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We talk about the pain of losing a lover.
But never the pain of your best friend ‘forever’.
When the breakdown of that friendship destroyed me more than any other.
—  M.C.E There are two types of significant others.

I wasn’t planning to do one of these, but 2016 can’t end fast enough and I think we all need some love at the moment so whatever. This year may not have been the best overall (understatement of the year, 2016 was a disaster), but I also made a bunch new friends who became very dear to me so I can’t say that everything that happened in 2016 was the Worst because I’m too happy to have found some of you.

Everyone on the following list is quite precious to me! Some are new (thank you for following me), some have been with me forever (thank you for staying with me), some allow me to get on their nerves a lot and actually talk to me (i love you, darlings! ♥), and I can’t believe that most of these guys are actually following me (seriously, you’re all way cooler than me), but no matter what, you all deserve the best!

Happy New Year! Let’s hope 2017 will be kinder.

Special Mentions: @taurielsilvan – My dear little sis. Life woulnd’t be the same without you. ❤ • @ladyalatariel – My wonderful & amazing Ylva. • @blaackpanthers – Olivia, darling. Making me jealous by showing me her dog all the time. • @lucifersmaze – Izzie aka the one that makes sure I get some sleep. • @jacontodd & @luciocorreiaa – My children Kesh & Prairie who never sleep. • @skyyequake, @karlurbans & @obiwanjedi – Always there to listen, always a pleasure to talk to. • @celebrlan & @eveenstar – Sam and Mr. Frodo and just overall precious cupcakes. • @spacvengrs & @ravenrcnan – The cutest.

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Let them believe what they want. Let them take his side and leave you for dead because they don’t understand that a broken heart is enough. Let them. Let them see the pictures of his new girl and wonder where you are but say nothing, because they’re his, not yours. Let them see you sad, but never let them see you cry. The heart bleeds through your eyes. You’re healing, don’t create any more damage. You lived and loved before him, you will live and love again. They don’t know. They have no one they would die for.

- When he’s gone

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Warning: I AM new to Tumblr, and roleplaying itself. I was recommended by a friend to come here for my first time, so here I am. You can breath easy to know that I know a good majority of the Berserk storyline. But even then, I apologize if my writing isn’t TOO grand. I’ll try my best though.

Anyway, this blog is still under some ‘’heavy’’ construction. And by heavy, I mean that the actual page for this place isn’t up/operational. It soon will be though! 

“You’re pretending,” my best friend said. “You’re trying so hard to get caught up in someone new, to love him, but it’s all fake.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” I insisted.

“I don’t, do I?” she scoffed. “I know you’re not over him. I know that you would go back to the past, to him, in a matter of seconds if you could. You think I’m so clueless, but I see you look around for him every time we enter a room. I notice the turn of your head when you hear someone mention his name. And don’t think I don’t know you still sleep in his clothes.” She shook her head, disappointed and sad all at once. “You’re faking it. Everything. The worst part is, you’re hurting someone else and you don’t even care.”

—  excerpt from an unfinished book #45 // i guess when he stopped caring about me i stopped caring about everyone else
‘I just wanted to remind you that you broke me, you crushed me and I was falling into a million pieces. I felt so bad and begged you to come back, while now I see how bad you treated me. You were gone and he was here for me, he let my cry on his chest and he comfort me. He’s a real gentleman and I know he’s your best friend, but you left me and you should know we fell in love.’ I said to my ex boyfriend, who than slammed the door and left. ‘He’s just jealous.’ He said and took my hand, ‘I love you.’
—  Excerpts of stories Ill never finish / #12
Nothing is forever. The pain he caused your heart won’t last your entire lifetime. The looks and whispers they share as you walk by will be gone the next day. Your best friend won’t be there when you need them most but they still try. Nothing is forever. You’ll change your hair when she breaks your heart like he did. You’ll be the one pointing and whispering when she walks away from you. Your best friend is someone new. So keep telling yourself that it’s the end of world.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write
It’s funny how when you finally get over someone, you start seeing them in a whole new perspective. It’s like you’re looking at them through the eyes of your best friend, and you realize, he’s nothing special. He’s just another ordinary boy.
—  A. Ibrahim [VoicelessConfessions]
I remember that first night. When we were curled up in my best friends backseat after smoking. I remember that Saturday when I told you I loved the stars and you smiled. I remember sitting in your lap at 12:31am high and kissing you. I remember fighting with you and you leaving. I remember you apologizing last week and taking me to look at the stars and you don’t know how much that meant because you remembered. I remember falling in love with you while you were sleeping. I remember every little thing. I remember getting attached and I remember regretting it.
—  titled “I Remember”  submission #302

he’s the best friend that holds your hands when you need him most, intertwining his fingers with yours. he’s the best friend that knows just what to say to make you feel better when you’re down, because you know, if anyone were to judge you, it would never be him. he’s the best friend that will argue with you until the sun goes down, and then forgive you in a heartbeat because his love for you overrides it all. he’s the kind that will run along beaches playing frisbee with you, and the kind to stay up til 2am telling you about all his thoughts. 

he’s the kind of best friend you fall in love with, the kind you don’t realise is right in front of you until the timing is wrong. but somehow, somewhere down the line, the timing is going to be perfect and the best friend who held your hand will be more than anything you’ve ever wished for. he’ll be someone who sticks by you through thick and thin, and someone who will slip a ring onto your finger at the altar, and never let go of you. 

he is the one.

—  M.K // on Alex Stewart. 
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because when i hit bottom, i don’t get up, i sit there and hold everyones hands and make friends w their darkness and i shake hands w their darkest thoughts and i do my best to make them lighter, brighter, not as consuming. and in doing that, ive gained parts of me, ive become a new person entirely because everyone says bottom ruins you. but it’s at bottom you become, because bottom is where your roots start and all things beautiful have roots that go down so so far and roots are never pretty, but you learn things from them.