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Hello guys, mun here. It occurred to me that I’ve never tried to style my Italy wigs so they look like his hair actually is in the anime. So I sorta tried it out, these pictures are without hairspray in them since it’s very warm and I’ll probably finish the styling completely (cutting ends and hairpsraying) when the weather stops being so Damn warm.

Anyways what do you think? Do you like this style or prefer the old one?


The day after the wedding Lila started to pack her and her babies’ bags and head home.

Lucy: “I wish you wouldn’t go, it’s been so great having my little sister around

Lila: “It’s been great being being around my big sister again but I can’t live off you guys forever. I finally have enough money to buy a nice apartment for me and the boys. I really will miss you guys though.

Cameron: “Even me?

Lila: “Even you Cam, you’ve grown on me.

☆Mini Cheni Stickers!☆

NEW CHEN STICKERS! These are based off of my “Chen Countdown” drawings for his birthday ^^ The remaining 2 stickers will be revealed when I draw them ヽ(*゚ー゚*)ノ

International & group orders are OK! The last day to order is October 9 2015 11PM EST.

If you are interested in buying & reading more information, please click here! Thank you ♥

274 100x100 Icons of Margot Robbie
  • 84 icons from About Time, 190 icons from The Wolf of Wall Street.
  • Credit is not necesarry (but appreciated!).
  • Do not edit or alter these in any way - if you would like customized icons for your character, just message me (off anon!) and I’ll make them as quickly as possible.
  • Please like and/or reblog if you use these!
  • You can also message me (again, off anon) for a zip of either both sets, About Time icons only or TWOWS only. Please specify which zip you’d like!
  • I tried to make these super pretty and organized in rows of four icons but apparently tumblr hates me.

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Who Needs Perfect?

Okay here’s the deal. My company locked down streaming audio recently and until I get home I can’t get on Spotify to mass play it.

So I thought I’d be nice and buy some people this song. I mean you should have already preordered the album but just in case you didn’t, shoot me a message OFF ANON with your email address and I will gift you Perfect right now today. GO!

Our Colorful Love Story

The first time our eyes met.
It was the day you spilled your red cherry popsicle all over my shirt and begged me to let you buy me one to make up for it.

Our first kiss.
We were eating fruit on the doc. You slipped a orange slice in my mouth, caressed my fruit-filled face and kissed it good.

Our first dance.
The sun was shining, the heat was dreadful. You took your clothes off, I too did the same, and we danced gleefully to the beat of the ocean on a deserted beach.

Our first fight.
It was a gloomy day, which fit the mood completely. You were tired. I was upset from just being fired from my job. We argued over the stupidest fact that the restroom light was left on all day. I walked out the house.

Forgetting each other.
You were hard to miss, always lingering around in the small town we called home. I tried in all my power to avoid your sad eyes.

Soft kisses and simple smiles.
One small peck on the cheek and all the memories of us flooded through my mind. You promised to always check the restroom light from now on, I promised to hold onto you, and never let go.


Knit doll Commissions! Pairs!

I’m offering a discount on two dolls! Cuz what’s better than one cute knit doll? TWO!

Large Pairs: $50+ 

Small Pairs: $40+

Tiny Pairs: $15+

It’s basically a buy one, get one 50% off!! So if you want Robert and Rosalind Lutece? Sure! Your Inquisitor and their Love Interested? Totally! Eliza Schuyler and Alexander Hamilton? Yes! Your OTP? Why not! Everything is better in pairs!

Free Shipping on all orders! 

There may be a wait list if there a more orders. Patience is a virtue! 

For more information, email me!!

illustrationbyheather @ gmail.com

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who has commissioned me so far, both on and off Tumblr! Since a new school semester has just started up again for me this week with a list of all new supplies that I have to buy, I’ve been able to pay off 2 out of 4 of my textbooks for the term! :D

I still have commissions open and the info here. If anyone is interested in commissioning me, they can either contact me here on Tumblr or at elektronxdoodles@gmail.com. I’ll be willing to do draw dragons/reptiles/dinos of any kind in a cute style for $20USD bucks a pop like this to pay off the rest of my books for the term:

And again, thank you guys so much for your support! :)

||Cause you walked out and left me stranded
Nothing left but picture frames
And I just keep on asking myself

How’d we drift so far away from where we left off yesterday?
I’m lonely like a castaway
Heartbreak that I can’t escape, a sinking ship I’ll never save
I’m lonely like a castaway||

Drawing of Tom inspired by @sparkleybutt ’s amazing fan fic, Icy Wind and Salty Spray! And one of 5sos’ new songs, Castaway.