {This continues for over an hour}
The Proposal - Berrii - Zootopia [Archive of Our Own]
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 I thought about sharing this for a while now ^^; 
so here you go,read it if you want. Feel free to judge me on my writing because I am no writer XD 
Just a small thing. I may write more in the future depending if you like it?? xP

If link goes weird just continue on “keep reading” ^^;

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The only people who deserve to be in your life are the ones who care about you. I mean, really god damn care about you. And if they care about you they’ll let you know. You will not be forced to wait around for them, you will not be forced to guess what they’re thinking, you will not be left hours with no contact and no explanation. If you’re cared for, you’ll feel love. If you don’t, that person does not deserve to be in your life and I know the idea of walking away from someone you love dearly hurts like hell but you can’t continue to fight for something when you’re the only one on the battlefield. Sometimes walking away from the fight is the only way you’ll come out alive because one sided love is tragically self destructing.
—  I’ll leave you with this.
// Excerpt of a book I’ll never write

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Would you ever write platonic Tsukki and Hinata comfort scenting? I think that sounds really sweet for some reason. :)

Tsukishima walked around the side of the gym to find Hinata sitting with his head buried in his knees sniffling. It had taken them awhile to be comfortable around each other but the fact that they were both omega’s helped. Now they were pretty good friends and it bothered him to see Hinata upset.

He slid down the wall to sit next to him, close enough to offer comfort but not so close that he would crowd the upset omega. “Hey?” Tsukishima said nudging him with a shoulder, “Was he being stupid again?”

He was obviously referring to Kageyama. Kageyama was kind of an annoying alpha, he was getting better under the influence of the elder alpha’s on the team, but he still was a bit challenging to get along with. “Yeah.” Hinata said sighing and leaning against Tsukishima nuzzling against his shoulder.

Tsukishima returned the favor by tucking him along his side and nuzzling back. Having another omega around when dealing with annoying alpha’s was really nice, Tsukishima found himself thinking. Hinata had helped him with his alpha issues also. “What did he do this time?” Tsukishima asked letting his omegan scent wash over Hinata in calming waves.

“He got mad at me in front of everyone, you were out getting drinks for us.” Hinata said quietly.

“He’s an idiot, you know.” Tsukishima said.

Hinata sniffed and giggled a little and said “Yeah, I know.”

“He’ll probably come running out here in a few minutes because he’s worried about you.” Tsukishima said. “You’ll see. He probably already feels bad”

Not more than five minutes later they both heard footsteps followed by Kageyama skidding around the corner and stopping in front of them. Frowning he growled at Tuskishima and said “What are you doing with my Hinata?”

Tsukishima angled himself a little in front of Hinata. “Noting idiot, you made him cry.” He said “If you won’t fix it, I’ll help him.” The last being said with a smirk.

Kageyama growled louder and then stopped and looked at Hinata closer. “You are crying?” he said helplessly “I’m sorry. Really, I didn’t mean to get so upset.”

Hinata lifted his head from Tsukishima’s shoulder and grinned at him “Thanks, Tsukki. I guess you were right.” He said and got up and walked towards Kageyama.

Kageyama hung his head and said again “I’m sorry.”

Hinata reached out and took his hand “I know.” But continued “Don’t do it again.” And lead Kageyama back into the gym.

Tsukishima shook his head at the both of them, got up, and followed them back.

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Scenario where Kyoutani comes home really pissed off about things that happened during the day but all of his rage and negativity quickly melts away when he sees his wife curled up with their small child while reading a bedtime story? OR his wife directs their baby to take their first baby steps to him? AAHH Idk which one since both are cute so I'll let you decide!

It never did take much effort to piss Kyoutani off, that much was sure, especially when it came to dealing with animals. He’d always had a soft spot for them to begin with so when he saw a client mistreating their pet, he was livid. It take the remembrance of his wife and child at home to keep from tearing a new one into the man, and calm himself down. The day only got progressively worse as it continued, and he wanted nothing more than to walk out from the building right then and there. 

The alarm beeped in recognition of his arrival back home as he entered through the garage with a scowl plastered on his face. You always lectured him that if he came home to many times frowning like that the baby was sure to pick up on it. Although it was odd to find the house strangely silent and dim, save for the soft murmuring of the television on in the living room. He padded his way into the room, cocking his head to the side to find it empty.

“_____, where are you?” His loud voice echoed off the walls in the hallway as he peeked into the rooms. Pausing at his child’s he slowly pushed open the door, all tension suddenly leaving his body in a rush. The light from the lamp illuminated your resting faces as you laid on your daughter’s bed, curled up together with the book gently slipping from your hand. The sight alone was enough to send a warm feeling spreading along the expanse of his chest. But he couldn’t let you sleep with your neck like that. 

He reached over to gently pry the book away, setting it on the nightstand before placing a light kiss to his daughter’s forehead. She wrinkled her nose cutely in response, still deep asleep. His arms curled underneath your body to lift you. Naturally you snuggled into his chest, mumbling an incoherent version of his name.

Your arms came to rest around his neck as he carried you further down the hall to the master bedroom, flushing as you smiled at him lazily, an expression of adoration mocking your features. “Ken, how was work today?” Even in a state like this you were still concerned for him.

“Not even worth mentioning,” You nodded silently, understanding that he didn’t want to discuss it. “Did you and Shiemi have fun today?”

“We did, but she still wanted to spend it with her father. It’s too bad you didn’t have the day off.” You sighed, melting into the sheets as they met your back. Kyoutani moved to walk away to tidy things up, but your outstretched arms stopped him. “No, stay here and cuddle with me for a minute.” You hadn’t changed all those years ago when you first started dating. It seemed impossible for you to go to bed without participating in this daily ritual.

Your husband muttered to himself, but you didn’t miss the tint to his cheeks. He was so grateful for you and the family you had given him. There was nothing he’d change for the world, even if he had to deal with assholes everyday.

little dazai/atsushi things that sometimes pop into my head:

  • dazai taking the longer locks of atsushi`s hair into his hands and kissing it, a shadow of amused smile playing on his lips as atsushi’s eyes widen and pale rosy shades start to rise up to his cheeks.
  • atsushi wrapping his hands around dazai’s wrist and putting his thumb above where his pulse thrummed, counting one, two, three silently in his head and finding solace in the knowledge that this wonderful man is alive beside him.
  • and when atsushi is feeling particularly bold or sentimental, he’ll bring dazai’s wrist to his lips and presses a kiss there, soft and lingering.
  • sometimes dazai ruins the moment by letting out a gasp and clasping his other hand to his mouth; then, with a blush adorning his cheeks, he’ll said, “oh my, atsushi-kun, how forward!”
  • atsushi is confused as hell, but when dazai explains that a kiss on the wrist can signify desire, he turns beet red and mumbles, “you know that’s not what i meant, dazai-san.”
  • dazai does know. that’s why, on other times dazai will simply look at atsushi with an almost tender look in his eyes and no words from his mouth.
  • on the nights where sleep clutches on atsushi first and the younger’s body is pressed close to his, it’s dazai turn to count the thumps beneath atsushi’s chest as he lets it lull him to his slumber.
  • dazai casually laying down on the sofa of the agency and plopping his head on atsushi’s lap, continuing to talk to atsushi as the younger strokes his hair.
  • as a matter of fact, atsushi loves running his hands through dazai’s hair—it’s thick, fluffy, and soft to the touch.
  • dazai taking off atsushi’s glove and running his fingertips through atsushi’s palm, humming and appreciating the slightly rough expanse of skin.
  • dazai knowing how to speak english and french, beside japanese. atsushi not knowing he has a thing for foreign language until he heard dazai speak a full sentence in french fluently.
  • of course dazai notices the way atsushi’s shoulder tensed up and his burning face, so he files away this information for later use.
  • them having a date after finishing an investigation.
  • dazai swinging their intertwined hands back and forth as they walk.
  • a sitting dazai wrapping his arms around atsushi midsection while atsushi is about to go somewhere, leaving atsushi no choice but to continue walking while dragging a whining dazai behind him.
  • “aw, atsushi-kun, you had a crush on me… that’s embarrassing!” “dazai-san, we’re married…” “still!”
  • dazai being all-too-happy to satisfy kyouka’s curiousity about their relationship.
  • dazai showing atsushi’s embarrassing photographs to kyouka.
  • naomi giving atsushi tips on how to spice up things between him and dazai.
  • “those bandages ought to be useful for something else…” “naomi-san, no.”
  • tanizaki is mortified.