i'll be an indian

You know what’s funny?
The people are. The human race is.
They’ll seek pleasure in your pain
And then call it poetry.
—  Madhulika Agarwal
  • Wade: I'm fancy! I had coffee flavoured ice-cream once

hello my name is luca and i am a v sleepy boye™

At first glance, it wouldn’t seem like a hidden twin and an Indian woman would have much in common, but upon closer analysis, the parallels between the two become just plain uncanny.

The parallels begin early on.

When Soma compares Meena to an older sister in Chapter 17, Yana chooses this moment to emphasize Our!Ciel’s sad expression. Most likely, he is thinking of his own older brother, hinting at the idea of a parallel between Real!Ciel and Meena. Both Meena and Real!Ciel are elder sibling figures to masters.

Soma and Our!Ciel remember their elder sibling figures fondly. They see them as loving and kind. Only little hints show something off with Meena and Real!Ciel before their reveals.

In Meena’s case, it’s how Soma visualizes her without eyes. He does not see her full face, symbolizing how he does not see her full personality. In Real!Ciel’s case, it’s the few ominous scenes in flashbacks and the creepy vision of him in the Green Witch Arc. Both Meena and Real!Ciel come off as nice in flashbacks but have hints of something off.

Then, when Meena and Real!Ciel reveal themselves, they turn out to be the opposites of the fond images in Soma/Our!Ciel’s memories.

Meena expresses her anger and spite towards Soma directly in his face. Real!Ciel terrifies Our!Ciel with his violent actions and verbal abuse towards his brother. Neither show a drop of kindness or love. Both Meena and Real!Ciel deconstruct their nice impressions from flashbacks.

Meena/Soma and Real!Ciel/Our!Ciel are relationships characterized by misunderstanding.

Our!Ciel did not understand Real!Ciel’s abandonment issues and Real!Ciel did not understand Our!Ciel’s desire to carve out a life of his own as a toy maker. Soma (originally) did not understand Meena’s hatred of him and Meena did not understand how Soma could grow to be so mature. Both Meena and Real!Ciel misunderstand and are misunderstood by the ones who look up to them as elder siblings.

Finally, Meena and Real!Ciel do not want to be stuck in the positions that they were born into.

Meena did not want to be stuck as a servant in the lower caste forced to obey the whims of a bratty prince. Real!Ciel did not want to be an Earl who had to be separate from his brother. Both Meena and Real!Ciel are frustrated and unsatisified with the lives they have.

So to recap, Meena and Real!Ciel are elder sibling figures who are idolized in the memories of the ones who look up to them as elder siblings but actually annihilate those sweet images, have relationships based on misconceptions with the ones who look up to them as younger siblings, and are frustrated with the positions they were born into.

Not only do they share all this in common, they also happen to be brilliant foils to another, like how Soma and Agni are to our!Ciel and Sebastian.
Looking at their parallels, two major differences emerge.

The first difference between the two is that Meena wants to run away from Soma but Real!Ciel wants to never leave our!Ciel’s side. One is hatred and the other is obsession. This manifests through how their relationships focus on how Soma/Our!Ciel do not see their hatred/obsession respectively, how a major part of their frustration with their lives comes from their hatred/obsession, and how their reveals have Meena saying how she ran away from Soma but Real!Ciel declaring to never leave his brother’s side.

The second difference between the two is that Real!Ciel actually changes his mind from seeing the position he was born into as a burden to becoming obsessed with it. Currently he’s furious at our!Ciel for stealing his inheritance and obsessed with getting it back. He wants to be head of household and never leave our!Ciel’s side despite how those things were mutually exclusive in the past. Meena wanted to escape her position into a higher position in life, but Real!Ciel wants his position back.

Real!Ciel and Meena have feelings that go into opposite extremes towards the ones who look up to them as older siblings and they have initially the same but later opposite views on the positions they were born into.

The parallels and contrasts between the two run deep. Before recent chapters, Real!Ciel and Meena did not have much of a connection. There was only the suggestion that there should be something more to their connection since Rachel/Madam Red/Grell parallel Real!Ciel/Our!Ciel/Sebastian and Soma/Agni parallel Our!Ciel/Sebastian. Due to that, it wouldn’t make much sense to leave Meena out.

But nothing actually happened with this connection. Until now. Yana waited 10 years to bring out the connection between Real!Ciel and Meena, a connection that grows more and more intense as the chapters pass by. Her dedication and patience are truly admirable! What may all this be leading up to?

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I wish I can wear pretty salwars and sarees to college every day. I’d be slaying all the time. Buuut I’m too self conscious. It’s not even the white people I’m worried about. It’s the brown whitewashed people (which makes up 90% of the school). Because judgment for expressing your love for your culture from your own people is the worst.

I comforted and consoled myself with your lies when my truths weren’t convincing enough to make you stay
—  Madhulika Agarwal
...For A Brown Girl, For A Dark Girl.

I sob in the shadows of these monsters, I cry in uncanny silence.
The colour of dirt,
The colour of filth.
The root of disease and the face of ‘ugly.‘ 

The melanin burns off of my skin
And into the walls of my heart.
The little black moles and freckles across my face form maps and roadways
Leading to the fresh imprints of tears
And the insecurities injected into my blood. 

Everything has changed. 

Suddenly, I saw from different eyes,
The insult and insecurity blurred out by the gospel truth. 

Now, my luminescence annihilates those monsters, my laugh reverberates and never dies.
The colour of soil, 
The colour of the earth, 
The giver of life, the foundation of growth. 

The melanin bounces off my skin
And glitters like gold.
The little black moles and freckles all across my face form constellations and galaxies
Indestructible, immortal, ever growing, eternal,
For it thrives and survives on the scrunch in my nose
And the diamonds in my eyes when I laugh. 

You say I’m cute 'for a brown girl’?
I say I’m cute. That’s it.
You say I’m pretty 'for a dark girl’? 
I say I’m pretty. That’s it.

Hell, I’m beautiful. Period.

THANKS to everyone who endured my whining the other day. I did finally take a day off, but because I had to call out of work for this ear infection, and spent the whole day in bed watching crap tv on Netflix on my phone in various degrees of pain 

but i finally finished one fic that’s on my list

it’s an orange one. one that i promised @ellelan​ and @ohflint​ literal AGES ago. like we talked about it before the show even ended?? before 4x09 i think? and i started writing it but then the show kept. happening. and that proved to be very distracting. but i never forgot about this! 

it’s a 5 things fic and i’ve posted 2 of the 5 things already on tumblr so if you happen to read this and get overcome with the strongest sense of deja vu, it’s not a glitch in the matrix. thanks for reading again!

orange you glad (32682 words) by vowelinthug
Chapters: 7/?
Fandom: Black Sails
Rating: Explicit
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Relationships: Captain Flint/John Silver
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Series: Part 2 of orange

tumblr fics set after “st. augustine is that way”

i should have come up with a better title

part 7 - five gifts silver receives

some aboriginal nhl’er info

tonight is Native American Heritage Night at Staples Center, so in honor of that i just sorta threw this post together right before i had to leave for that game. this is mostly stuff i knew off the top of my head tho so if any of y’all know anything else, please feel free to add it!
edit: check out the second post i made on this subject!

  • there are currently 10 native american players in the nhl; 6 play in the western conference, only 4 play in the east
  • the players include Jordan Nolan and Dwight King (LAK), Kyle Chipchura (ARI), Rene Bourque (COL), Micheal Ferland (CGY), Jordin Tootoo (CHI), Vernon Fiddler (NJD), Carey Price (MTL), T.J. Oshie (WSH), and Cody McCormick (BUF)
  • most of the players are either Metis or Ojibwe:
    Bourque, Chipchura, Fiddler, & King: Metis
    Ferland: Cree
    McCormick: Oneida & Chippewa/Ojibwe
    Nolan: Ojibwe & Maliseet
    Oshie: Anishinaabe/Ojibwe
    Price: Ulkatcho First Nation
    Tootoo: Inuk
  • Oshie is the only American-born native out of the 10. all the rest are Canadian natives
  • Price and Oshie are the only 2 to play for their respective countries at the Olympics, while Chipchura, Tootoo, and Bourque have played internationally in other competitions
  • Tootoo having to play with the Blackhawks is cruel and unusual punishment of the worst sort
  • Fiddler shares a birthday with me (and Steve Yzerman)
  • Oshie’s name in the Ojibwe language is “Keeway Gaaboo,” which means “coming home”
  • Tootoo’s name in Inuktitut is written as ᔪᐊᑕᓐ ᑐᑐ and his middle name, Kudluk, means “thunder”
  • Ferland, Price, King, and Nolan are the only players who haven’t played for multiple NHL teams
  • Nolan and King are the only two Stanley Cup champions out of the 10 while Fiddler and Chipchura were Calder Cup champions (in 2004 and 2007 respectively)
  • Jordan Nolan after both Stanley Cup victories:

also, to any other native nhl/hockey fans out there: reblog this and tag what
tribe(s) you are; i wanna see how many of us there are and how many different cultures we represent!

When we were growing up, some people commented to my father:‘Rehman, isn’t it a pity that God did not give you a son?’ He would say:'Emperor Akbar had nine jewels in his court and I have four.’
—  Waheeda Rehman grew up with three older sisters, Zahida, Shahida and Sayeeda. Source: Conversations with Waheeda Rehman, 2014

This vessel does not contain me.
I choose to dig through the soil.
Else, I am asphyxiated.
Like the five rivers of Punjab, I flow.
Raised eyebrows, and hushed judgements.
A loop of rope around their necks,
They are oblivious, but I see.
I break free from the absurdity of normality.
I am the silence before the storm.

No, i have no love

Neither to have

Nor to do

But once i had it

And did it too

Somebody took it away

Like a half written poetry,

that was never allowed to fully grew

It’s a desert i live in,

Tears were clearly visible

In the eyes i had two

She refused to look into them

Saying, the effect of mirage it is,

That makes my eyes seem,

filled with watery blue


Fairy Tales Recast: Rapunzel

Rapunzel grew into the most beautiful child under the sun. When she was twelve years old, the enchantress shut her into a tower, had neither stairs nor door, but quite at the top was a little window. When the enchantress wanted to go in, she placed herself beneath it and cried:
     "Rapunzel, Rapunzel,
     Let down your hair to me."

Deepika Padukone as Rapunzel
Ali Zafar as the Prince

Ladies and gentlemen, we now present you designer Daidouji’s latest collection!

I am really pleased with how this one turned out~ I think I’ll make outfits for everyone else once I get the time

anonymous asked:

The long-haired girl you drew looks rather Indian. Were you going for that effect? Either way it's really good!

Uhh i will be truthful and say it’s not like i’d planned from the start to draw an Indian character, but after finishing drawing her i’d consider her to be Indian!;;;