i'll be loving you long time

Sometimes all you need is time. Time to process things out. Time to let yourself heal from all the wrong that has been done. Time to let it all go. Time to start a new chapter.
—  Just let life take it’s own course // a.s

SFSJDKFJSGD LONG TIME NO KLANCE or actually art in general ahah well…

I wanted to practice bgs and i wanted to draw klance so i tried to hit two birds in one stone since my time for drawing is super fucking limited akjsdfas. Hope you guys like it! <3<3

  • Jk: "The direction my heart is yearning towards, the day I want to run to that place."
  • Suga: "Don't come near me, you'll be unhappy (unfortunate)."
  • Jimin: "I lied, because there's no way you can love someone like me."
  • Namjoon: "I'll only look at you from behind, because now is not the time."
  • V: "If I made a different choice, would you have not left?"
  • Jhope: "As long as you are shining, I’m okay."
  • Jin: "If I could turn back time, I would want to be the best man in the world."
  • Trans cr: Kylie @ allforbts</p>
i saw you today for the first time in three months. you looked so gorgeous, i didn’t realize how badly i’ve fallen for you until today. you sat there, glancing at me once in awhile. i made sure our eyes didn’t make contact as i took glimpses at you secretly. our eyes met. my heart was beating out its chest. i forgot to exhale. i haven’t felt this way towards anyone in a long time, i kind of missed this feeling. but not in this way, knowing that you don’t want me in the way i want you. and that makes me cry, it kills me every single day and night.
—  diary entry 1.

And I wasn’t trying
To melt this heart of iron
But the way you hold me makes the old me pass away
And I would be lying
If I said I wasn’t scared to fall again
But if you promise me you’ll catch me
Then it’s okay…  

But you see, it cannot bring back all the tears that had run out from my eyes. It cannot change all the sadness I’ve felt—the terrible feelings I tried to explain. You cannot just catch those waves with your hands and throw them to the ocean again. You cannot just pick those petals from a beautiful flower and regret it afterwards, wishing that maybe it will grow more stunning if you let it bloom on its own way. You cannot just let a bottle fall on the ground and decide to use it again even its sharp edges can painfully tear your palms. Because your sorry cannot change the past. Your sorry cannot change all the things you made me feel. You see, it’s different this time. You cannot just break someone’s heart and make them feel worthless that way—then put the blame on them. You cannot just say sorry for each and everything. You should have known that what you’ve done is wrong especially when you clearly did it intentionally. Especially when you did it selfishly.
—  ma.c.a // Because you’re not really sorry

Sometimes I am ok knowing that you don’t love me. Sometimes I can look at you and just be happy with your presence. But then there’s the times when I look at you and I feel the ache. I feel the ache of longing, wishing that you were looking back at me. But you never are.

And I guess I’ll have to live with that.

Long Distance

If hands
could reach
right through
this screen

I’d rest
your head
my knees

I’d stroke
your hair
‘til you

That we’ll
our hopes
and dreams

This year
like those
now too
shall pass

And though
at times
it won’t
be fast

We’ll close
the distance
our words

Which now
the world
will all
have heard


If hands
that write
could bring
you close

I’d write
to bear
us both

I’d write
until my

You must
you’re all
I need

// A.S

“It’s strange really… When i’m with you, no matter how screwed up it gets, I’m not afraid!”

haven’t done fanart in a long time but these twoooooo  ; n; i love them so much

I’m glad you noticed <3 

!!! I thought that they would be good friends the first time I saw seung gil too ;v;
doggo buddies !!!

@osnapitzhanaa ajdfgfjkg I misread the eyebrow part but that’s amazing

eros and doggo buddies <3

I love seung gil lee and his doggo!!! the second-to-last panel is my favorite hahah

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In the dream, we are strangers knee to knee on a train. It’s the most we ever touch. I still write about you. I still end up here. There is something to be said for a love that refuses to melt. A love stored in the freezer, in a ziplock bag. Stashed behind the ice cube tray. Always waiting to be pulled out. Willing to thaw, to forgive like spring, to pick up right where it left off. You, cradling a phone in the crook of your arm. Me, crying about produce. You call, and I answer. You say, “Do you know what an air traffic control room looks like? All those switches and buttons blinking? When I hear your voice, everything lights up all at once for me. Nobody else does that.” I don’t say anything eloquent. So we’re back on the train, with the knees, only this time you’re looking me in the face and I’m staring out the window. What do you think happens when love gets left out too long?
—  Trista Mateer
My heart is already tired.” she said putting her hand over her chest. Wanting to make herself believe that her heart is still beating. “But I just can’t stop. I just can’t stop caring and loving him. That it seems more than enough. It feels like drinking water and breathing air. As if I’m going to lose it once I stopped thinking about how he is. I’m still living in this fantasy, and reality keeps on reminding me that the world doesn’t revolve around him. It is so beautiful and destructive at the same time. Yet now, all I wanted is to wake up from this sweet dream of mine.
—  ma.c.a // Dreams of You
Sometimes you just have to let things go. Maybe… maybe he wasn’t the right guy or maybe he really was and you’ll meet again when both of you are not as broken as right now. Maybe he crossed your path for a reason and broke your heart for a lesson. Maybe he was someone temporary to help you fix your aching heart for a little while. Maybe he’s just the guy who’ll restore your faith in love and make you feel that, for the last time in a long time, the world was alright.
—  excerpt from a book i’ll never write #6 // R. L.
Every time I meet someone new I always look for you in them. But you’re never there. You left and never came back in any shape or form.
—  I miss you so much, please come back // a.s
I spend 99% of time thinking of all the words I should of said to you that day and maybe you would have stayed.
—  Tenari Ioapo
Then suddenly, you met someone who told you the same story. Who told you about the same path you’ve walked through. And this time, you truly listened. You looked at them in the eyes while all the memories started coming back from the past. Suddenly you were like listening to an old song. You were like seeing an old scene you thought you have already forgotten. You were like in the darkness again. A darkness that was surrounded by voices you thought will never exist again. You were like watching an old movie. The one you don’t want to witness anymore. You’re hearing the same story from a different person. This time, the tears and sobs were not coming from you. It’s from someone you haven’t known when the same story happened to you. It was the same, yes, but still different. Because this time, you already understand. This time, you knew why it has to happen that way. This time, you were different. Because you already learned the lessons behind that story. And it’s time for you to try telling that someone how you overcome passing along that obstacle you thought you can never get through.
—  ma.c.a // Make them know, how brave you are

The first time she said it, he was on the floor, looking for something.

“I love you.”

It was quiet, as if a passing thought, but he froze, like it was the most important thing in the world.

“Say it again,” he said, turning to look at her.

“I love you.” She whispered.

And there was something about the way she sat there, quivering like a leaf, that made him want to sit down and hold her forever.

“I love you I love you I love you.”

She was getting much too brave, and the words rolled off her tongue like they’d been waiting for a long time to be heard.

“I have been too afraid all my life.” She said. “But I am tired now. Screw building walls and hiding emotions.

"I am fucking terrified, and perhaps I don’t know much. But I love you,” she laughed. “I know that I love you.”

—  S.Z. // Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #55