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Harry is a professional.

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“Let the hate go.” he said. “Let it all—go. The burdens that you’ve been keeping inside your heart. The darkness that surrounds it. Please do not keep that baggage with you forever. I know, it’s the hardest thing to do, but how will you be able to know if it’s worth it, if you wouldn’t even want to give it a try? This time, listen to your heart carefully. Close your eyes and let it flow. Let the feelings run through. Darling please remember, that we aren’t living in the past. You aren’t in the same position as you were ten years ago. This is the present. This is what you should be thinking of .” he held her hand tightly and said, “I am not him. And he was not me. And just because I am asking you to forgive him, that doesn’t mean that I am also asking you to forget everything he did. I am just asking you not to let him ruin everything we have right now. Because I love you. And I can never afford to lose you. Please darling, not you”.
—  ma.c.a // Past and Differences

simblr halloween edit challenge  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

october/simblreen is almost here! so i thought i’d throw together a short list of prompts for those who want to do a challenge without having to create a post every day. because of this, there are no time constraints, and you can interpret the prompts however loosely you want. tag your edits with #simblrhec if you’d like me to see them! ✨

sansgraceee  asked:

Hello ! I'm not sure if you know about this already (I just found you couple days ago) but about the glowing ink: Peter (from Peter Draws youtube channel) has done couple videos about it and you can see from one his resent ones how glowy the ink really is! You should deffinitely check him out :D And I also want to add that your art is gorgeous! Mermay ideas: flounder/flatfish or someking of herring, perhaps?

Heya! And ohhh haven’t heard of him but that glowing ink vid is super cool! Thanks very much and have a shoal of herring

I’ve never been good at telling the truth, but I think I could tell you every thought I’ve ever had and not even realize I was doing it.
—  from an unfinished story #948

Just remembered 23rd September is bi visibility day and I HADN’T DONE ANYTHING

Here, have some cool bi kids in a bi band, and to all the bisexual and biromantic people out there – you rock and keep being awesome!!

when the whole fandom is loosing it but you’re actually a few chapters behind:

Can I draw your face?

Hello friends! 

I’m working on a project for one of my classes where I’ll be drawing people’s selfies. So if you’d like to be part of that, send me your face tag anyway you can (reply to this post, reblog and put it on the tags, message me, whatever works). 
Beware that the drawings will go on a school exhibition by the end of the semester and I may create a side blog for them at some point. Let me know if you’d like to be tagged if that happens.
I still don’t know how many of these I’ll make, but I’m excited and hope you can help me out!

Thank you all in advance!!

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Uhhuhhmmm ok no offense to the drake lovers I guess but i would LOVE for u to post a drake rant like ..... yes sis....... let's drag him

Okay Anon, you asked for it who am I kidding, I’ve been DYING to make this post, I just waited for the TRR 2 launch to be extra petty:

  • we thought Jake was rude at the start of ES? Bich guess again, Drake totally left my favourite pilot in the dust.
  • he’s a whiny little bitch & no one can tell me otherwise (remember when he complained about free food?)
  • he’s a shitty friend to Maxwell from literally the start when MC tell him that Maxwell is nice he replies “you don’t know him like I do” or some shit like that. Honey, I don’t wanna know him like you do because you’re the only person who could make a cinnamon roll like Maxwell sound like a wanker. aslo, I wanna fuck Maxwell, can we fuck Maxwell on TRR 2? We’ll have to see.
  • Shitty friend to Liam as well ‘cause our beautiful boy out here tryna fall in love in like a month and Drake comes and flirts with the woman he knows his best friend is in love with???? bitch what kind of best friend are you a shitty one that’s the kind of friend you are
  • Also, I’m salty af about the fact that for Liam/Maxwell/Hana to even breathe in the same room as me I gotta be idk fuckin naked in there but if I choose to be even the tiniest bit nice to Drake I get a romance point I DON’T WANT THE ROMANCE POINT WITH HIM WHAT THE FUCK
  • May I point out that Hana, goddess and literally the person who invented kindness and anti-pettiness, feels sorry for Drake? That’s how much of a whiny bitch he actually is

13 lance icons, feat: 

  • gradient backgrounds w/o sparkles
  • solid fill backgrounds w sparkles

i know i’m super late and everyone and their uncle’s made an icon w this screencap but whatever, have like, six a bajillion colour & style options.

please like/reblog if using/saving! credit is appreciated!

shalamadingdongs don’t interact.

icon requests are open!

icons under cut for mobile!

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This new OK KO was incredibly important for me because I am latinx we barely get any spotlight MUCH LESS a positive one. 

Sometimes we are only POC when it’s convenient to other people but when we are living real issues or trying to comment on things that affect us some people say “you are not a minority // you all are basically white”.

YET we get ton of shit all the time? heck one time while visiting the US a gringo pointed at me and my mom with a gun because we entered his store speaking spanish, it was fucking terrifying.

P much I really liked this episode it was good