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studyblr themed asks x

caffeine: do you prefer tea or coffee?
textbook: have you ever pulled an all-nighter?
mentor: who is your most memorable teacher or professor?
planner: when did you create your studyblr?
calligraphy: do you write in blue or black pen?
lunch: what is your favourite study snack?
study group: are you involved in any studyblr networks?
motivation: what was your favourite subject when you were little?
results: what is your favourite subject now?
notebook: what is better, handwritten or typed notes?
ambition: what is your current study goal?

The Signs As Things My Cancer Best Friend Has Said/Done
  • Aries: "240, turn up!"
  • Taurus: "Just sell your feelings on eBay."
  • Gemini: [talking about being a Chipotle worker for halloween] "I can put guacamole on my shirt and I'll be extra."
  • Cancer: "Look, best friend goals! [while writing] When your best friend can write your name on your math paper upside down - I spelt your name wrong..."
  • Leo: "There's stars on my underwear bc my ass is out of this world."
  • Virgo: [fanning self] "I've gotta chill my cold heart."
  • Libra: [pulls school ID out of bra] "My ID is right here calm your titties."
  • Scorpio: "An overkill is stabbing someone 37 times."
  • Sagittarius: [with a vitamin water label taped around her wrist] "When your friend is Wonder Woman."
  • Capricorn: [while having a coughing fit on Friday the 13th] "It'd be an honor to die today."
  • Aquarius: [about underwear] "It feels like a cloud on my ass."
  • Pisces: [about the leaking roof] "The school's peeing."
  • A: "Which side do you want?"
  • B: "I...I can't sleep unless I'm in the middle."
  • A: "What?"
  • B: "I've learned a long time ago the best way to feel complete alone in bed is to sleep in the middle, not leaving a side empty for the thought of someone else."
  • A: "...You can sleep in the middle."
  • B: "Well, which side do you want?"
  • A: "I...I can sleep on the couch-"
  • B: "What?"
  • A: "It's a small bed. If you sleep in the middle there's not much space left for me and I don't want to assume that we, that you, are okay with the...closeness. It's fine. The couch will do. It's probably the best anyway, otherwise you'll surely kick me out of bed in sleep and we wouldn't want my pretty face to hit the floor again, would we?"

I knew that @hansaera leaving her commissions open would drain me. I’ve already gotten one amazing drawing and now I’m thinking of another. I have time, but I have three ideas stuck in my head. I think I know which one will win out, but…

*throws my wallet at Saera*

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,,,was you reaching your follower goal PLANT PARENTHOOD? ...I'll see myself out.

8 more botanical buddies to go to reach the PLANT PARENTHOOD goal (pls come back) and i’ll be posting that milestone q&a sometime today, maybe in an hour or so!

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hi!! love your writing (i'm so so into drarry atm)!! the future fic is my absolute fave like MAN!! are you ever gonna revisit that universe? and do you know what makes everything worse, your aesthetics on here is just absolute goals. i'll follow for a mix of hot girls and harry potter stuff any day!

:)))))))) thank u I hope u like xxxxx (this is from this)

Ginny was the only one of them who owned a car, the only one of them who had ever even bothered to learn how to drive. Ron was still unnerved by his dalliance with the flying one in second year, and would flinch violently every time she changed gear, his hand braced against the fabric roof of her truck. Harry always looked faintly sick at the suggestion he get a motorcycle license, Neville and Luna were deeply, deeply attached to the floo system, and Malfoy pretended he hated the tube but was also utterly transparent about the fact that he adored it and was fascinated by it and felt as though it was a feat of engineering. Ginny liked that about him, it was one of the only things she liked about him. He had a nice face, she supposed, if you enjoyed that kind of thing or looked at it from the right angle or in the right light. She glanced across at him now, folded into the passenger seat as though he was trying to touch as few surfaces as he could possibly manage. He’d crossed his arms, propped one foot up on the dashboard like he was trying to annoy her with it. She didn’t have the heart to tell him her car had seen worse sights than this.

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Well-worn spine and pages bent,

Creased and torn and battered,

Water damaged, a tad beat up,

Not that it really mattered.

Because I read it anyway,

Every single page,

Because of how you looked at me when you passed it to me that day.

And it’s well loved,

But somehow it still smells like it’s brand new.

It’s the first thing that you gave to me,

That first little piece of you.

Novice rounds

“I’m glad it’s you, after all.“ 


燃える布告者ジョウ様 「Daybreak]

上品な捨て犬ジョウ様 「JUDEA」
軍事シック大佐ジョウ様 「VANGUARD」
暗い王子ジョウ様 「RESONANCE」
キラキラ山賊ジョウ様 「GINGER」
輝くダイヤモンドジョウ様 [DIAMOND]
発光性のエンターテイナージョウ様 [Spiral Daisakusen]
夢のライダージョウ様 「DREAM RIDER]