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when I follow you but you don't follow me. so much for that mutual love. ☕ (jk. kinda)

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And although
Your name makes me bite my teeth
Into scarring my lower lips
With the taste of blood lingering in it
And your touch makes me
Turn my body into ruins
Filled with cracks,orifice and crevices
And looking at you
Makes me want to
Tear my skin apart
To wrap it into a gift just for you.
And maybe it’s all because
I love you. I love you. I love you.
—  By @saniamushtaq123

for timeline purposes on this blog, I’ve decided that by the time kasumi finally meets shepard and is able to get keiji’s greybox back, that the events that led to her knowing hock and unfortunately losing keiji took place at least three years prior. The reasons simply fall into my line of thought being, kasumi cared ( and still does ) for keiji quite deeply and was emotionally unstable after his death and it would be illogical for her to storm back in so soon. Also, they knew her face; not in the way we think about it at first, but just that she had allowed herself to be seen ( when keiji was in danger she wasn’t trying to hide, she was just hightailing it to where he was ); hock knows what she looks like, and even comments on it during stolen memories and it wouldn’t have been smart of her to go in without an air tight plan —— or one she could at least get halfway to air tight. 

There’s also the fact that she probably had to scout out his home, or at least bribe someone into giving her info on all the tech inside, which I imagine wouldn’t have been done very quickly. It also wouldn’t be surprising to me if cerberus helped her gain that info in some way either. 

either way, i feel like significant time has passed, and though in my portrayal she has kept the box, its the first step into her allowing herself to grieve after such pent up stress over it all for quite a while. 

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hey guys, i have an extra twenty one pilots emotional roadshow ticket for the minneapolis show at the xcel energy center on july 29th. it’s a club level seat and i’m selling it for $100, if anyone’s interested please message me!