i'll bet you no notes will come for this

  • ice: why am I the only one alive here. guys need better resist
  • fire: seriously storm I had a card i was totally ready to kill and you just had to go and
  • storm: sorry guys i have to go to my anger management class after this battle
  • myth: oh look I'm almost to 6 pips again huehuehuehuehuehue
  • life: I'll hit next round "no you won't, heal me"
  • death: at least you don't have to deal with dworgyn all the time
  • balance: I will just watch you guys then
  • star: so I bet you thought you were gonna attack before i expired
  • sun: hey guys it's just an average spell SURPRISE BAM DIDNT SEE THAT ONE COMING DIDJA
  • moon: someone please love me
  • shadow: yoooooooooooo but also noooooooooooooo
Gibberish theme song

For the ‘Danny speaks ghost’ thing (and because Feniiku kinda asked for it):


Yo, Danny Phantom id etats krr vix, 

quandi ids oudso aedeft terg cruz magli
ed etats ontwold pu zix mnod parzi
(id es jens calpa jos cunck, quo id es Danny Phantom)

Quandi ed non props opreah, ids gini krr linqez.
maps Danny oduva intra de ed.
Ea etats terg nmang zei, cultio krr mortef
ids moria parn cunck voormunef.
(Danny Phantom…)

Quandi id pre dzupte, id ennau:
id hab blankdrob chex, en zeir vorta occou.
Id knol prom dia mruu, vlaprim en vlof.
Id etats terg pulr monadiq pu ally josf.

En ed etats cwum kat id scyr quesq id hab pu mkia:
Id hab pu linqez cunck phantos kat etate vne dia
Id es ic pu pnug pou mij en ta!
(Id es jens calpa jos cunck, quo id es Danny Phantom) etc. etc.

I didn’t just fill in something, the same words should be the same in this 'language’ :D I stole words from Latin, French and Dutch and morphed them into a soup. And I just made some things up. I hope you enjoy (you probably don’t it’s just nonsence :P)