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Hi there, first time asking for a prompt but I love your writing so.. Neil and andrew having a car accident but Neil swerves the car to protect andrew(angst is in my veins). thank you!!

Shoutout to @irishrainbownjh who is the angst to my fluff and basically wrote me an outline for this! Hope you enjoy! :) 

The first thing Neil registers is the incessant beeping. It gnaws its way into his brain and sets his nerves on edge. His fingers twitch and clench, and the next thing he registers is the scratchy fabric underneath his fingertips. Neil tries to open his eyes, but his eyelids feel like lead, and Neil’s sluggish brain doesn’t seem to have the strength to try and pry his tacky eyelashes apart. He allows himself a few more moments to just lie there, the constant beeping starting to become more of a soothing blanket. Tendrils of sleep start to slither their way back into his mind, but Neil pushes them down. He sucks in a deep breath, but suddenly pain is sent ricocheting across his side. His hand instinctively flies to the troubled area, but the movement sends more pain splintering up his arm. It’s enough for Neil’s eyes to finally snap open. 

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When my parents live without me in the house they have lovely breakfast conversations about their schedules, church and what they’ll make for dinner.

Now that I’m home? So far we’ve discussed: gentrification, abortion and why it should be legal, why organized religion can do more harm than good and my favorite: yes you do have privilege.

The 1975 out here not even subtweeting Trump they just fucking @ him and link their most progressive song about LGBTQ+ rights on fucking Inauguration Day I love this band so much, this is legendary


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I like my music loud enough that I can feel it reverberate in my chest. That I can’t hear my own voice. That I can feel every single note, every beat, every chord. That nothing else in the world matters except what I am feeling in that moment. I like my music loud enough that I can feel.
—  Insomniac’s Journal

I really love this image because it looks like Souda’s about to do something drastic and Komaeda is holding him back by the jumper like “No”

“Souda. Control Yourself”

A detail that I love most about Yuri on Ice!!! is the fact that they’ve shown what Viktor and Yuuri are like when drunk.  Viktor’s the clingy, super possessive, and touchy drunk that has personally decided that clothes are optional even in public.  I can imagine that he doesn’t get drunk like this often if he’s not around close friends and the first time he’s done so in a while was with Yuuri in China.  Yuuri, on the other hand, avoids getting drunk because he never has a clue what he does while intoxicated.  Yuuri’s the drunk that we wish we could be.  The one that has the best time, speaks their inner thoughts without shame, and regrets nothing.  The one that ends up seducing their crush of many years because they didn’t even realize they took the chance.


Shiro loves mac and cheese, baby

I couldn’t sleep yesterday night so, naturally, I doodled some sheith