i'll be back soon

Highlights from my trip to NYC
• going to the Met with iris and Dara and eating iconic ramen later that day with Devan.
• seeing David Armstrong prints all over Ethan’s apartment.
• spending a lot of time with iris and accidentally walking like 100 blocks that one day.
• cruz taking me to my first fashion show lol.
• meeting Stevie and Peter and then proceeding to tell Stevie that she needs to get a blow out lol.
• Sharing a cab with Dara and Ethan and talking about the Avedon documentary followed by karaoke later that evening.
• Eating at Champs
• Cruz eating a Big Mac lol
• Chilling at Barnards apartment and waiting for Dara to tell us about the Marc fitting.
• Photographing Iris on the roof
• Photographing Dara.

I haven’t written a poem in weeks instead
I’m doing a lot of face masks and pressing dark lipstick to my mouth and checking my teeth after. I’m eating a lot of good food with good people and there’s no one I’m missing hugely so I guess that’s good. In the belly of my house you will find booze and clementines and footprints everywhere, including the ceilings. John stays over a lot; I know him by the 9 am sunlight that wakes him, so it wakes me. Our bodies all sleepy weight and heavy hands. So many parties here, so many bodies covered in sweat and smoke. I know most everything is love: the cars I ride in, the warm tea in cups, the lights he hangs carefully on the railing, the songs we sing to each other and ourselves, us mopping my bedroom floor with our feet. I wouldn’t want to be here if you weren’t. I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else.

taking a little break from tumblr.

hi everyone! and a very special hi to all of the new followers i’ve gained recently. i’m kinda bummed i’m making this post after so many people followed me, but i didn’t want to just vanish on everyone.

for the last few weeks my mental health has taken a really bad negative turn. i’m not sure what happened, but it hit me like a sack of bricks and i’ve been pretty down ever since. on top of this coming out of nowhere, i injured my knee really badly and my chronic neck/back pain has been flaring up. all of these things aren’t helping with how i’m feeling mentally, either.

and, on top of that, i haven’t spoken to lysander in a while because of how badly i’m feeling. that guilt is killing me, and contributing pretty significantly to my mental health.

so, for my sake, i’ll be taking a break from tumblr for a bit. i just have to isolate myself for some time while i get myself back on track. 

thanks for understanding, everyone!

Popplio's evolution line and feminity

As soon as Popplio’s possible final evolution was leaked there has been an uproar from some men about it being too feminine. At first I ignored it, but after today’s announcement of Popplio’s second evolution I cannot stand this bullshit any longer. There have already been plenty of feminine looking pokemon before, for example Braxien, Gardevoir especially it’s mega, Sylveon, Jynx, Loppuny, etc. Why didn’t people have a problem then? You’re masculinity is that weak that you won’t choose the Popplio line JUST because it’s too ‘girly’ for you? What’s so wrong with having a female looking pokemon, are you that immature that you think choosing it will make you look gay? That’s the mindset of a 13 year old boy. Do you ever see girls complain about how ‘manly’ some pokemon look? Did you see us complain about Litten’s final evolution and how masculine it is? No. How feminine or manly looking a pokemon is shouldn’t matter to you or be a deciding factor. Why cant people just enjoy games anymore without making everything an issue? Grow the fuck up and get a life.


Reblogging older art, because I realised I’ve now done both Winglock and Wingjohn and neither are facing the front.

The Wingjohn drawing is, of course, from Mojoflower’s fic ‘murderous imprint’.

I’d also like to take the time to say ‘thank you’ for the lovely comments left on my last post. It means a lot to me.