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New Russian Holmes Watch Party v6.0

Episode 6: Halifax

Get ready because this episode is fucking awesome

Featuring such Classic Moments as:

  • Holmes & Watson on a tandem bike
  • Lestrade being a total BAMF
  • News of Watson’s Hot Fanfics starts to spread
  • Lestrade taking a piss saves the UK economy
  • Sherlock cries, literally sobs
  • Pike Crab Octopus man is in the house
  • L E S T R A D E
  • Literally I cry at Lestrade every time look at this precious angry man who is done with Holmes’ shit

When: Friday 9th June, 11pm BST/GMT+1 (6pm EDT/ 3pm PDT)

Where: Rabb.it - I’ll post a link on my blog to my room before the start of the stream.

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music meme

I got tagged by @kcgane (back in july…. oh god, I’m so sorry)!

rules: tag ten songs you’re vibing on and tag ten people!

  1. Losing My Mind - Mystery Skulls
  2. Do I Wanna Know? - Arctic Monkeys
  3. Paint It Black - Ciara
  4. Everything Black - Unlike Pluto
  5. Move Like You Stole It - ZZ Ward
  6. Tangled Up - Caro Emerald
  7. Wonderland - Caravan Palace
  8. Eros And Apollo - Studio Killers
  9. Dangerous - Left Boy
  10. Into The Darkness - The Phantoms

I tag @kononlyspeakssass @endless-nygmobblepot @keiths-stupid-mullet @sternenfall96 @antisocial-otaku @thatoneweirdkidbehindyou I’m too anxious to tag more, because I already tagged so many in the last thing?? you can do this anyway and say I tagged you tho!

….Y’know what. Hm. Hmmm. So I’m looking at Will in S1 and maybe it’s just the sweater he’s wearing rn, but no, he’s softer than we’ve grown used to seeing him around Hannibal, right? And it’s surely because in the next seasons he’s Doing A Thing nine times outta ten, and his performance functions as a shield even when he’s performing his own vulnerabilities, etc. Here, there’s more of an unconscious openness & sweetness in Will’s behaviour around Hannibal, which I’d bet he later saw as giving too much ground in a battle he didn’t even know he was in, another reason to try reign it back. BUT, but but — what sort of mannerisms does Will fall right back into the minute he finally drops all pretense at the end of TWOTL? He goes soft again! He asks for Hannibal’s help to get to his feet, leans on him, gazes at him all warm & lost in that way he doesn’t usually let Hannibal see, drops his head into the crook of Hannibal’s neck and cuddles into him. And naturally Hannibal just swoons, because as much as he thrills to Will’s violence he’s also utterly undone by Will’s gentleness.

Basically what I think I’m coming to here is that if you all want to imagine a post-S3 world in which Will abandoning his schemes means he shifts back to behaving more like S1 Will when it comes to this sort of unguarded puppy-dog sweetness, you could probably back this up in canon. And if at the same time his parallel fierceness stays at Bloodthirsty, well that would be a pretty fascinating combo, and also Hannibal would probably be black & blue from pinching himself.


YESSSSS THISSSSSSSSS @wellntruly is the most important post.

In the course of surveying the options, I’ve been trying to work out what I want from or for Will in a post-S3 dynamic. It seems like a popular version is to carry right on with a sassy/snarky/performative/manipulative Will, and I can grudgingly allow the appeal and accept those as part of his repertoire–certainly there’s a time and a place for “pretty please”–but what I really really want, and what I think we get a glimpse of in the embrace in TWotL, is for Will to come ~FULL CIRCLE~ and be able to return to that authentic openness he had in S1. Like, snark and performance are all fun and good but they are also defense mechanisms, and I want him to feel able to lay down his arms. And this–

External image

–is not a performance. Will here is naked, as Bedelia sez, without armor. Without armor he physically reaches for Hannibal to help him (think of all the emotional reaching in S1 augh) and teeters into Hannibal’s arms and lays his mussy bloody head on Hannibal’s manly bloody chest and nestles there with lips parted like a murder romance novel heroine aaaaah. Yes yes I realize he’s also about to tip them off the cliff, but even so, in this moment he’s not going “Mwahaha, gotcha, this is my design,” he’s just feeling his overwhelming feels until they overwhelm him right over the edge.

Granted this is an xtreme & emotionally climactic situation the likes of which won’t and can’t happen on the daily, assuming they survive, but it’s kind of everything to me that in this scene we do see a reemergence of the soft, open vulnerability that all of us (Hannibal included) found so riveting in S1. After their death/rebirth/reboot via plunge into the primordial sea, I want a future in which Will has the luxury of being like this with Hannibal, in full knowledge and awareness (and consent lolsob) and love of who Hannibal is. THAT is the beautiful dream, not a post-S3 Will still having to vigilantly protect himself because some part of him is still in defensive mode a la S2.


S-sorry sorry I’ll stop smearing my jam all over everything, it’s just a relief to at least be able to pretend that my deepest longings have some basis in the text, plus I’ve been thinking about this a lot courtesy of recent chapters of @emungere’s redoubtable “Ladders”–which is not post-S3 but does much of the work that a Platonic ideal post-S3 fic ought to do–and in which Hannibal (who, much like the Last Unicorn, has learned to regret) is basically like, “What if you could feel safe with me now the way you did with who you thought I was in S1,” and the pit of yearning that opens in Will’s soul at the prospect is matched only by the pit of yearning in mine. /screams forever

As for Hannibal, I expect the rapture of having Will for the first time willingly come into his arms after they murderated together is now forever enshrined in his psyche as the pinnacle of existence. Like, the innermost chamber of his mind palace is now a temple slash home theater that plays that scene nonstop in high-def and Dolby surround. If 0% heartfelt “Help me, Hanni-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope” is cute, how much more obliterating is hesitant voluntary cuddles + 100% soulful gazing where the “please” isn’t even verbalized because how do words, how do ask for touch asgjdflskdjfalsjdflskdjflksjdfkgggg

Friday: The FINAL New Russian Holmes Watch Party

Episode 8: A Hound Named Baskerville 

Hold on to your top hats, Mycroft fans - HE’S HERE AT LAST

When: Friday 23th June, 11pm BST/GMT+1 (6pm EDT/ 3pm PDT)

Where: Rabb.it - I’ll post a link on my blog to my room before the start of the stream.

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anonymous asked:

"Get out I need to go to my mind palace," Sherlock tells John. "Fine, I'll go do the grocery shopping," John tells him, "but you better be done when I come back." "Hello Sherlock," Mycroft greets him in his mind palace. "I don't need your help," Sherlock tells him, "I'm here to think about having sex with John." "I've been waiting for this day to come," Irene's voice comes out of Mycroft's mouth as the image of his brother becomes that of the woman. "I don't need your help either, go away!"


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"Sherlock what are you doing?" John asks when the consulting detective crawled into bed with him. "I had a bad dream," Sherlock told him. "Do you want to talk about it?" John asked rolling over so he could look at the consulting detective. "Moriarty escaped his padded cell in my mind palace and started deleting you," Sherlock explains. "It was just a dream Sherlock, I'm right here, Moriarty can't delete me because I'll always be right here," John told him. "I love you John." "I love you too."

awwwwwwwwww poor bbys T~T ♥