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Never carry a negative baggage from your yesterday. Let it go, whatever you are holding onto in your life right now. Whether it happened 10 minutes ago or 10 years ago, don’t let it hold you back and keep you from growing and exploring the world. Don’t let things to continue hurting you. You can’t expect you can move forward if your mind is still thinking about the things that happened in your past. Don’t let negativity bother you and exhaust your energy in dealing with it. Practice a different and more positive approach. Leave things from your yesterday and don’t be tempted to pick up the pieces again. Forget what lies behind and get ready because God is providing beauty from your ashes. Something better is coming in your way.
—  E.J. Cenita
We adopt a goddess

A small check in with the party that adopted the time stream and has been carrying it around in their pocket. Our situation now is that the other day we had one of our final sessions and it was really intense end game vibes all around. We had finally reached our goal, a cage in the Far Realms to lock away the goddess of destruction for another 10 thousand years when everyone’s favorite elf sorcerer spoke up:

Sorcerer: Why are you even doing this?
Goddess: Because I’m lonely…
*sorcerers eyes light up in excitement and 10 or more minutes of story explanation takes place*
Sorcerer: So basically just put you conscious inside these stones and we’ll carry you around so you can experience the world. Welcome to the party and how have we’ve adopted a goddess
DM: *throws hands up in the air* I expected nothing less from you guys

  • Me: I'm ready, I can read for hours into the night!
  • [10 minutes later]
  • Me: Crap. I fell asleep. What page was I on?
  • [the next night]
  • Me: okay, I need to be up early tomorrow. Only a couple of pages tonight, then I'll pass out.
  • [four hours later]
  • Me: I can't stop reading. Wtf, I need to sleep.

So a little summary of the Tmi deserves better thing happening on twitter.

It started after the Jace and Maia hook up (which threatens Cl/ace) … but the stans said nothing after the Jace/Kaelie hook up … You know what i’m trying to say here ?

So things that they are angry about:

- “They ruined Jace’s character”: Ooooh no damn it ! Jace is not an asshole like in the books. Bummer

- “Alec is the main character”: No, honey ! He’s just a character with a storyline. You know a storyline ! Thing he didnt have in the books ! (oh no my bad, his storyline was: being gay)

- “Climon is gross, they are like siblings, not lovers”: You do know Climon happened in the books too right ? 

- “In the books Clary was a strong protagonist, not in the show”: … In the books Clary was really annoying.

-” Magnus isnt supposed to be just Alec’s boyfriend”: Gosh i’m getting tired. Naaah he should totally be like book!Magnus, you know, the pet warlock, pushing Alec into coming out, pinning over a 17 year old :)))

- “CC deserves better”: Not even gonna respond to this one.

Sorry I needed to rant cause those stans pissed me off and now i need to go to bed cause it’s 3am.

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Meet my BNHA OC, Ishikawa Hitomi. She is timid girl who dreams to be a confident/independent hero, and admires yet tends to compare herself to her older step siblings

Her quirk is ‘Statue’; she activates it by focusing on the victim, making their muscles stiffen from movement like a statue, max 10 minutes, and if eye contact is made so, max 30 minutes. But if its accidental, its about 1 minute.

BTS as shit my Child Development teacher has said/done
  • Jin: *brings bbq nachos for entire class* *proceeds to plan a day for everyone to bring food*
  • Yoongi: *person asks what we're doing in class* We're just gonna sit here and stare at each other.
  • Hoseok: Everyone, I mean it every time I say that it will be okay. Just put on a smile and you can make it through.
  • Namjoon: In case someone ever comes and shoots up the school, I'll reach down here *opens cabinet under computer* and whip out my trusty wasp spray.
  • Jimin: *talking to student who is 5'7* How are you the short one in your family?
  • Taehyung: *spends 10 minutes showing adorable videos of babies trying to talk*
  • Jungkook: I was never good at math, but it's great that you're doing well in the class.

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a wholesome name to fit a wholesome man

Imagine Woozi pouting at Suga after the older ate the snack he was saving for himself.

BONUS: Because Woozi kept ignoring him after that incident, Suga had no choice but to buy more of the snack to get Woozi to talk to him again.