i'll be doing some tonight to post!!

gender rolls are the worst kind of bread

danny boy in a dress AND makeup (bc i love boys in makeup i mean i’m a boy who wears makeup so that’s kind of to be expected)

i really hope i’m not too late, i saw the whole ~rebellion~ @phantheraglama​ started earlier and watched everyone posting their art but i was stuck doing hw (which i had procrastinated due to working on other art) so i couldn’t draw anything until now

do not repost, reblogs are appreciated!

I love switchlock, yes I do.  I love switchlock, how ‘bout you?

Last night I created a silly little shitpost about how much Captain John Watson likes a good cock up the arse.  I expected a few people to “like” it, and no one to reblog it, as is normally the case with my switchlock posts.

But you know what?  Something amazing happened.  That little shitpost grew legs while I was at dinner and 158 of you were brave enough to show your support in some form or fashion.

And I love you for that.  

There are a lot of people behind the scenes that love you for that.  

It inspired me to be brave and start an ask game calling for your switchlock and toplock headcanons or opinions.  I braced myself, because I was prepared for a mix of headcanons and negativity, but you know what?  I got a bunch of responses, and NOT ONE was negative.  


A lot of awful things have been associated with toplock in the past few years, and people have been genuinely hurt by those associated things.  I am not discounting that.  But very little of it had to do with the sex position, and a lot of it had to do with much deeper fandom issues that got tangled up in an easy argument.  

Can we start to untangle it?

Last night was a ton of fun, and I have about 10 more messages waiting to be posted tonight.  and I just want to say, can we do it again?  

If you don’t enjoy toplock or switchlock, that’s cool.  I’ll continue to tag it.  We can still co-exist.  But can we agree as a fandom that we don’t need to make each other feel bad about enjoying a certain pairing in a certain way when it is written or drawn with respect?

hiii everyone! 💛 sorry for being mia the past week. things have been really busy, but i got a job which i’m very very excited about! 

as for in better light, everything changes, i’ve had the last chapter complete for quite some time now, but i’m doing The Thing where i keep rereading it and liking it less and less every time i do so which has been keeping me from posting it. i promise it will be posted this weekend though! 

hope all of you had a good week 💛

chibineko55  asked:

Are you okay friendo? Haven't heard of you in three days...

I’m doing fine!! I probably should have said something, but college has been really hectic these past few days, and I’ve got 3 assignments to get done :/ good news tho is the last one is due Wednesday, so when that’s done I’ll be getting back to posting more!!

I unfortunately won’t be able to take any more sketch requests at the moment due to my chem midterm coming up, but I definitely plan on doing it again some time! It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it! I still have one left to do which I will be able to finish tonight though. Thank you again to everyone who gave me suggestions!

I’ve decided to turn one of my (previously unused) urls into a sideblog for just my art (fanart and otherwise), probably reblog some fanart/artsy/reference stuff too, but once it’s finished that’s where I’ll post my art from then on

Of course I’ll still reblog it here since this is still my main, but that’ll be helpful for those who just want the art and not the rest of whatever this *gestures vaguely at this blog* is.

cruyffsbeckenbauer  asked:

You don't need to stop! I like reading your "negative" posts. I am not sure how I feel about this episode..

I’m glad you enjoy them! I feel like alot of aspects of tonight’s episode was good but some scenes (especially that last one) just irked me. I personally enjoyed this episode up until the last five minutes. What do you think about tonight’s episode?

Just a little something to demonstrate appreciation for friends and fellow bloggers. There’s a bunch blogs I follow that aren’t really 1D related, so if you’re not here that’s the reason why.

Friends I love (hopefully in alphabetical order)


@deathwish-koala ★ @dreamyletters@icanhazzalou
@liamthelf (aka @eroticliam) ★ @livingwherethesidewalkends


@theitchyarmpit@thequietcnes@trytobullyhimnow-ziam @twistericecream@zaindeer (aka @cocoaziam) ★ @zaynscremebrulee

And can’t forget some cool people:


Also, big thanks to everyone following the blog. Be it for my lame edits, my Ziam drabbles, questionable humour, shirtless men, or simply because you need a shame blog on your follow list. *wink, wink*

Thank you, and Happy Holidays to y’all!

*restrictions may apply since the last one I made.

Pfft the whole point of me using the scanner tonight was to post some older Trek art and I nearly forgot to even do it.

But I remembered!

So here’s that sketch of Kira baring her fangs at Gul Dukat, and Dukat looking a bit like he’s assessing whether to get the f out the room.

Protip Dukat: Get the f out of LIFE.


Welp, that’ll do for tonight!
Still not 100% happy, so I might go back and tweak some things, but he’s pretty much done!!
I bought a little plaque to hang him on that I still need to paint, but I’m not even going to worry about that right now.
ALSO I really want to open up commissions! I’ll make a post about that later, but would any of you be interested? I could really use the money, and it’ll be fun! :)
(He looks so derpy when you lay him down ahahaha)

P.S. Don’t tell her, but this little guy is actually a gift for glitterfreeze-nation! She’s so so wonderful and a blessing to be around, so I really wanted to repay her for her rad-ness. Ta-Daa!! I hope he’s okay! I’m going to decorate the plaque all girly and pink :) Now you can have a babe-head hanging on your wall to watch over you as you draw! Every artist’s dream.

.・゜mini blogrates!゜・

i’m about 50 followers away from another thousand on this blog, and since i’m totally for procrastinating until i’m stressed and pulling my hair out, i wanted to do some blogrates. ❤️❤️ everyone else is doing them, why not. these will be sporadic and done whenever i’m procrastinating/have time! blacklist *kbr if you don’t want to see these!



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