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Kaiba Brothers Christmas Headcanons

(These are Westernised Christmas ideas because that’s what I’m familiar with!)

The first year in the orphanage, Seto hoped Santa would come. On Christmas morning, he was crushed, but Mokuba’s tears took precedence over his own, as they would every day from now on. He managed to persuade Mokuba that Santa probably dropped presents at their old house by accident and Seto would be sure to tell him where they were next year.

The next year, Seto knew better than to hope for Santa, but he also knew that Mokuba still hoped. Mokuba was too young to clearly remember how generous Santa used to be, so Seto knew he could get away with a small gift, if it was a good one. He saved up every penny he could get his hands on, and on Christmas morning, Mokuba woke to find Santa had left a toy truck at the foot of his bed. (That year Mokuba didn’t even notice that Santa had forgotton Seto again, so delighted was he. It was only the following year that Seto had to start lying. He told Mokuba he didn’t want any gift from Santa, he was too old, Santa’s just for little kids.)

(This was also when Seto started apologising for not getting Mokuba anything himself. He considered taking credit for the gift, he wanted to take credit, but … Mokuba still believed in magic, still had hope for the future. Seto couldn’t bring himself to take that from his brother with another harsh dose of reality. There was already too much of that.) 

(Mokuba always made Seto a card, and Seto treasured them.)

The first year in Gozaburo’s household, Seto wanted to hope that their new “father” would buy them gifts. But Seto didn’t hope that. Hope was foolish. He had to sneak out of class to get time to buy Mokuba’s present, and it had to be a book so he could smuggle it home. (He got much better at smuggling over the years and Mokuba’s presents could be more adventurous.) Mokuba was delighted on Christmas morning to find his gift at the foot of his bed; he had worried that Santa would lose track of where they were again, but Seto reassured him that of course he’d made sure Santa knew. 

The second year, Gozaburo had tightened control. He tracked every penny of Seto’s money, “to teach you the importance of financial propriety”. Instead it taught Seto how to hide illicit financial activity. (Seto later thought that Gozaburo might have been just as satisfied with that, as a lesson, except that it undermined Gozaburo’s control.) Seto tracked down a broken calculator identical to his own model, and, coming up to Christmas, he sold his calculator, used the money to buy Mokuba’s gift, showed the broken one to Gozaburo as his own, and took his punishment for carelessness. It was worth it to see Mokuba light up on Christmas morning.

The year Seto took control of the company, he knew Mokuba was wavering on believing in Santa. Mokuba didn’t like the way Santa didn’t ever bring his big brother anything. That year, Mokuba woke to find a small gift at the foot of his bed, of course, as usual, from Santa. It would have been too suspicious if Santa had suddenly started bringing expensive gifts exactly at the time that Seto became financially independent. So under the tree (Gozaburo never had a Christmas tree, Seto had ordered the biggest one they could fit and took an afternoon off work to decorate it with Mokuba), there was the biggest pile of gifts Mokuba had ever seen. One for every year he hadn’t been able to give Mokuba a gift, Seto said. Mokuba hugged him tight and told him about a hundred times over the next week that he didn’t need to do that. Seto told him a hundred times how much he wanted to.

These days, “Santa” still brings Mokuba a single, inexpensive but very thoughtful gift, left at the foot of Mokuba’s bed. Mokuba knows it’s Seto. (In a way, he always did.) Seto’s gifts to Mokuba are left under the tree, and outrageously generous. Mokuba’s gifts to Seto are always things designed to get Seto to take time off, relax, enjoy the moment. Usually a video game they can play co-op. 

Christmas is a time they spend together, just the two of them. Mokuba loves to decorate the house and bake things. Seto just wants to see Mokuba enjoy himself. These days they’re invited to Yugi’s Christmas Eve get-together. Seto turned him down the first year, but he could tell Mokuba was a little disappointed. They compromise by making an appearance but ducking out early to go home and watch a Christmas movie. 

Every year, Seto donates hundreds of gifts to the orphanage they grew up in and the homeless, refuge and refugee shelters in Domino City for every child that Santa isn’t going to visit. (If you want something done, do it yourself.) He makes sure the origin of the gifts is kept quiet so the kids might be able to believe and don’t have to grow up too fast. He knows how important that is; after all, Mokuba turned out much better than he did, in his opinion.

Although these days, on Christmas Eve - when Mokuba’s taking a tray of cookies out of the oven and they’re getting ready to visit Mokuba’s, no, their friends, and their huge Christmas tree is standing guard over their pile of gifts - even though he still considers it foolish, Seto sometimes allows himself to hope.

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