i'll be hiding in my room

Tony hides the cat.

He knows it’s stupid, but he can’t help it. Anything he loves that will let him lock them away, he will. Which means the ‘bots stay in the lab. FRIDAY barely talks to the returned team. And the cat lives exclusively in Tony’s rooms.

Which rather defeats the point, of course. Jinx is supposed to be there whenever Tony starts to get anxious, whenever he starts to have a panic attack, whenever he gets too wound up and needs to relax before he gives himself another heart attack. Vision, FRIDAY, and Rhodey had been behind the idea, but Tony can’t say he minds the therapy cat.

But he won’t let her around the team, won’t trust the team with her, and of course those are the places where he needs her most often. He does have panic attacks in his rooms, but it’s far more likely for Wanda Maximoff’s magic or Clint’s snide comments or Steve’s sudden moves to set him off.

He solves it by spending most of his time in his lab or in his room, isolated from everyone but a select few FRIDAY knows to let through.


Tony shakily pets down her back. “You’re a good cat, you know that?” He asks. Rhetorical, of course, because he knows she can’t talk back.

But then again, neither can DUM-E or Butterfingers or U, and Tony’s pretty sure he understands them anyways.

She butts her head against his elbow, and he almost manages to smile.


“Yeah, I know.”

He joined whole-team training for the first time today, and as a consequence saw Steve work with the shield he hadn’t wanted to return but had felt pressured into. The world needed Captain America, needed him at his best. And Tony would keep his mouth shut.

He’d made it through almost all of training, despite Rhodey’s, Peter’s, Vision’s, and even Carol’s offers to make his excuses. But Steve had thrown the shield to Bucky, that well-practiced move part of their repertoire, and they had just been standing too close to Tony, and that had been it. Tony thinks he stuttered something about a broken repulsor–a lie, of course, his repulsors take a lot harder hits to break–and made a break for it.

To Jinx.



She sprawls across his lap, belly up, and this time Tony does manage to smile before giving her the requested belly-rubs. Unlike Ana Jarvis’ cat from when Tony was small, Jinx will let him pet her for hours, if he needs to. None of the biting him after precisely three strokes business.

The door opens and Tony flinches, and Jinx, perceptive as ever, bats at his hands.

It’s Peter and Vision, though, and Tony does his best to relax. Jinx gives them a thoroughly unimpressed look before deciding she can settle back into Tony’s lap.

“Colonel Rhodes is on his way,” Peter says, pulling his mask off now that they’re in the privacy of Tony’s rooms. “He’s yelling.”

Vision takes over from there. “He’s restructuring the training procedure,” he corrects. “So this will not happen again.”

“Maybe next time Jinx could be there?” Peter suggests.

Tony shakes his head. “No, I…I don’t trust them with her.”


Tony begins petting again, compelled by his pushy cat.

“Can we sit?”

Tony nods, so the couch is filled around him. “We can go back to training just us,” Peter offers.

“How productive is that?” Tony asks rhetorically.

Vision actually answers. “More productive than this, I imagine. If you cannot work with them, then you cannot work with them. We would all understand. We all have our reservations and our problems.”

“But you all do it.”

“They weren’t my friends,” Peter says. “And they didn’t try to kill me.”

The door opens again and Rhodey rolls in, groaning. “I let Carol take over yelling,” he says. “I had more important places to be.”

“You all know they didn’t do anything wrong,” Tony says.

Rhodey rolls his eyes. “Forgive us for being a little mad,” he says dryly.

Jinx moves so she’s sitting in Tony’s lap, then moves up his arm and perches on his shoulder. She’s not a big cat, but Tony still goes a little crooked under the weight. Her tail hits him in the face and he smiles again.

“Movie night?” Rhodey offers. “Carol will probably be up sooner or later, we could order food while we’re waiting.”

There’s no mention of anyone else. For a moment, Tony feels bad, but then the thought of them being in here makes him tense. Jinx butts her head against his.

“I want pizza,” he says, reaching up to pat his cat with one hand and reach for his phone with the other, listening to his friends list their pizza orders.

preciouspossesion  asked:

dear dad,

I’m sorry I smoke so much, I’m sorry my rooms always a mess. I’m sorry you’re so stressed, you don’t have to hide it from me, you don’t have to be so strong. You’re 47 at the end of the month, time flies so fast. No matter what you say, the constant heart burn, chest pains and vomiting in the middle of the night isn’t normal. I know you said you don’t want to see a doctor, because you fear the worse. I know you would hate me for writing this. But dad I’m afraid. You always shut me out, you’ve built these walls around yourself, sometime I feel like I don’t know who you are. I grew up wanting to be like you, I grew up wanting to be strong, I wanted to be perfect like you. But as I’ve grown up the rose tinted glass I looked through throughout my childhood has faded and I’m starting to see beyond your mask dad. I don’t see your stern face anymore, I see how you’re trying to hide your glazed eyes, I don’t hear the anger in your voice, I hear the frustration. When you smoke your cigarette I’ve realised you don’t inhale aggressively, but desperately. Even the strongest people need relief. I grew up wanting to be just like you, and that’s exactly what I achieved. You see beyond my mask and I see beyond yours. So I sit next to you on the door step as we smoke together, we’re killing each other. We pollute our lungs just to rid the pain from our minds. God knows we need it.
Dad I love you, you’re so strong, we don’t always see eye to eye but you’re still my hero. You’ve made mistakes but so have I, I guess that’s just the price of living.
But dad if you ever need to talk, I’m here okay. Maybe we can’t find ourselves, but we have each other.
I love you ( I don’t say it enough)


THEY’RE FINALLY HERE!!!! I have been waiting for almost a month, but they’re finally here! Both of my DVD’s, safe and sound with me! And now I can finally watch Season 2.

Boy oh my, I can’t wait. And all praise Amazon Customer Service for fixing my problem! I seriously thought I’d never get ‘em. But here I am, with both of them safe and sound!

“Just friends”

“Stainless steel on my fingers
Dirty things in my ears you’ll whisper
Night hits and loose lips
Your hands gripped onto my hips
We’ll hide away, committing sins in threes
Your hands slowly tap whilst I sit on your lap
You’re my dirty little secret
You’re my catch 22
When I’m tangled in your bedsheets,when I’m sitting in your room
Oh but darlin’,We’ll keep it very hush hush
And when they start to wonder
What we do behind closed doors
“Oh,us?, we’re just good friends!”
And as far as they know,nothing more”

—  //Excerpt from the book I’ll never write//
What the Signs will Find in August 2015
  • Aries: You will find that pen you've been missing- you know, the one you set down and it somehow fell into another dimension? Yeah, that one.
  • Taurus: You will find justice- sibling ignored shotgun rules? someone ate the last good snack? Cosmic payback is on your side.
  • Gemini: You will find money- cold hard cash is hiding somewhere in your dirty pants/room. Think of it as a surprise treasure hunt.
  • Cancer: You will find out what that terrible nagging craving you've been having for weeks is- finally, no more agonizing in the snack aisle!
  • Leo: You will find self-love- recognize that slammin' bod and personality! It's time you let everyone know how superior you are in every conceivable way.
  • Virgo: You will find Waldo- the long hours spent poring over those shiny mocking pages will finally come to fruition. His tiny bespectacled face will haunt your dreams no more.
  • Libra: You will find your keys exactly where you put them- every time. Every. Single. Time. Don't get cocky with the remote though, it knows no god or masters.
  • Scorpio: You will find happiness- you're gonna kick that sadness in the face and then sue it for touching your foot. You're royalty and you deserve it all.
  • Sagittarius: You will find success- you're gonna get that cutie's phone number. Nail that job interview so hard you get fan letters from tool companies. You're unstoppable.
  • Capricorn: You will find Atlantis- that's right. Atlantis. No, this isn't Aquarius'. PLOT TWIST. You're gonna find some biz out this month that you never saw coming.
  • Aquarius: You will find retribution- for every person you have wronged, for every $2 you chose not to donate to literacy programs, for every time you said you were on your way when you really weren't. The end cometh.
  • Pisces: You will find the exact right song- no matter what your mood, or what the occasion, you've got this. Your playlists and mix CDs will be legendary. Use your power wisely.


Also just lines because I did a shitty coloring job but I spent energy on the lines and :OOOO Manga Studio is so GOOD with my tablet.

(Lon’qu just looks like a dark mage that never left his room or combed his hair. The cloak hides all the muscle mass. ;D Haura basically looks like his bodyguard HAHA. Also I swear that’s a smile from Lon’qu. :3)