i'll burn your name into my throat

Is my name like barbed wire on your tongue?
Does the burn of whiskey in your throat remind you of me?
—  L.H
Pierce the Veil

30 Day Song ChallengeDay Three - A song that brings back memories
    ↳ Caraphernelia - Pierce the Veil - Selfish Machines

what if i can't forget you? i'll burn your name into my throat, i'll be the fire that'll catch you. what's so good about picking up the pieces? what if i don't even want to?

anonymous asked:

You lack faith. So I will be your god. I want to tie you to the wall, while you choke on a bloody rag. ill rip you open like I'm disecting a frog. ill shove my head inside of you, feeling you all around me. I'll unravel your intestines and run my tongue over them until they drip with my saliva. ill empty the contents of your stomach into a jug. I'll force you to drink it. You'll be choking as the acid burns your throat. I'll make you scream my name through every bite as I feed you your own body.

Can you tell me you’ll forget

I hope when you hear my name your stomach drops. I hope the image of my face burns like vodka down your throat. If you find yourself years from now, remembering me and everything we went through, I hope I drive you mad, forever being the only thing that you didn’t ruin enough to fall apart.  

i’m not the person i used to be. you touched me, turned me into the person i always wanted to be. making me soft to the touch, nice to look at, the girl everybody envied you for. then you left, just like that. i turned sour, bitter, started doing things you told me to stay away from. hoping to find you there, catch a glimpse of you on the bottom of my seventh shot, feel your name burn into my throat as i inhale the smoke, exhale everything that’s left of you inside me. i can’t stand looking at myself in the mirror now. i just want to go back to the start, be a blank space again no one dares to look at twice.
—  why did you leave me like that? // l.m.m.
The night you stopped loving me should’ve been the night I lost it all.
I should’ve spent hours crying and scratching my skin to replace the pain you left in my heart.
I should’ve screamed your name until my throat burned.
I should’ve blasted my radio with all of your favorite songs, while I suffocated in the smell of your favorite hoodie.
I should’ve lost my will to breathe but I didn’t.
Because the night you stopped loving me, I realized someone else loved me more than you did.
— Myself.
—  ////