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So Night in the Woods is rad. Thought I’d make some human-ish designs of the characters for fun. Maybe I’ll do more in the future? Probably.

When I had you it didn’t feel like anything was ever wrong, even when it was. Every other part of my life could have been falling apart but when I was with you, it still felt like everything was okay. You allowed me to ignore the fact that I hated my job because knowing I got to come home to you got me through the work day. And I thought this was a blessing but it was actually just keeping me from making the changes in my life that I needed to make. I didn’t try to make a life I’d be happy with on my own because you were the best part of my life and I thought I’d always have you. But this was self destructive because you were my strongest painkiller, you didn’t actually make everything better, you just made it feel like it was.

So I’ve had this blog for just under two months and just hit my first thousand and I’m ??? like thank you so much to everyone who follows me. I love you all. So for 1k I figured I’d do a follow forever to celebrate all the people who’s blogs I love and yeah. I’m sorry I’m shit at thanking people idk how to do this I don’t deserve any of this and everyone who follows me is too kind.

Special thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to talk to me, either in messages or by dropping asks in my inbox. You guys make me smile and I’m so grateful for all the ways I’ve interacted with the various members of this fandom. 

Also to all my mutuals who have given me mini freak outs when they followed me because I am not worthy.

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And, uh, here we go?

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Eyes brown like coffee with just the right amount of cream,
A heart as gold as all the treasure in Fort Knox,
Thoughts as deep as the unexplored sea,
Broken like an old record that still plays lovely music,
Warm as the sunlight on a summer’s day,
Beautiful as the little things in life we never seem to notice,
Difficult as a puzzle with a few missing pieces,
Special as every one of a kind piece of artwork in the museums,
Lovable as the moments in time we wish we could get a little more of,
Heartbreaking as a phone call never picked up as you drink into the night,
Confusing as a book with ripped out pages,
Necessary as the oxygen I seem to be low on when you walk by,
Lost as a hiker wandering through the woods with a look of amazement,
Addictive as the drugs they tell you to never get into,
Stunning as the night sky when it’s cloudless and starry,
Enchanting like a fairytale brought to life,
Unexpected as a sunny day when they said there’d be rain,
Calming as a tight hug while you sob on the floor,
Perfect as you are.

You are everything wonderful I write about.

—  read this and know that it’s always you

This entire captain swan drama has me LIVID. Are you FUCKING kidding me Killian? You spent episode on episode angsting about telling Emma about killing her grandpa…and then you don’t…and then Emma finds out anyway. You don’t even have the dignity to come out with it on your own. And you probably never would have told her if she didn’t catch you staring at a dreamcatcher (which I guess they still have lying around in the shed out back?) by a very open fireplace where anyone can see you.

AND THEN. And oh, and then. When you have one fight about it in which Emma basically says “be better than this and be FUCKING HONEST with me for a change”…you bail? You bail the first minute you can. Remind me why we’re supposed to be rooting for this guy again? The guy that constantly keeps secrets from Emma and is so scared about having an open conversation he runs away? And while I hate to admit it, Hook is not a villain anymore. He hasn’t been in a long time (ignoring his fugue state Dark One arc of course, and honestly I don’t even know what to make of that shit show). HOWEVER if you keep doing shitty things and then after being found out declare “whelp, it’s in my nature I guess” THAT is what makes you a villain. And we constantly see this from Hook. He does something shady, gets easily forgiven, and then does something shady again without learning a lesson. And now when Emma finally calls him on his shit? He bails. Doesn’t even try to figure it out WITH her. Like what an actual good boyfriend should try to do.

And it becomes especially apparent in a episode where Regina FINALLY accepts herself, owns up to her shit, and is able to have meaningful conversations with her friends and family. She had the chance to kill the literal embodiment of everything she hates about herself, but instead chose the tough choice of accepting the Evil Queen as fully part of who she is. It’s easy to run from problem to problem and ignore the root of it all, but if you take a stand and finally face it, that’s what makes you a hero.

Watching this episode just further convinced me that Regina is so much better for Emma than Hook. Or really, that Regina is just a better person than Hook all around. They have a lot of parallels, most notably that Regina has done some awful shit in her past too, but the difference is that Regina actively tries to be a better person every single day. She wants to make her relationships work. She wants to be honest and good. She wants to be better. And she is. What does Hook want? It seems like he just wants to keep getting away with everything without consequences. And it absolutely kills me that Emma is going to end up with this cowardly, selfish, entitled bowl of wangs.

Hitched (8/11)

a Captain Swan AU fan fiction

Summary:  After a series of events leave her life in pieces, Emma Swan finds herself hitchhiking out of Maine, her wallet empty and her heart broken. The best she hopes for is a driver who isn’t a pervert and takes her far away from the painful memories of Storeybrooke. But when she finds a ride with a quiet truck driver named Jones, Emma discovers that maybe a trustworthy friend is all she needs.

Rating: M or MA; some profanity and sex scenes.

Cover art: created by the absolutely fabulous @thesschesthair!!

Links: ff.net // ao3 // ch. 1 //  ch. 2 // ch. 3 // ch. 4 // ch. 5 // ch. 6 // ch. 7

(also @teamhook, @like-waves-on-the-beach, @lenfaz, @followbatb, @stardusted-nymph, @optomisticgirl, @xpumpkindumplingx​, and @spartanguard, thank you thank you thank you for reading and requesting tags!)

Note: This chapter was originally split up into two parts, and I was only going to post the first. But then I watched tonight’s episode of this @$%#ing show and i have such a major case of viewer’s blue balls that I figured it would be mean to do the same to my lovely readers. Please enjoy this monster chapter. Bless.



Don’t freeze out there, huh? Good advice, but hard to follow, Emma thought sourly, as they left the warm, comfortingly grease-scented air of the bar behind. It had already been cold outside when they arrived, but the temperature seemed to have dropped even further while they were inside, and a light snow was falling. She pulled her coat’s hood up with one hand, then returned it to Jones’ arm, keeping a firm grip with all ten fingers.

He wasn’t staggering anymore, although as they walked slowly across the parking lot, threading through cars and trucks, his steps were slightly uneven. Not that she was perfectly steady, herself; Emma could still feel the beer pounding through her veins, making her a little dizzy. Their breath formed clouds in the freezing air, and Emma longed to call a cab, even just for a fifteen-minute walk.

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anonymous asked:

Hey! :) I really like your story! I was wondering if you had any favorite writers or stories?

 sorry for the late reply ! 

i’ve finally found the time to compile a list..  it’s quite short but this is what i’ve read recently/ am reading right now ! please go read all of them and cry ^^

the nudist & the prudist by @gxtsmxt  ♡ ♡ ♡  (jjk x reader)

this !! fic !! i love this fic SO much but i love iggy x100 more

if you love yourself pls also go and read when a ladybug meets a spider (taehyung x reader) and every possible fic of hers that comes out in the near and distant future !! follow her !! stan talent !!

grey area by @blushoseoks (myg x reader)

i’m reading this series at the moment ! i LOVE angst and i love soulmate au fics, so this was EVERYTHING i wanted and more !! i really like everything about it but i think it’s gonna make me cry :’( but i know the pain will be worth it !! 

obsession by @eureka-its-zico (jjk x reader)

ceo!jungkook …… igtg this ruined me. i love ceo!bangtan and this fic sated my thirst. i also can’t believe there’s gonna be a part 2… 

a whisky by any other name by @jiminslolli (pjm x reader)

switch!jimin smut that’s really well written… and did i say switch!jimin??

intuition by @vivacioustae (ksj x reader)

i mean… i could tell you to read all of her fics and you wouldn’t be disappointed but jin came out of nowhere and fcked me up >.< (i thought it was really interesting to have jin written as an asshole/fuckboi instead of the sweet guy he’s usually portrayed as!)

also i can’t wait until doctor jimin comes and ends my entire existence thx

where the lines overlap by @chinnychimchim (pjm x reader)

i loved this story so much !! i thought it was a really interesting and well written take on the whole soulmate!au + friends to lovers trope ! the smut was also A+ i recommend 

(also i’ve never talked to the writer so i wonder if it’s okay if i mention them?)

clueless by @ofsunandstars (pjm x reader)

yes!!! this was so hot i needed a breather i love one shots with slow build ups and this fic delivered i love it i love jimin i love everything

suga daddy by @drquinzelharleen (myg x reader)

i love yoongi as a dom! sugar daddy; this series got me feeling some type of way… i love dom!yoongi so much and best friend! taehyung too !!

+ i’m cheating bc i didn’t read these recently but they need to mentioned bc they are life changing

like a porn star by @kstopping (jhs x reader)

queen of smut !!! porn star!hoseok aka the thing i never thought i needed in my life. if you read this you will never be the same again. go read through the entire masterlist and cry tears of thirst. u may or may not thank me afterwards (+ you can also start w/ cinnamon sugar bc who doesn’t want a threesome with sugar daddy!namjoon and party boy!tae)

everything  get mine, get yours by @thotmi (pjm x reader)

mariana has blessed us all with quality smut fics so do yourself a favor and read all of them. all. of. them. 

ilysm i will never thank u enough for these fics esp lifted (my current inspo for the j******* fic i’m planning)

I remember my friend asked me,
‘Even if his words fell as harsh as the summer sun, you would still love him?’
Breathlessly, I replied,
'Of course.’
—  g.e. // March 27th
I’ll Be Around For You

I saw Angelica Hamilton’s piano when I visited The Grange this past summer and let me just say that her story hurts me the most of all the sadness that befell the family. But right here they’re happy! We’re in the eye of the hurricane, kiddos… (Wanna read the previous chapters?)

PART TEN: Someday, someday…


John Laurens had watched Philip Hamilton become a bold, confident young man. At eighteen, he reminded John more and more of the love of his life, the boy’s father, Alexander.

Philip had something Alexander didn’t, though, because he had Eliza for a mom. Her compassion and kindness were just as evident in the eighteen-year-old as were Alexander’s scrappy wit and intellect.

It was early in the evening and Philip was home from classes. Eliza and the three youngest children were still out, and his father was still at work, so it was just Philip, Angelica, Alexander Jr., and James.

Philip found Angelica at the piano that the aunt for whom she was named had sent her from London. She’d come to spend most of her days on that bench.

“Hey, Sis,” Philip said as he flopped onto the settee in the back of the room.

Angelica smiled in acknowledgement of him, but kept playing. This was how it usually went. If Philip, or anyone, for that matter, dared to speak to her while she was playing, Angie would simply keep playing until she was finished.

Everyone indulged her in this because she was an especially talented pianist, and because she’d grown into a kind of quirky girl. John worried about her from time to time, but, even when she seemed to slip into another world every now and then, she always came back; she was always cheery.

Once she was finished, Philip started to applaud. She laughed at his shenanigans. John smiled at the siblings, who reminded him of his own, sometimes. He missed them. He missed them more and more each day. Some days, he wished he could see them again. But that would mean leaving Philip, and Philip needed him. He said he’d always be there for Philip, and, by god, he would be.

“Want to go look at some birds, Angie?” Philip asked.

Piano and birds: Angelica Hamilton’s favorite things.

Angelica Hamilton: Philip Hamilton’s favorite person in the world.

John remembered when Philip was younger–– oh, the fuss he’d put up about not having a brother. And then he gets brother after brother, only to attach to his sister the most. In fact, he’d only gotten a second sister this past year–– a little one named Elizabeth, for their mother. Not since Fanny left them to go live with her married sister had there been a second girl in their home.

They all made such a bit fuss over the baby, but perhaps nobody made more of a fuss than Philip and Angie. They loved to make the baby laugh, to soothe her when she cried. John loved to watch, imagining how great a father Philip would make some day, how loving of a mother Angelica would be to her own children.

Their futures seemed so bright. That year, everything seemed so bright.

“I’d love to,” Angelica said, a smile spreading across her face.

“Then let’s go,” Philip exclaimed.

John smiled as he watched the siblings race outside into the early evening sunlight.