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Does anyone know how painful it is to only say goodmorning and goodnight over the phone. How frustrating it is to see the one you love in agonising pain and all you can do is comfort them with a txt or a phonecall. Does anyone understand how hard night times can be when you can’t sleep and your loved one is asleep already but they are in a different city, state or country….
—  Tenari Ioapo // based on a true story.
i’m crying and thinking about how you fucked up my entire life because brown eyes will never be just brown eyes to me anymore meanwhile you’re soundly asleep. and god fucking damn do i wish you see my face in your dreams and wake up with an aching feeling just like i do when i wake up after a night of finally getting sleep.
—  2amfilm

What is it about me that makes people think it’s ok to just use me

-forgetting is the worst pain of all-

I wake up, and it’s far too bright. We left the curtains open when we fell asleep last night, still thrown wide to reveal the changing canvas of sky from where we sat up in bed and looked out at the world that was ours, admiring the shooting stars that were probably just helicopters, now I think about it. You roll your head to the side, crumby eyes blinking four times before you can see me, the lazy morning receding on the other side of the window. And you ask me with sudden consequence,

“Will you still be mine? When all the rainbows have no ribbons, and the shadows have grown bigger than the flames? What about when I have to cry?”

And I say, baby, when you fall asleep and I am still awake, I stay here just to watch you breathing, a smile on your lips and I wonder what you’re dreaming - Is it dragons or castles or ships in the sky? - and I wonder why the world is cruel enough to make such joy so temporary; who would chance to cut what time is ours ever shorter? I put off sleep for as long as I can, because sleeping is time forgotten, and forgetting is the worst pain of all.


  • Please be mine: I can't stop the rain from falling
  • Can't stop my heart from calling you
  • Hold on: When you love someone and they break your heart, don’t give up on love, have faith, restart. Just hold on.
  • Goodnight and Goodbye: I feel like we have fallen apart, open up your eyes girl and see, how wonderful this love could be.
  • Hello Beautiful: 'cause I could go across the world, see everything and never be satisfied, if I couldn't see those eyes.
  • Still in love with you: But your smile still makes my heart sing another sad song, I can't forget it, I won't regret it.
  • Australia: The only thing you knew was true has just walked out of your life. How does it feel?
  • When you look me in the eyes: Dreams can't take the place of loving you, there's gotta be a million reasons why it's true.
  • Inseparable: We can stop for hours just staring at the stars, they shine down to show us that you know when the sun forgets to shine, I'll be there to hold you through the night and we'll be running so fast we can fly tonight.
  • Hollywood: Fallen soldiers, all around us, but we're still standing strong. Embarrassing and contradicting 'cause now we're making headlines, primetime, saying "what a story!". Billboards, packed tours. Don't forget you can try to break us and make us fall apart, but the fires in our hearts.
  • Take a breath: People change and promises are broken, clouds can move and skies will be wide open. Don't forget to take a breath.
  • Out of this world: Said she'd seen it all before, made me wonder even more.
  • Lovebug: I kissed her for the first time yesterday, everything I wished that it would be. Suddenly I forgot how to speak. Hopeless, breathless, baby can't you see?
  • Tonight: Every single word's been said, broke each other's hearts again. As the starlit sky begins to shine, we're breakin' down, she screams out.
  • Can't have you: I don't wanna fall asleep 'cause I don't know if I'll get up, and I don't wanna cause a scene, but I'm dyin' without your love. Begging to hear your voice tell me you love me too.
  • Video girl: They're all the same, they all want the money, they're all insane, they live for fame, honey. They laugh at you when you're not even bein' funny.
  • Pushin' me away: Spinning round these walls are falling down and I need you.
  • Sorry: Filled with sorrow, filled with pain, knowing that I am to blame ror leavin' your heart out in the rain. And I know your gonna walk away, leave me with the price to pay, before you go I wanted to say that I'm sorry.
  • A little bit longer: And you don't know what it's like to feel so low and every time you smile, you laugh, you glow.
  • Before the storm: Just thinking back to where we started and how we lost all that we are. We were young, and times were easy, but I could see it's not the same. I'm standing here, but you don't see me, give it all for that to change.
  • Much better: Get a rep for breakin' hearts, now I'm done with super stars and all the tears on her guitar, I'm not bitter // I believe that the road that people lead, helps you find the one you need.
  • Black keys: She hates the sun 'cause it proves she's not alone and the world doesn't revolve around her soul. She loves the sky 'cause it validates her pride, never lets her know when she is wrong.
  • Turn right: Pick up all your tears, throw 'em in your backseat, leave without a second glance.
  • Don't Speak: There's a lot that you don't notice, when you read between the lines. The future's out of focus, when you're blinded by the light. It's a hope for all the hopeless in the worst of trying times. I resort to being speechless 'cause I don't want to lie.
  • Poison Ivy: I just got back from the doctor, he told me that I had a problem, but I realized it's you.
  • Fly with me: Maybe you were just afraid, knowing you were miles away from the place where you needed to be and that's right here with me.
  • Paranoid: I make the most of all the stress, I try to live without regrets but I'm about to break a sweat, I'm freakin' out. It's like a poison in my brain, it's like a fog that blurs the sane, it's like a vine you can't untangle. I'm freakin' out

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Spirk and 26? (And a nice first December to you 😊; i'll send your card tomorrow!)

Happy First December to you as well!   :D

 26.  What would be their theme song?

Strangely, it’s a song for Vulcan lute.  Initially, Jim did not respond very well to Spock’s attempts to get him to appreciate the wide and varied catalogue of music composed for the Vulcan lute.  He’d actually fallen asleep when Spock took him to see the concert performance of an esteemed elder lutenist on New Vulcan.  It had been the scandal of the Vulcan cultural season when Jim had snorted as he dozed and four hundred Vulcans turned around and stared at him in silent, barely-concealed dismay. 

But then they have a series of unsettling situations during their travels through the quadrant.  It’s nothing disastrous, no completely failed missions.  But a bright young ensign who idolizes Jim is so badly injured during a routine drill that she has to be left at the next space station.  Then some small part of the engineering process is disrupted so that they can travel at no faster than Warp 1 for several weeks, and the entire crew appears to feel the tension of the obstacle.  At last, an admiral who is widely regarded to be quite forgiving and reasonable becomes frustrated with one of Jim’s decisions and does not hide her disappointment and disapproval.  

When Spock returns to his quarters after his shift on evening he finds Jim stretched out face down atop Spock’s mattress.  And without a word, Spock fetches his lute and begins to play.  Jim does not acknowledge the music at first, but eventually he turns onto his back, and as he sighs, his ear obviously attuned to the song, some of the ever-present tension in his frame begins to fade.  Though Jim never asks for the performance to be repeated, when he appears discouraged or unduly agitated Spock will play the song again for him once they are alone, and Jim will listen and take a few deep breaths until he smiles at Spock softly.  That moment, when the music enables Jim to relax, is sweeter to Spock than any perfect series of notes. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m an independent person. But I quite like the idea of waking up in the middle of the night with your arm wrapped around me. Not protecting me, just holding me.

And when I can’t sleep, I get to admire you. I can hold my breath until our heart beats are in sync or maybe I can kiss the scar above your lip. I can count the freckles on your arms like I am an astronomer and your freckles are all of the stars in the sky. I can guess where your dreams are taking you by analyzing the crooked smile on your face.

And when I do fall asleep, I will dream about you, the last thing my eyes saw before I gave in to the exhaustion.

And when I wake up, the first thing I will see is you. Maybe you will still be sleeping soundly holding onto me, or maybe I will catch you admiring me, too.

—  Leigh, day 304
Please Hang Around (I'll See You When I Fall Asleep)

Summery: The morning after Clarke has spent the night in Bellamy’s tent, he wakes her up because he can’t keep his hands (and lips) off her.

Selected tags: smut, PWP, canonverse, secret relationship

Complete, 1549 words, 1/1, Rating: Explicit, AO3


Bellamy nuzzled his nose in her hair as he started to wake up. He thought to himself that he could easily get used to this, that he should spend the night with her more often. His arms tightened instinctively around her at the thought. He just wished she wasn’t so intent on keeping their relationship a secret for the rest of the camp.

Clarke was still asleep, safe in her lover’s comforting arms. She didn’t wake when he first started tailing his lips along the line of her neck, kissing her shoulder, and then leaving kisses all the way up to her neck again.

It wasn’t until he started sucking at her earlobe that she stirred. A low sound of contentment escaped her throat and her back melted closer into chest.

He kissed along her neck again, licking and biting this time, hoping to rouse her properly.

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Sorry for my unreliable activity, all. I’m currently a full-time carer for my grandmother, and her condition means she requires constant supervision, but I’ll try to get on here when I can & I’m not too exhausted, haha. I see you drafts/inbox/new followers who probably have too much faith in me; please be patient with me!

If life takes us in different directions, please remember me as someone who always smiled and laughed loud. Someone who was always happy. Please remember all the times I made you laugh and all the times that I annoyed you with my love but you loved me anyway. Please remember all the good times that we had and the laughs that we shared and love that was between us. Remember our first kiss and the first time you told me that you were in love with me and how I smiled because I was so indescribably happy. Remember when you let me into your life, and how you let me see you cry and how I stroked your hair and you fell asleep in my lap.

Don’t remember the fights we had or the terrible times we went through. Don’t think of all the times I threw things at you and all the times we almost broke up. Don’t think of how we ended.

Think of me happy. Because that’s what I’ll do with you.

—  D.N. // excerpt from a book i’ll never write #26
"I'll be there for you"

No you won’t! When it’s 3am and I’m bawling my eyes out, spamming you trying to get you to wake up, you’ll be fast asleep. When I tell you I’m sitting in my closet because that’s my safety area and the only place I can cry, you won’t think twice about it. When I tell you I need someone to call because voices calm me down, you won’t offer. When I say I want more than anything to see you, you’ll make up another excuse as to why you suddenly couldn’t make it. You say you love me and you’ll always be there, but I can count on one hand the amount of times you actually were. I give you EVERYTHING. I stay up all night talking to you when you’ve had a bad day, I get you things that I know will make you feel better, I’m always ready to come over or do something in town with you when you’re lonely. I am there! I am giving my all and I’m only getting a “lol sorry” in return. I deserve better than that. I deserve someone who will call, who will wake up and stay up, who will go to my games and support me, who will hold me tight and kiss me slowly. I deserve more than to be pushed to the side but be blamed every time I start distancing myself. Stop saying you’ll do things and then chicken out. Stop promising me you’ll make it next time. Get over yourself and be a freaking man because I’m tired of being one for you!

Jealousy is the most insidious feeling. Everything’s fine, and then, suddenly, it all crumbles down. You witness a look at someone else, a smile at someone else, a talk with someone else, and that’s when you feel it. It’s brutal. It’s violent. You weren’t expecting anything, and in a split second you feel something you never felt before. It’s in the guts; that’s where you feel it. It’s like a burn, like a needle stabbing you right in the stomach. It starts eating you alive. The first time it happens, it’s surprising, because it’s a feeling you can never get from anything else. You’ve never felt like this before and you thought you were too old to ever experience a new feeling. But you’re not, and once you know what it’s like, you would never wish that upon anyone. You stop breathing, everything around you disappears. All you can see, is him, the one you love, with that other girl. It’s innocent of course, they’re not doing anything, just talking. But it’s enough to terrify you. And the only moment you can breathe again, is when he’s finally asleep next to you at night with no one else around, and you’re lying there wrapped up in his arms.
—  The joy of discovering jealousy

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I swear to God, your Servamp AU is too cute that'll I'll die from holding in my squeals (since I usually see them when everyone else in my house is asleep). I also feel like writing a fanfiction about it but not entirely sure about that yet. I have others I need to kick my butt into finishing and well....Kuro is literally my spirit animal. I ain't kidding about that either. P.S. I love how you draw Jeje. He is so cute! X3

AHHHH thanks so very much!!! <3 Also, don’t feel obligated to do it, I know fan fiction can difficult, especially when you have multiple! :0  I appreciate you even considering it! :D We are all Kuro at some point haha.

Thanks! I love drawing Jeje too!

waking up from a nightmare
  • seungcheol: is really concerned and tells you he will gladly come into bed with you. as you lie next to him, he holds you close to him, kisses your forehead, and tells you, "don't be afraid of your dreams. they're nothing close to the happiness you spend with me in reality, right?" you laugh at his cheesy line, and you forget what was really scaring you. being in seungcheol's arms is comforting alone.
  • junghan: laughs a little bit, but when he sees that you really can't be alone right now, he takes your hand and leads you into your room. he tucks you into bed, leaves the room, comes back with a book in his hand, turns off the lights except for your lamp. he sits rights next to you, back against the headboard, and asks if you want to talk about it... and you do, but slowly, you drift back to sleep, comforted simply by junghan's presence.
  • joshua: "hM? oh... you need me to stay with you? okay, one sec..." you go back to bed as he's trying to collect himself and steady his breathing because that was a sudden request. he goes back into your room to see you sitting in bed. "oh! wait a sec." he grabs his guitar and goes back into your room. he sits at the edge of your bed as you lie back down and starts to sing and play a few soft songs to make you feel better.
  • jun: "maybe because you weren't dreaming of me! ah..." he follows you into his room and tries to entertain you with a few moves he learned recently. you laugh, but you tell him you just want to get some sleep now. he tucks you in, brushes your hair away from your face, and gives you a kiss on your nose. "if you dream of me, i'll fight all those things you're having nightmares about and get rid of it all, so they never come back."
  • hoshi: comes into your room and looks under everything, pretending to scare off the monsters or whatever is causing your nightmares away. he lies down next to you, and you bury your face into his chest. he strokes your hair and tells you that he'll do whatever he can to make your nightmares go away and that he will be right there for you when you wake up.
  • wonwoo: is surprised by your sudden request. he doesn't ask much, but he shyly says, "i can... stay with you... if that's ok with you." he sits down at the edge of your bed as you lie back down, but you pull on the back of his shirt. he understands what you want, and he's a bit hesitant, but he lies down next to you. you snuggle up against him, and he's surprised again, but he says, "everything will be okay. just sleep now."
  • woozi: is caught off guard because he's never really seen you this afraid because of something. offers to sit next to you in your bed as he composes a few songs on the laptop. as you listen to the song he's working on, he asks if you like it. "i love it." he smiles and lets you collect your thoughts. "jihoon?" he pauses the music. "yeah?" "thanks." he's quiet for a moment before he quietly says, "i'm sorry i can't do much for you when you feel like this, but i'm always here for you, okay? whether you're asleep or awake."
  • dk: "eh? a nightmare? about what?" you're quiet for a while before he smiles and says, "i'll stay with you... even if you didn't have a nightmare," adding a wink. he hops into bed first and opens his arms. with one hand, he pats his chest, gesturing for you to lie with him. you laugh and happily get into bed, feeling him wrap his arms around you and the nightmare already being forgotten. he kisses your forehead and tells you, "if i'm here, you won't have any nightmares. you'll never have anything to worry about."
  • mingyu: is a bit flustered when you asked him to stay with you. "oh? what? you need me to stay with you? a nightmare?" you go back into bed as mingyu just slowly trails behind you, stopping in the doorway. you pat the empty space on your bed next, telling him to come. he hesitantly sits at the edge of your bed and asks if you want to talk about it. he listens very intently to what scared you so much, and he eventually lies down next to you. once you're done and about to fall asleep, he takes your hand into his and says, "i think that...you don't have to be afraid because it's not real, but i am.
  • the8: he eagerly comes into your room and sits in another chair. he pulls it up close to the bed and leans closer to you. "you can tell me." he just has such a sincere look on his face that you just feel so much better. "it... wasn't that scary, i think it just surprised me," you say, but he gives you a confused look. "well, even if it wasn't that scary, you can tell me anything and i'll always be here. when you fall asleep and when you wake up, okay? just tell me if you're scared."
  • seunggwan: he gasps and says, "ah, you had a bad dream! i used to have a lot during trainee days..." he takes you back to bed and sits with you, talking about some of the nightmares he's had. "but none of them ever came true... so no need to worry! and now, if i have to admit (haha) i have a lot of dreams about you." you tell him you've dreamt about him before and he says, "see? so much better than nightmares, but why should we dream about each other when you're right here in front of me?" the two of you laugh, and he tells you to sleep. he sings a few of your favourite songs, and you drift off to the sound of his sweet voice.
  • vernon: flustered and doesn't know what he should say. "ah, are you okay? was it that bad?" he shuffles behind you as you walk back to bed, holding the tips of your fingers. he sits next to you, a bit stiff, but nonetheless asks if you want to tell him about your dream. you start to tell him about your dream, but you decide that "it's okay.... it wasn't that scary." but he says, "you know, i get scared really easily, too, so i completely understand. just tell me, okay? if it will make you feel better. i'm listening."
  • dino: isn't really sure what he should do, but follows you into bed anyway. he lies down next to you, leaving some space between the two of you. he tells you about he had a really scary dream once, but had a million more happy dreams to make him forget. he tells you the happiest dreams he's ever had, and you fall back asleep peacefully, completely comforted by his unusual, but dino dreams.

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If you ever feel like it I would love to have any prompt from hinny. Cant get enough of them. So really, do as many as you like and I'll be forever happy <3

i hope you know how happy it made me to see this, ilysm <3

50. Writers Preference [Late Nights]

With the familiar pop, Ginny Weasley opened up the door to her home. It was quiet, which meant her fiancé would be asleep, which was exactly what she wanted to be doing. Unfortunately, for her, Gwenog Jones had been keeping the girls increasingly late after each practice, because “with this pace, we’ll be up and winning matches left and right”, and when Ginny had pointed out another way to win matches was to be awake for them, and her boss had sent her doing another painstaking hour of rolls and drops and catches and throws and dodges.  

It was hell. 

While up in the air, after what seemed like an eternity, Ginny had checked the watch that her mum had given her for her seventeenth birthday, and she immediately flew to the ground, running to the changing rooms to grab her bag, and apparating on the spot to get home. 

She dumped her bag on the old chair in the sitting room, and she ran into the shower, washing the grime out of her hair and the sweat off of her body. 

She crept outside, wearing stark but a towel, and the redhead opened up the drawer, which creaked open rather noisily, she though angrily, and her sleeping fiancé groaned in his sleep and rolled over. She smiled a bit, as she jiggled open the drawer, until the handle popped off, causing her to curse, as Harry Potter woke up with a start. 

“Hey, love,” he murmured, with a sleepy voice, and her heart melted. “Gwenog keep you lot late again?”

“More like just me,” she grumbled. “Apparently sleep isn’t necessary.”

“Come to bed, Gin” he smiled, patting the spot next to him. 

“I will, I just need a sleepshirt,” came her reply, as she dug into the bureau, retrieving a big shirt, and yanking it on. 

“Y’know, Gin, I’ve seen you without a shirt, just c’mere.” Harry’s voice shook slightly, something so minute that only people, like herself, that knew him very well could be able to notice. He was trying to play off needing her as a joke.

Without another word, Ginny climbed into bed, the cool air busting though the windows, making the room cold, and the quilt very necessary. She leaned over to kiss his forehead, and his black hair was messier than usual, if that was possible, and it was sweaty. His eyes were slightly frazzled, as though he has just seen Death.

”Hey,” she whispered, leaning into him, his bare chest shivering, although they were very warm. “You’re alright. He’s gone. You’re safe.” 

“That’s not- what- That’s not what I s-s-saw.” His green eyes met her brown ones. “I-I.. You, you had left, and you were… I saw our… You died.. It.. I couldn’t prevent it, it was my fault, I watched, I couldn’t reach you, you were near someone else, I wasn’t..” And he trailed off, shaking. 

In surprise, the girl sat up, look at him incredulously. “Harry James Potter.” Started Ginny, wondering where she could go with this. “I’m not ever going anywhere. I promise you. I love you. I’m not leaving.

After a silence, and Ginny though Harry had fallen asleep. She leaned over him, her red hair tickling his face. He grinned, and she smiled, laughing as he pulled her on top of her, so that her stomach was on his. She lay comfortably on top of him, snorting when his face was covered in her hair.

She saw a smile peek out from the mess of hair, and a happy voice saying 

“So in training, we were doing potions and stuff, and we did Amortentia. So everyones going around smelling the display one, to make sure ours is right or whatever-”

He was interrupted by a smirk and a “Yours or Ron’s weren’t right and it blew up”

Harry continued, after a snicker, he said “No, actually, I did mine kind of alright.”

Ginny sat up from her comfortable position, and she said, in a mocking tone, “What in merlins name have you done with Harry Potter?” 

“No, actually, I wanted to do it right because I wanted to smell your shampoo again.”

“My- my what?” Harry smirked back at her, waiting for Ginny to realize what he was saying.

“I-oh!” She giggled, smiled and pulled him in for a kiss.

He pulled her in so that he was basically holding her completely, and they fell asleep like that.

Life Is Strange sentence pack [EP4]
  • "You probably wanted to avoid awkward conversations like this."
  • "I still want to laugh and talk shit with my best friend."
  • "At least I'm alive here with you."
  • "You are such a geek. That's why I love you."
  • "This isn't how I want things to end."
  • "It wrecks me to see you in any pain, but I don't have any right to do this."
  • "I'd rather go out on a wave than a rock."
  • "I'll just drift asleep, dreaming of us here together... forever."
  • "I'm so proud of you for following your dreams."
  • "I love you, ___. See you around..."
  • "I tried to make things different for you..."
  • "You have made things different, like my whole life."
  • "You're my best friend."
  • "When we grow up, we're taking over the world."
  • "I'll always have your back. Always."
  • "You get one kiss and now you're all over me..."
  • "You sound high, but thanks for the morning grope."
  • "Don't you wander off into the dark..."
  • "I'm so ignoring you."
  • "Get the fuck outta my face."
  • "As you've noticed, this whole town is messed up."
  • "God, I should have killed that bastard back there."
  • "This can't be real..."
  • "That smell..."
  • "I loved her/him so much..."
  • "How can he/she be dead?"
  • "What kind of world does this?"
  • "I'm with you to the end. You know it."
  • "Beautiful. I don't give a shit."
  • "The world is ending, cool."
  • "You're not listening! Something major is going down!"
  • "Dude, have you been drinking?"
  • "I get salty when things don't go my way."
  • "I don't care if you hate me or not, but you have to believe me."
  • "Maybe I'm jealous because you don't give a shit what anybody thinks. And I do."
  • "Hey, I can't focus if you're yelling... please."
  • "We could die, okay?"