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“So how do you feel knowing Voltron Season 4 starts in a week?”


welcome to paradise hell

Some more Maria while I desperately try to figure out this texture stuff


Big Hero 6 x Little Red Riding Hood, MASTERPOST

A dark gothic/fantasy AU where Hiro’s gleefully violent, Tadashi’s sad but not dead, and the nerd lab members have actual distinct and meaningful roles. Warnings for blood, violence, character death, oocness, Hiro’s thighs, lotsa nude Tadashi.

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to do this, but because this seems like it’ll have quite a few parts, I decided to create a “Masterpost” like in the Jurassic World AU. Beneath the cut below, this post will link to all posts in this AU as they are updated.

Note: This is actually a “censored” version of the cover I rather despise. The actual version contains slightly more nudity, though I didn’t draw it to be sexual. Keeping in mind the above, you can see the original on my twitter HERE.

Read the other parts of this AU below the cut:

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Bromates #2
  • *Ashley comes over to pick up her daughters*
  • Ashley: I'll bring them back Sunday night.
  • *It's Friday, and there's thick silent tension between the three of you*
  • *Ashley goes for River and Craig almost lunged to interrupt her, but you grabbed chiseled arm.
  • Dadsona: It will be okay .
  • * You both watch her carry out River*
  • *Craig bites his lip, you reach to hold his hand, but he moves it away. He walks behind you and wraps his arms around you , slightly shuddering*
  • Craig: Please stay with me until they get back.

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Aranya belongs to @yurarat

Black Friday belongs to me

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hey:) im new to the bts army. So far I've been watching bunch of videos about them and like reading anything that can help me get to know them better. What else should I know about them or what types of videos should I watch so I can catch up??? Thx :)

hey there!! welcome to the fandom! its a pretty wild time here but also super fun and i hope you’ve been having a good time with bts so far!! 

bts video and show recs under the cut!!

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Rule 47

Previous part can be found here. This chapter might also help.

Thanks for sticking around and reading all of these words. You’re all lovely.

Part Twenty-Two [final]

“2:30 means 2:30. Not 2:33.”

Grace doesn’t even wait until she’s opened the door. She’s so nervous she’s practically shouting through the door from the next room. She might be excited. She’s not really sure. All Grace knows is that she’s definitely running on adrenaline. And coffee. So much coffee.

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Free from outside control; not depending on another’s authority.

“My Demons” for Geoff Ramsey; a Fake AH Crew Playlist

i. “My Demons” – Starset ii. “Tubthumping” – Chumbawumba iii. “It’s Over When It’s Over” – Falling in Reverse iv. “Thunderstruck”– AC/DC v. “Another One Bites the Dust” – Queen vi. “Money Runs Low” – The Score vii. “Hiccups” – WATERS viii. “Counting Stars” – One Republic ix. “One Last Song” – Demon Hunter x. “Ways to Go” – Grouplove xi. “End of Me” – As We Ascend xii. “This is Gonna Hurt” – Sixx:A.M. xiii. “A Different Kind of Dynamite” – Thousand Foot Krutch xiv. “Hero” – Skillet xv. “Can’t Stop Me Now” – Oh the Larceny

Spotify playlist available HERE

Find the rest HERE - Check back Fridays for a new playlist!

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"Bucky I'm sick you don't wanna be near me," you warn, you know it's just your period, but you don't wanna freak him out with your mood swings and huge amounts of food. "It's okay doll I won't catch it, Super soldier," he grins. "Buck you don't wanna be home today," you mumble. "Why not?" he pouts, it's his first day off in a month and you've seen him in passing at the tower but nothing more. "Buck I don't feel well," you lie. "You started today? I'll be back with your favorites," he smiles.


Fluffy Friday™


“In the very beginning [of this album], I was telling the record executives, ‘Listen, don’t tell me when it’s over, don’t tell me when to turn it in, don’t tell me when we’re out of money. I’ll let you know when my gut says 'Go.’ Because I’ve always followed my intuition, and that’s worked for me. I’m not going to over think that, because it’s always worked for me.”