i'll be penny or this girl

  • Ruby: The store was fresh out of speech modules when I started building Penny, but once I get this baby installed, I'll finally have someone intelligent to talk to! No offense, Blake.
  • Blake: Oh, don't worry, I know who you meant.
  • Yang: Wait a second, Penny is a robot?
  • Blake: Of course she is! You didn't notice that she never talks?
  • Yang: I just thought she was a real quiet girl.
  • Ruby: And the fact that she sleeps standing up and drinks motor oil didn't get your attention?
  • Yang: W-well, I did think the motor oil was a bit odd. I just thought she was trying to impress me.

          HERE’S THE STITCH,  BITCHES !   ok so ya’ girl is finally off of hiatus   (  am i really ever off of hiatus tho  , , ,  i’m always so tired   )   which means i gots to play catch up.  FIRST OFF  -  hello new people  !  i’m penny and i’m an admin and i completely forgot who i play,  so if you wanna look you can find it  HERE   (   though i might be dropping some people who knows anymore   ).  n if u wanna plot hmu on discord or here lets chat y’all.  SECOND OFF  -  because i’m trying to give myself a chance to catch up,  i’ll be deleting old threads i don’t have muse for,  queuing a lot of things,  and answering  /  throwing out starters and just  …  TRYING  to keep on top of things lololol.  anywho,  that’s all  !  ilya.

  • Marius: Eponine! Who was that girl?
  • Eponine: That bourgeois two-a-penny thing!
  • Marius: Eponine, find her for me!
  • Eponine: What will you give me?
  • Marius: Okay, here. Take the money. 'Ponine take the money.
  • Eponine: I don't want your money. I'll do this just for you. Keep your money. There's nothing I won't do for you. I'll come through for you every time—just in time.