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Let it be a good end for him ;___; …. (conclusion might be soon, you can vote in a poll and possibly change how things end up over at Junky’s twitter )

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                        NOTHING CAN PREPARE YOU FOR THE END. 

Alright, kiddos. The end is nigh and that means it’s time to celebrate. The Hunger Games franchise has spanned over seven years. Three books and (soon-to-be) four films later, and love for the series is as an all time high. Now as we prepare to say goodbye to Katniss, Peeta, Gale, and the rest of the characters we’ve grown to love, and while I understand more than anyone that misgivings are bound to happen with any YA series, why not take the time to celebrate the good and ignore the bad? 

                                                  THE BASICS: 


A 21 day celebration of The Hunger Games! Grace ( @torturedmemory ) and I have created special categories for discussion. Each day will have a different subject, and what you choose to do with it is your own choice! Want to make an edit? Go for it. Want to write a post? Write two. Make a playlist, send & answer asks, pose questions. The choice is totally your own. The only rule we have is that your post has to be positive! ( Except when talking about President Snow, feel free to rip him to shreds. We really don’t mind. ) If you don’t have anything constructive to say, please don’t participate on that day! Don’t like Gale? His day probably isn’t for you. Think Katniss is an unreliable narrator? That’s probably best to keep to yourself. This is a CELEBRATION. Please keep your thoughts as positive as is possible, given the topic of the day.


November 1st through November 21st! All leading up to the grand, big screen finale of The Hunger Games on November 20th! The 21st will be reserved for support group like crying about the finale / movie reactions. It’s all good fun. 


As stated before, you can do whatever you want and it’s not a requirement to be a roleplayer / member of The Hunger Games community to participate. If you love this series, and you have thoughts you’d like to share, please do! We’d love to hear them. Another point to clarify is that you don’t have to be following Grace or I ( and we don’t have to be following you ) for you to participate! This is open to all fans of The Hunger Games from all corners of Tumblr and the world, and you aren’t required to participate on all of the days. If one day in particular catches your eye, or you have particular thoughts on, feel free to jump in on that day and ignore the others. This is a chance for us to express our love for this incredible series, and no one is going to be excluded from the celebrations. If you want to participate, please, please don’t be afraid to jump in and start talking! 


I’ll be making a separate post for the categories later on, once Grace and I have been able to sit down and really hash out what kind of discussion questions and possibilities can be explored for each one! There will be days for Katniss, Peeta, Gale, Finnick, Johanna, Haymitch/Effie individually, and then broader categories like Reaping Day, the Quarter Quell, the War and District Thirteen and also a day set aside to celebrate the amazing cast and crew of the movies. There will be more on that later, though. This post is preliminary. 

Basically, the point of this post is to garner awareness / gauge participation. Grace and I are going to be doing this and crying anyway, but we figured we would extend this to the whole community at large, in case anyone wants to cry with us. Please, like this post if you’re interested in participating ( I’ll be making a list of the likes and keeping them for the sake of sending out messages / things to think about when starting discussion about the given topics of the day ) and if you want to reblog this post to spread it around so that others can see it that might not be following me / Grace, do feel free and it’s greatly appreciated! 

Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor. xox