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I told him how Later! would always remind me of him. He laughed and said, “Later!”- meaning exactly what I wanted it to mean for a change: not just goodbye, or be off with you, but afternoon lovemaking.
—  Elio, Call Me by Your Name


I’m actually very sad about Ellen mentioning/assuming Timmys sexuality. I mean Armie and Timmy keep saying that CMBYN is about a love story. It’s no gay love story. It’s just a love story between two human beings that everyone can identify themselves with no matter what gender or sexuality. So pointing out Timmy’s sexuality just put the movie into the gay section again when really, it’s just a love story, and I just hate how people still assume that playing a gay character is a “role”. Being a superhero or a serial killer is a role. But not a sexuality. So it shouldn’t matter if the actor is gay, bi, straight or whatever. It just makes me kind of angry right now. And sad. I needed to rant a little. Peace and love.


Margaret and Mary Tudor, princesses and later Dowager Queens, the daughters of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, the sisters of Henry VIII. Born nearly a decade apart, the two knew little of each other after Margaret departed to Scotland, yet shared the same passionate and self-possessed nature, choosing their own mates to the scandal and scorn of others.

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After thoughts on call me by your name

I won’t be using emojis mid sentance like i know many who have enjoyed this book do because i feel that a work of such great literature deserves every word in every language and even then they cannot do it justice.

Edit: i planned on not using emojis but i see now that tumblr uses them automatically on my phone which is quite annoying and I’m going to find a way to turn that off.

Edit 2: it was emojify in tumblr labs which i forgot i turned on, please excuse my ignorance and stupidity but i hope my views still hold value, if they indeed ever did.

Excuse my poetic tone but as a budding writer with an active imagination i cannot help but adapt the tone of the book, perhaps to use my words in a way to honour it even more. However i know that i can never come to reflect the beauty in speaking phrases from different languages that mean so much more in their native tongue than they do when translated.

Also, if you wish to avoid spoilers i don’t recommend reading this.

I am so at peace with the ending of this story. I know many deny that the two used-to-be lovers have long gone their separate ways because of the way they still cling to the past and their memories. However i think this may just be to reflect how they were truly each other’s first love even though in the days that love was being played out it seemed more similar to infatuation. Either way, they were so special to each other and they will never not love the other but i think that feeling of being in love faded when they had to let each other go to continue with their respective lives. And while those lives seemed but a coma to them both i think their re-wording of that fits so perfectly for it was not as if they were not there or they rather those years did not happen, it was just as if Oliver and Elio’s moments were so long ago and in a different world completely that the years that followed were like living a whole new life.

I am in love with the reflections the book makes to its beginning while it draws to a close and the perfectly placed last line is perhaps my favourite. I have cried many times during the ending but, i find, not necessarily out of sadness but out of peace and joy and love for this beautiful piece of writing that made it’s story and characters so alive and real that it’s hard for me to believe that i haven’t just been listening to the life story of an old relative which, i think, is just credit to André Aciman and his writing.

The way that the story flowed is so clever, i felt wrong to put it down (or in my case pause it, as i was listening to the audio book) except for in it’s natural stops where i heard Armie Hammer’s calming voice say “Part 2” which leads me to my next point. I am, in a way, glad that it was Armie that voiced the audio book rather than Timotheé despite being Elio’s mind because it suggests that even after all those years, Elio’s inner monologue, his deepest thoughts and darkest truths have Oliver’s voice. They speak in his tongue for like is mentioned many times throughout the book, they became like one, hence the namesake of the book. It just seems fitting that Elio’s inner voice is infact Oliver’s voice.

I’m also glad that they didn’t meet after a long time apart and rush together despite Oliver’s family because then would produce a typical rom com which the story has so far done brilliantly to avoid become. This, for me, promotes the sense of realness again. It shows the humanity and life-like feel of the novel because in real life, depsite your childish urges that, on most occasions, doesn’t happen. In real life, you move on. You live your life, never truly forgetting them but living on despite them because they are now, for better or worse, the past. And while you may cross paths again you are ultimately different now from “when we were together” (to quote the book directly) and it would be a whole new relationship and a whole new story that i don’t think would fit in Elio and Oliver’s lives.

What they had was brilliant and painfully short lived but it was what it was and it ended. And in the end the memories don’t bring back pain for either of them but instead fond memories of a summer long ago where two strangers found each other. Their story is not one of sadness or missed opportunities but instead it is one of “I’m so glad it happened but now it is over and i am at peace with that fact. I will still miss those days but not in sorrow or pain but remember the good times we had and be thankful for that little bubble of happiness that we found together.”

In short, i have a lot of feelings about this book and im not sure if anyone will want to read these ramblings but if you have im sure you share a similar opinion or at least love for this beautiful novel. And i hope to god that the film does it justice because that would be a perfect ending to a few weeks that I’ve spent watching trailers and grasping at clips, and eventually finding the book to listen to.

This book has taken it’s place as my favourite and i hope it never leaves this spot.

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After thoughts on cmbyn the movie

*spoilers i guess*

While based off the book, I’d say the film is very disimilar to the book. It follows the same story line and characters and it does so very well.

However, much of the content of the book is missed or skipped over, there is much less pining Elio, much less on their time in Rome and nothing post Oliver telling Elio he’s getting married. Of course I’m dissapointed, some of my favourite parts were missed and some of the most memorable were skipped over.


I will say, that even though so much is missed out, it works. I still get a lot of the same emotions and i am at peace with it. Its not as good as the book, when are films ever? But it is still beautiful as a film and wonderfully well made. I am not angry at this film, and while i would have loved the last line of the book to have been included i think it works as it is.

Also it seems to be attracting attention from the elderly which i find a bit strange, it was just me and about 5 other people who were all elderly but perhaps the younger audiences are going to the later viewing. No matter, i hope my cinema companions enjoyed the film as much as i do and i congratulate all cast and crew involved in its making for creating something so beautiful.


Anonymous asked:  hey Caly! :) do you think JCW will be able to be in another korean drama before he enlist?

Hello dear Anon!! Well, we are all praying for that!! The gifs just above are the answer he gave during the Section TV Korea of 13th March 2016. We can’t wait to see him in another kdrama right? ;) Well, I’m truly missing him on my screen. It’s been so looooong since the end of Healer now ;_;

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