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Not Today - Google Translate Ver.
Google Translate | BTS (방탄소년단)
Not Today - Google Translate Ver.

Google Translate singing Bangtan Boys’ “Not Today”
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todorokishochan  asked:

Can I have relationship headcanons for Saitama x female!reader and the reader is a shy girl who loves reading and drawing? Thank youuuu

Here you go friend!! (And, I’m so sorry for the inactivity lately guys. I just had my finals, so I haven’t been able to spend a lot of time writing. But I took my last test today, so more posts should come out over the weekend! Thanks so being so patient with me!)

Words: 199

  • His first thought would be to ask if his s/o could draw him sometime. And, even if it was just a stick figure, he would cherish it because his s/o worked hard on it.
  • Depending on the genre his s/o prefers, Saitama might dabble in it briefly before returning to his various mangas. But, if his s/o ever recommended a book to him, he would finish it even if he didn’t particularly like it.
  • Would fish his s/o’s drawings out of the trash and save them. (“Why did you throw this away?” “Because it’s not any good.” “What do you mean? This is pretty amazing. But, if you don’t want it, I’m keeping it.”)
  • Since Saitama is pretty reclusive himself, he wouldn’t mind spending a lot of time just lounging around the house with his s/o. Even if they didn’t do anything special, just being close to them would be enough for him.
  • Wouldn’t be pushy about bringing his s/o out of their shell or having them open up to him immediately. He would be the type to enjoy discovering new things about his s/o over time as their relationship develops.
Followers who support and don't support Onew

I’ve heard that J and K Shawols want us to NOT discuss Onew’s case until the investigation is over. In the meantime I ask this:

1. Reserve your judgement of Onew until the investigation is final. Be it positive or negative…wait…

2. Reserve your judgement of other Tumblrs. Everyone reacted in their own way. Some of us with difficult past experiences maybe more readily and strongly than others. Don’t unfollow, don’t exchange harsh words. Now more than ever Shawols need Shawols.

3. The issue is Onew’s. Ot4 has nothing to do with the incident. Please leave them out of the discussions.

4. Based on the current evidence and understanding of Onew the person (not the idol), I strongly support him. Plz discuss this with me privately if you’d like to. Those that support Onew, please use #onewsaranghae the next several days in all of your posts. I hope that’s most of you…

Onew Fighting🤗
SHINee fighting❤

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Hey, I really love your art and I understand if you are busy but if you have time, I would really love to see APH Norway in your style ; 7 ; you can refuse if you wish, it is a selfish request I'll admit. However, it would be very much appreciated. Even if you refuse, I'll continue to support your art :D


anonymous asked:

Hi! I love your posts a lot. May I ask for a request, like a scenario or something with RFA + Unknown... Maybe like something happened and the MC lost her memory and what they'll do next or something.. idk. Thank you very much, I'll continue to support you and your post.

You’re such a sweet anonny, thank you for the kind words!! I really liked this idea so I formatted it a bit differently. Basically, the first part, before the under the cut part, is meant to be like a prologue of what happens to MC. I did it this way because I didn’t want to be repetitive, so I hope that it’s okay! I truly hope that you enjoy!! ^^

You and your lover were driving to a secluded nature reserve for a date. The two of you kept looking into each other’s eyes lovingly, it was officially your first anniversary as a couple. Your lover took one of their hands off the steering wheel of the car to take a hold of your own hand in a loving gesture. The two of you looked into each other’s eyes one more time before you heard a loud crash, the last thing you saw was the look of horror on your lover’s face before everything went dark.

“She should be waking up soon, let me know when she does.” He doctor told your very anxious lover as he headed to treat another patient.

A drunk driver hit your car that day, somehow your lover survived with only a few scratches while you were barely alive. You lover was snapped out of their thoughts when you stirred awake, they happily asked if you were alright. But your answer would haunt them for who knows how long as you said

“I’m sorry but who are you? And where am I, or rather… who am I?”

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I love you for all you art! Even if you end up leaving the Hamilton fandom I'll still continue to support you and look at your stuff just because I adore your art, it's okay you're more than that one girl who makes Hamilton animatics to me, I understand how you feel and whatever you have to do, do it. I'm sure those who truly care about you will follow you strongly!

ah ,,, thank you.. it’s good to know that :’)


Deancas Time Travel AU: Every year on the same day, like clockwork, Dean Winchester would get a visitor from a mysterious man who claimed he could leap through time. It was only after the visits became more erratic that Dean realized the man was actually a prisoner trapped in a time loop, and Dean is the only fixed point in time that he can latch on to. When the enigmatic traveler, weakened with every jump, seems to finally disappear for good, Dean and his brother Sam embark on a journey to find him before he’s ripped apart. Before long, Dean will realize that the only thing that can help him save Castiel is a bond so profound it will start unraveling the very fabric of time itself.

made in the am (click drawing for more detail)

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Not Gone, Just Lost: Chp 21 - Glider

HEYYYYYYYY! :D how we all doing? Back at again with the angst, and the very first chapter of BOOK 4: CONVERGENCE. Enjoy!


I gotta gives props to two people here, firstly @eutanacia131 who did the cover art for this chapter which is so beautiful, and to @plastic-pipes for designing the snazzy outfit in said cover. Appreciate yah! 

What he does


To you, it’s a totally new situation. You don’t know what kind of good questions to ask or what details to examine in terms of structure of the building. But he does. He looks over everything to the T and you’re just so impressed. You tried to Google search some need-to-know stuff about apartment hunting, and you do ask those questions and examine those parts of the apartment, but you’re still a bit confused as to why you need to do these things. It’s okay though, it’s your first time. He’s prepared because he knows this. He knows that you feel a bit out of your comfort zone and he wants to help. It’s not his apartment he’s looking for–he’s got one already–it’s yours. He just wants to be of use to you and you appreciate that, a lot.


When you’re not home, he snoops through your drawers. It wasn’t really about finding inappropriate habits or secrets that you kept. It was mostly out of curiosity. He was eager to find out about you, but it was also a habit he picked up somewhere. He just couldn’t help himself at times. More than once, he’s broken one of your drawers whilst closing them. He never fixes them in time. When you arrive home during these moments, you always catch him on the floor with your drawer right in front of him. You laugh every since time. You don’t mind the snooping because you don’t have much to hide, but it was always funny to see him struggle with an explanation to the present situation. 


It’s the simple things that he likes. If it’s not lounging around at home, it’s going somewhere, anywhere with you. He liked places where he could unwind. One of your favorite places to hit up was the park. He liked the swings. Just moving back and forth felt relaxing and as he picked up momentum, it felt like he was flying. It brought back memories of his elementary school days and afterwards he was always more playful and talkative. To you, it was fun watching him go from being reserved to acting like a hyperactive child. It made you smile at how something so simple could create such a drastic change in his mood. 


You’re sitting on a couch, staring at the screen in front and he comes in. He takes one look at the the television, jumps over the sofa from the back, and plops down right next to you. For the rest of the episode, he’s there with you, laughing at the funny parts, gasping when it’s dramatic, and demanding more by the end. You think it’s fun being able to do this with him. It’s such a normal, everyday activity. Before you know it though, he’s turned into that version of himself again. He says, “Oh, I can act way better than this guy,”  to which you roll your eyes. Then, “Oh please. What kind of reaction was that?! Other sane, logical people would’ve seen right through that!” Before you know it, he’s ruining the fun you had with this show. You’re disappointed and he notices. You attempt to dissuade him from watching this particular show with you ever again, and he knows this, too. So he says, “You know what. For this one time only, I’ll go do something else while you stay here with your tv…but next time, we’re watching this together! I’ll just try to behave, okay?” You nod your head in relief. 


He considers himself a casual gamer, as do you. You both don’t play games competitively, but, on the occasion when boredom hits its maximum, you enjoy gaming. During one of these occasions, you meet him. You don’t talk to him much at first; he tries to engage you in conversations about your interests, hobbies, general location, etc. You answer rather one-sidedly. You timidly ask him the same questions back and receive more excited answers from him than you would expect. The first real-life meeting you have with him is through a friend of yours. You don’t realize it’s him at first. You think it’s just a coincidence. But then you start to have the same conversation as before, and that’s when it hits you. He smiles wide and says, “Have I met you before?”


He’s done setting up by the time you get back. You walk in with a pleasantly surprised look on your face. The room is candlelit and you smell the delicious food he’s cooked. You smile and ask, “Did you do all of this?” rather stupidly because who else has access to your home? He nods and tries his best not to acknowledge how illogical your statement was. He signals towards the pulled-back chair and you pretend to reluctantly go over. He sits across from you. You stare at him as he eats. He says, “Babe, are you tired? Do you want me to feed you?” It’s a joke. He doesn’t mean it, but he reaches his fork over anyways. Your utensil clashes with his in an attempt to protect your food. You know him; he’s just trying to sneakily take some. He frowns and you’re brought back to life. You grin wide before giving in. You poke a piece of broccoli with your fork and point it towards his mouth. 


Like every other boy, he isn’t exactly eager to help you shop. His reaction isn’t based on some boy code or anything of that sort; it’s mostly because he’s nervous. He doesn’t want to do anything wrong. A couple hours in and he’s a bit more comfortable. He advises you on what looks good and what doesn’t. He’s not sugar-coating it either. Even though he worries that you’ll hate him later or that this will make a bad impression, he wants to do his best. He thinks you deserve the best. He’s not willing to lie to you just to make you happy because he wouldn’t be able to live with himself knowing that he gave you bad advice, despite your trust in him. So he continues to what he can do to keep faith in him…even if it means that you’ll march past him in outrage with a pout on your lips as he laughs aloud behind you, trying (halfheartedly) to catch up.