i'll be your new best friend

Go outside, take a breath
Spin around, and let out a laugh
Because it’s never going to feel this way again

Hum on the subway, text them first
Smile at strangers, it could be worse
And it’s never going to feel this way again

Drink it in and hold me tighter
Because this world keeps getting wider
And it’s never going to feel this way again

I don’t want to sit back and let life fly away
I want to touch it, breathe it, carve it in my bones
I want to fall hard, crash and burn
Under city skylines and stars and birds
Because it’s never going to feel this way again

Buy that new book you’ve been adoring
Take that dare you’ve been ignoring
Because it’s never going to feel this way again

Take a train, call a cab
Lean out the window and grab his hand
Because it’s never going to feel this way again

I don’t want to be restrained to a vanilla life
I want to taste it, hold it, savor every drop
I want to jump off cliffs and freeze and fly
Fill up every second until I die
Because it’s never going to feel this way again

Let your heart be young
Let moments sing, and always be listening
Because they’re never going to sound like that again

Lean in, kiss quick, then slip away
Sleep in, ride your bike far away
Go on adventures, leap and run
Don’t be afraid to love someone

Because it’ll never feel this way again

—  It’s Never Going to Feel This Way Again
wild empathy breaks game

d&d 3.5 The cleric and I (the druid) get teleported away from the party in front of a t-rex the size of a mountain.  It looks hungry.  

Me: dinosaurs are considered animals right?

DM: yes

Me: cool.  I want to use wild empathy to try and make it my friend.

DM: ok roll.

*Natural 20* 

Cleric OOC: WTF! you just broke my mind!

DM: the T-rex is your new best friend.

Me: Hey cleric, my new best friend looks hungry.  Summon some food and water to feed him.

Cleric gives me a look: ok….

Feeds new best friend, who then takes us back to our party and then leaves back to his hunting grounds. *DM wouldn’t let me keep him*

We talk about the pain of losing a lover.
But never the pain of your best friend ‘forever’.
When the breakdown of that friendship destroyed me more than any other.
—  M.C.E There are two types of significant others.
to all the fellow girls who are smitten by their boyfriends:
love is important but it’s not everything. don’t make it your everything. don’t lose out on friends and education because of love. don’t lose out on socialisation and new experiences because of love. don’t lose out on your career because of love. love is important but its not everything.
—  misconceptions about love//nikitagupta
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  • riches and wonders by anathema (azirapha1e)
    Summary: In some universes, love blossoms in swimming pools. In others, there are kittens involved.

  • #hashtag by Bellakitse
    Summary: Even gets Instagram, it’s all about Isak.

  • sickeningly sweet like honey by tomlinsoln 
    Summary: coffee shop!au; Even likes to write pickup lines on Isak’s cup.


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Babe's friends with your best friend
  • Victor: look at this hamster Snapchat filter.
  • Phichit: really?
  • Victor [opens front camera]: yeah, look.
  • Victor [snaps picture]:
  • Phichit: we look so cute, post it.
  • Victor [writes in the description]: my new bestie and I #Phichit_chu #BestFriend #Goals #v_nikiforov
  • Yuri [walks by and kisses Victor's cheek]: I'll be at the pole dancing studio with Chris, bye.
  • Phichit: bye.
  • Victor: take care babe.
Netflix Marvel AU where it's the same but the Defenders' main sidekicks are switched
  • Matt: No, Trish, you can't talk about me on your show.
  • Trish: Oh, come on Mattie! Don't you want the people to know about your deeds? I know, I know, I'm not going to use your name but can I at least just talk about the masked man-
  • Matt: No.
  • Trish: I can give you a cool nickname. How about..."The Man Without Fear"?
  • Matt: That sounds interesting but NO.
  • Trish: "The Devil of Hell's Kitchen"?
  • Matt: Trish...we grew up together. Did you just forget about my Catholic faith?
  • Trish: Right, sorry. How about...'Daredevil'?
  • Matt: That's...okay, that's not too bad, actually. But it sounds like I'm going to jump over the Grand Canyon or something.
  • Trish: That's more of a Ghost Rider thing.
  • Matt: Who?
  • /
  • /
  • *inside Colleen's dojo*
  • Colleen: And then you twist your hips...like...this!
  • *Colleen tosses Jessica to the mat*
  • Colleen: And that's how you get a mugger off of you!
  • Jessica: Oww...why did I agree to do this?
  • Colleen: Because, as your best friend in the whole world, I worry about you, especially now that you're a superhero-
  • Jessica: -ugh, no, I'm not a superhero. Don't use that word around me. Also, I have super strength and super jump, I can just push the guy off of me. I don't need fancy karate.
  • Colleen: Well...thanks for indulging me anyways.
  • Jessica: Hooray, I learned something, I guess. Let's celebrate with a drink.
  • Jessica: *opens bottle of whiskey and starts drinking*
  • Colleen: That's...mine.
  • Jessica: Did you say something?
  • Colleen: *sighs* No, I didn't, Jess.
  • /
  • /
  • Foggy: Alright, Law Office of Foggy Nelson is officially open! What you think, Luke?
  • Luke: Looks good. Don't know if it's smart to open right next to my bar.
  • Foggy: It's a metaphor! I passed the 'bar' exam and so, I open next to my best friend's bar!
  • Luke: I guess that makes sense-
  • Foggy: -hey, your shirt is torn.
  • Luke: *looks at the torn part* Oh, yeah, that happened when I...stopped a mugging.
  • Foggy: *sighs* Damn it Luke, you know I hate it when you put on the hoodie.
  • Luke: I know man. But Harlem needs me! Look, I promise I'll go out less if you hire that nurse as your new secretary. I heard she needs a temp job.
  • Foggy: Claire Temple? Hmm...I'll see if she's interested.
  • /
  • /
  • Danny: So...Detective Knight?
  • Misty: Yup.
  • Danny (smirking): So you're not just a friendly face who came by to Rand Enterprises then. You were spying on me. Here I was thinking you had a crush on me or something.
  • Misty: Well, it's not every day that the long-lost son of Wendell and Heather Rand returns from the dead.
  • Danny: I appreciate the honesty. Now, if you'll excuse me, I got important things to attend to.
  • Misty: You going to beat up more ninja? Because I saw that.
  • Danny: You don't understand! I'm not just Danny Rand anymore. I'm the Immortal Iron Fist, the protector of K'un L'un! The city is secretly being run by the criminal organization known as the Hand!
  • Misty: ...right.
  • Danny: So you believe me?
  • Misty: Nope.
  • Danny: ...well then, this is awkward.
And there is so much to fucking live for kid. The feeling of warm sand between your toes and the smell of freshly baked cookies. The sound of your dog’s feet as she runs to meet you at the door and the taste of ice cold water on a hot summers day. Driving down the highway with your best friends singing at the top of your lungs and falling asleep in your lovers arms. Watching the sun set from the top of tall apartment buildings and the way the world feels clean after a thunderstorm. New books and old movies and that cafe you go to when you want to escape. Roses and oversized sweaters and clean sheets and long baths and pizza. Goddamn pizza. There is just so much to fucking live for kid.
—  f.a.w
my cats!!

paws: socks’ sister. old. loves to lick condensation off windows despite there being four (4) bowls of fresh water available at any moment. kinda scruffy. beat cancer. my bff. we’ve had good times 2gether. kinda quiet and the most outdoorsy of the cats.

socks: paws’ sister. also old, but doesn’t look it yet. your new best friend. loves u. wants to be with u ALWAYS. p. chill, loves cuddles, but loves my mum most of all and is practically glued to her and has a ritual where she visits her in bed in the morning and drinks from her mug.

tamsin: paws & socks niece. loves food and is ready to FIGHT. has like, one friend and it’s me. has the cat version of resting bitch face. probably has mastered teleportation due to how quickly she appears when there’s food. kinda does her own thing. tumblr would love her.

merry: has two speeds: hop, and dashing at 500mph. can beat me up the stairs. a rescue who has Been Through Some Stuff, but now is content to chill. wakes me up in the morning with a kiss. sometimes its on the mouth and thats not such a cool way to wake up. my other bff.

minnie: ruby’s cousin and possibly half-sister. still only a bby. LOVES water and also loves to watch me go to the loo which is… weird. tries to get into the loo, which is a no-no. if she was a human she’d probably be some sort of water researcher/scientist. also love high places.

ruby: minnie’s cousin and possibly half-sister. still only a bby. kinda quiet and independent but doesn’t like the outdoors. will often try and play wih your foot. friendliest when there’s no one else around. would probably be a scientist 2. loves toys. her fave is a cuddly toy rat.

You push through it. You get through it, no matter how painful or how maddening the situation can be. Maybe it’s a broken heart. Maybe it’s a group of people who go out of their way to hurt you. But you power through it because all things have an end, even if it doesn’t feel like that, even if it feels like giving up would be the best thing to do. Everything ends and there are new beginnings to be started.
—  MJG // The next part of your life is going to be better.

Here’s to another year.

Here’s to new friendships, new promises, new beginnings. Here’s to college life and living away from home for the first time. Here’s to new subjects and new challenges. Here’s to another heartbreak and another one after that. Here’s to drunk nights spent in the club and the nights spent playing card games with tea to keep you warm. Here’s to that one person who has stayed by you all this while, and here’s to that one person who still crosses your mind everyday. Here’s to first jobs and first paychecks. Here’s to horrible bosses we love to curse. Here’s to road trips and shopping sprees; here’s to expensive wines, cheap beer and street foods. Here’s to new relationships and relationships that couldn’t last. Here’s to first apartments and mounds of bills to pay. Here’s to leaving some dreams behind and here’s to finding new ones. Here’s to exploring new places and here’s to living life like we’ve never known before.

This time, it will be about celebrating ourselves, about embracing our beauty, accepting ourselves as flawed as we are because we’ll never be as young as we are now.

So, raise your glasses;

Here’s to another era of our lives.

—  turning twenty.
When I decided to move far away from home I was afraid. Afraid that I would miss my family a lot or that the language barrier would be a bigger problem than expected. Ironically both of these occurred but weren’t the worst thing out of the whole. What I should have feared from the beginning on was the process of forgetting. It started with small things: I couldn’t remember different street names, the pattern of the bathroom’s walls and who lived where. As time passed by it got more extreme. I wasn’t able to recall the smell which spread through the whole town when it rained for 3 days straight. I couldn’t remember the name of my childhood best friend or the word you use to describe a special type of tree. It seemed as if every single memory which connected me with my former life faded away. But at the same time the free space was filled with new experiences, new memories I made here. Moving away means you leave something behind and welcome something new and as hard as it is in the beginning, it’s inevitable for your personal growth.

anonymous asked:

Tim if I ever met you I'm pretty sure I would worship your face. I'll call my new religion The Church of Tim. We all have mental breakdowns on camera and have matching masks to kill our best friends in.

That’s weird man

I promise.

I promise that one day, you’ll lie in bed and think about all of the times I stood by you, even when everyone else left you behind.

I promise that you’re going to see me with my new friends, the ones that let me know how loved I am, and you’re going to feel your heart ache.

I promise that one day, you’ll realise that I’m gone.

And that I’m not coming back.

DEH characters as things I overheard in New York and Boston
  • Connor: "This isn't for you, this is for your friend, so shut the fuck up and wear the flower crown"
  • Alana: "and then I said, 'I'm too gay for you'. Then I took my dog and walked away"
  • Zoe: "I wanna smack that perfect hair off of his douchebag head"
  • Jared: "Well, I gotta give him this, it was LARGE"
  • Evan: "Bostons best burger? I'll be the JUDGE OF THAT"
Haikyuu character aesthetics

Hinata- calloused hands, high fives, standing on tippy toes, making friends, tripping over nothing, sunny days, bandaids

Kageyama- squeaking shoes on gym floors, sitting alone, cold milk, cuss words, missing a high five, adrenaline rushes, cloudy days,

Daichi- motivation, a pat on the back, muscles under shirts, new sneakers, cologne, rolled up sleeves,

Sugawara- warm hugs, making sacrifices, homemade sweaters, platonically holding hands, hot chocolate, sassy comebacks

Tsukishima- passive aggressive glares, cold showers, pushing your glasses up your nose, hail storms, a full moon, watching documentaries, tangled headphones

Yamaguchi- freckles, sunbeams, laughter, hugging your best friend, watching the stars, apologies, whispering secrets, trying to stay quiet at a sleepover

  • Kaito : This could be it, Saihara! I just want you to know that you're truly a one-in-a-million friend!
  • Saihara : Thanks buddy! You're the best ever!
  • Kaito : I know you won't mind what I'll tell you!
  • Saihara : No, t-tell me anything! Tell me what?
  • Saihara : WHAT???