i'll be in the house

  • me: [wakes up]
  • me: video games
  • me: [has shit to do]
  • me: video games
  • me: [responsibilities.......]
  • me: video games
  • world: [is ending]
  • me: video games
the houses as autumn aesthetics
  • slytherin: cold and grey mornings, walking barefoot on the cold floor, drinking coffee in the morning, wool socks, relaxing after a stressful day
  • ravenclaw: waking up early, looking out the window while drinking hot tea, staying up for too long reading a book u like, falling asleep to the sound of rain
  • gryffindor: sweaters that are too big, walking in the forest while quietly singing, sitting infront of the fireplace when its cold, vanilla scented candles
  • hufflepuff: wearing jackets that are too big, taking a walk while its raining, wool sweaters, kicking leaves while ur walking, autumn scented candles

y'all beronica at hogwarts will kill me tho like

  • baby slyth!veronica meeting huff!betty and immediately deciding she’s her person and fuck what the dumb talking hat says
  • ronnie getting sat down by her parents in her first year bc ‘u can’t just hex anyone who doesn’t like betty, honey’
  • veronica crying on betty’s shoulder and sleeping in the hufflepuff common room with her when her father gets sent to azkaban
  • ronnie getting upset bc she’s spent so much time with huffs that betty’s housemates aren’t even intimidated by her anymore
  • betty getting her first detention because she hexed a gryff who called ronnie’s father a criminal
  • alice cooper, poster woman for the slyth charity ball, hating that betty is a huff
  • veronica being forbidden from the cooper household bc of that one time she gave alice severe facial warts for calling betty a disappointment
  • betty staying with veronica’s family over summer break to avoid her mom
  • ronnie wearing a huff scarf to betty’s quidditch games and her housemates barely even caring bc they’ve come to just expect this shit from her now
  • slyth!ronnie and huff!betty basically just being such obnoxious ride or dies that no one is surprised when they finally start dating in their sixth year

dan in his liveshow: mentions that 2017 is going to be more focused on doing “life things”

phil in his liveshow: has his calendar mysteriously opened at May

the phandom:

Honey he left you.

It’s as simple as that, he left you. Because if he cared enough, he would’ve never put himself in a position to lose you; so don’t get fooled by that ‘I’m lost’ or ‘I don’t know what I want’ bullshit - he doesn’t want you, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t hundreds of others that don’t. You deserve better, you deserve the same exact love that you want to give, and maybe even more. You have the rest of your life to fall in love, you don’t need him.

—  c.f. // “what I wish I knew a few months ago”
I thought I could take a step back and let you breathe, let go for a little bit so that you could find your way back to me, on your own. I loosened my grip and gave you your space because I wanted you to come running back to me the second you realized that you might be losing me. I don’t know what runs through your mind or if your seconds are spent thinking about me, but it might be safe to say that I waited a little too long for me to try and make you stay.
—  c.f. // “I think I just lost him”
fics I need in the book!hmc fandom:
  • when Sophie/Howl finds out they’re gonna have a kid (not sure who will know about it first)
  • Howl tells Sophie it’s a boy
  • how they decided to name their son Morgan bc obviously Sophie already knew what to call him 
  • Sophie moving to Howl’s room permanently + sleeping in the same bed
  • what’s with the other apprentice mentioned in Castle in the Air?
  • Calcifer and baby Morgan interactions
  • Howl teaches Sophie Welsh stuff
  • Howl and Sophie bring Morgan to Wales
  • Mari and Morgan playtime 
  • Howl shares stories about his life in Wales
  • annual family get together with Sophie’s whole family and well basically everyone present at the end of the book
  • Howl introduces Sophie to his Rugby pals
  • Howl knowing more about how to handle Morgan bc he’s had experience with Mari and Neil. I JUST NEED DADDY HOWL AND BABY MORGAN MOMENTS HAVE MERCY
  • everyone watching the Hayao Miyazaki hmc movie together and some complain that they’re not included in it and comment on how extremely different it is - also Sophie says movie!Howl is so much better
  • Sophie/Howl fluff neeeeeeed