i'll complain about it at some point

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continuing this series like 10 years later orz

@lightningbug-lane sparked up the idea to talk about unpopular Fire Emblem opinions, so here we go.

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Y'know, at some point I’ve realized that I’ve stopped paying attention to all the ridiculousness and plot holes in tmnt 2012 and have just enjoyed the ride with these four dorks and let me tell you, it’s a whole lot more fun than complaining about it,

the-k-factor  asked:

Should I move to east asia and complain to the popular show producers that there aren't enough white men in leading roles? I could probably be pretty persuasive in encouraging them to hire actors of of an appearance they don't envision, or keep ones not relevant to the story just for the sake of some whiny SJW digging for any excuse to make their hollow point. Gosh jee whilickers I'm so offended, let me ponder about this inanimate object long enough and I'll be able to think it's racist.

I could point out how faulty your opening salvo is by saying since this is a TV show made by an American company and an American author and cast from countries all around the world, and yeah we should have a diverse cast because have you looked around lately? 

But instead I’ll say, “Gee, why is this sad little turd who isn’t even one of my followers so utterly fixated on what I think about a TV show? Wow, he must be really defensive about his ass-backward racist views. Tragic.”