i'll be ok in a min

watch out, she has a gun in her bag

(( ok this was inspired by the tweet // als bc i lov yoonmin ))
//dont get on min yoonji’s bad side hoho, a badass with a gun
//protective yoonji ;’) 

My favorite thing about Jaal is how he is incredibly open about his emotions and at the same time is naturally very chill. This is a dude whose whole llife till now – as well as the life of everyone around him, has been nothing but struggle and oppression. During the game you see him go through some really difficult moments. And yet, most of the time he’s very calm, upbeat, and as positive as one can be under the circumstances. He openly cries, admits fear, or gets angry, and in the next scene he’s back on his feet. There’s none of that edgelord angsty aura around him, even though there easily could have been one in the hands of a lesser writer, and I really appreciate that.  

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Ok super villain who lives in the apartment above me. I was nice when you drilled at all hours, maniacally laughed for 90 mins, and even when you set up surveillance in my living room. But when your freaking evil robot gains sentience, busts through my ceiling, and scares my dog, I will have satisfaction! Either you apologize and pay for the damages, or I'll release my audio recording of you singing "Hips Don't Lie" at the top of your lungs. Think about it, Eddie. #OnlyInGotham #RiddleMeTHIS

Bangtan cosplay gone wrong
  • <p> <b>Jin and Namjoon:</b> *watching the boys get ready*<p/><b>Jin:</b> Tae, haven't you dressed as the Joker before. Why not something new?<p/><b>Taehyung:</b> Well I didn't have the perfect partner last time, now I do.<p/><b>Jimin:</b> *Walks out dressed as Harley Quinn*<p/><b>Jin:</b> O.O Jimin! don't you think those shorts are a little small?<p/><b>Jimin:</b> *Shakes ass* Nope<p/><b>Jungkook:</b> *Sees from afar and slowly receeds into darkness*<p/><b>Tae:</b> He's the perfect Harley right? *Pervy Tae face*<p/><b>Jungkook:</b> *Shows up dressed as Batman, and punches Taehyung in the face* I'll 'save' you Harley<p/><b></b> Jimin:*Is thrown over his shoulder*<p/><b>Jin:</b> Oh my god Tae! are you ok?!<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> Hobi, what even are you?<p/><b>Hoseok:</b> *dressed in all black leotard* I make the sound effects! Pew pew!<p/><b>Yoongi:</b> 😑<p/></p>

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Ok. This blog is scaring the fuck out of me. Right now I'm a first year at a very prestigious university, but I'm studying English, and I'm broke with no family help at all. I'm scared that my major wont lead me to a job. it's hard to even find one at min. wage that can help me sustain myself while I live on campus off a loan, and once this semester ends i'll have to find different housing (I had to save parts of my loan for that). Do you have any tips for someone like me? I'm really scared

i’m sorry you’re scared, it is scary, there are a lot of jobs for an english major tho tbh, assuming you get a masters … so like if you’re willing to drown yourself in hundreds of thousands of debt to live okayish then you should be fine. but like who knows I thought I’d be fine and here I am 12 thousand dollars in debt to even gain access to university again 8) 

Truth is, it is scary, and college wont guarantee you a good job. So … make friends….. nepotism gets jobs.

bts composing (probaby)
  • Namjoon: I have this sort of idea for a new song that I think will be great.
  • Yoongi: Ok, cool. Meet me in the studio, I'll bring some vodka.
  • Namjoon: what? why?
  • Yoongi: Oh, okay, so you wanna be in an interview saying "well, that one time I was having a nice grape juice when the most kick-ass song appeared in my head".
  • Namjoon: ...dude, you are too much.

The only photo still I can find of Finn Jones in the still unreleased “Leatherface”. I don’t care if he gets chainsawed in the first 10 mins or if the movie is plain awful. It has Finn in it. Well, OK, I don’t want to see him get killed, but I am sure it is inevitable.

me: ok so on Saturday I’m gonna get up early and get to the library by the time it opens so I can maximize my study time 

me for the past 4 hours:

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Hello!! I don't know if you listened last week but you nEED to listen to unbreak my chart this week (especially from 30 mins on) harry praise genuinely makes me so buzzed im out here poppin bottles

god they really love him don’t they! ok I’m genuinely going to try to listen, idk why I have no time to do anything but literally i never do but I WILL MAKE THE TIME lmao cause it sounds great xoxo (thanks for sending this & thinkin of me!!!!!! so nice)

  • Hoseok: *screaming as usual*
  • Yoongi: will u be quiet??? i'm trying to work here *smacks hoseok's butt as punishment*
  • Hoseok: ah, harder daddy
  • Hoseok: shit
  • Hoseok: I CAN EXPLAIN--
  • Yoongi: say oppa
  • Hoseok:
  • Hoseok: op--

I keep doing that thing where I dip out of Tumblr land for months and come back and don’t know what’s going on. Is everyone in The Selection fandom ok?? Are we all still loving Maxon?? Is Kiera still gluten free?? Is strawberry tarts still a thing?? We all still upset about Celeste?? Is MRTFLR still happening??