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psa for the yoi fandom: russian names & how to use them

Russian guides: masterpost | patronyms | terms of affection | answered asks

I’m going to start by swearing this isn’t me just complaining but a general resource for the Yuri on Ice fandom because I’ve noticed some mistakes in the naming conventions used among the fandom and want to help correct them. Especially in how the fandom treats diminutives. I absolutely love seeing the huge amount of interest in Russian diminutives, etc. in fanart and fics and hopefully this breakdown will help continue that trend and interest and even spur some more ideas in fandom content.

So let’s go through some important details below the cut!

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  • Mr Kubdel: Jalil is kinda irresponsible, I'll give the watch to Alix instead
  • Alix: *breaks watch within an hour and goes on a murder spree*
  • Mr Kubdel: Why are my children like this

I’m thinking about you a lot right now.
I know I shouldn’t be, but I can’t refrain.
I miss you so much.
I just wish you knew how badly.
I keep thinking of past happy memories with you.
It hurts knowing that they’re just past memories and I will never be able to make future ones with you.
I wish we were still talking.
I wish you cared about me.
I wish you still loved me.
I wish I could see your face again - in person.
I wish we were still friends.
Sadly, we just kept pushing each other away instead.
I hope you don’t regret anything we did together.
I will tell you right now that, I don’t.
I just can’t bare the fact that we can’t go back to what we once were.
I’m trying to feel better alone, I swear.
But thinking about a life without you just makes me feel so empty and hollow inside.
Please, just come back to me.
Fill this voided emptiness buried within me.
I don’t want to be hollow anymore.
I just want to hear your voice.
I just want to see your smile.
I just want to taste your lips.
I just want to feel your skin.
Is that too much to ask for?

How did you know my biggest weakness

Made this Italian instead of Chinese for @kevbrinx (check his italian comics out!)

Here’s a relax drawing thing from a couple of weeks ago.

Hey so!!! @amber-acrylic is a very talented artist with great art style and character designs, and definitely needs more love and support, so please check them out if you haven’t!!! They also have a ko-fi account for donation!! Look at their blog for more details!!

Anyways, back to the pic. This is their Soul!Sans, what a cute tomato right?? :33

Hope you like it!!

Soul!Sans belongs to them~

small but needs your love too

Like all fish that trickle into the chain store markets, I’m seeing ottos being housed improperly more and more, and it’s important to remember that they have a specific needs that might not mesh with your tank set up. These fish can live for 5 years or more in the right setup.

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I guess the thing that has me the most upset about this riffraff with Crosby and pride tape is that some of y’all were so quick to be disappointed.  As if his past record on LGBTQ+ matters wasn’t relevant, as if participating in this one thing was the only way to truly show that he was supportive of the community.  Listen up people, a player using pride tape doesn’t mean they’re a great ally, and a player not using the tape doesn’t mean they’re a homophobe.  Look at what they’ve done in the past and weigh that far more heavily than whether or not they participated in this minor (and frankly hollow) gesture.

Dumb otgw AUs

Fred the horse manages to get back his old nickname of Honest Fred, but secretly he still has an urge to break into places and steal. Instead of actually stealing though, he leaves gifts. Basically he becomes Santa Claus