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I’ve so busy lately but I’m combusting with emotions today

I’m so proud of daehyun and how he’s handled his week of promotions!! He went from having terrible anxiety performing to promoting solo, a song he wrote himself!! That’s huge and he was so professional the whole time and improved each stage. He’s a true performer destined for the stage. Omg he’s worked so hard for this and it paid off *^* his voice, his dancing, his rapping, everything. He was amazing orz

That transition during their stage!!!!

I’m so proud of jongup!! Omg this guy. He went from getting barely any lines, not talking during interviews unless he was urged to say something, to promoting solo, a song he also wrote himself and talking unprompted during kiss the radio! Omg his stage killed and he slayed that high note, rip babyz

Istg this is just the beginning for them! They’re going to keep improving and topping themselves and i can’t wait to see what they do in the future 😭

First Hundred!

So I just reached 100 followers? And sure I can understand that for some people who have 1k+ followers, 100 isn’t a lot. But for starting this blog less than a month ago, that’s pretty impressive! So to celebrate I’ll be doing blog rates, and giving out compliments! I also made my first banner, it’s crappy, but for my first edit of any kind it is decent, isn’t it? and maybe in a months time i’ll be celebration 200 followers! who know? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thank you guys so much! I love you all! So without further ado, here is how to join…

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[Music Show Criteria]

The Show - Tuesdays @ 6:30 PM KST
Pre-voting period: Fridays 11 AM KST - Mondays 9 AM KST

  • digital sales: 40%
  • physical sales: 10%
  • music video views: 20%
  • expert judges: 15%
  • live voting: 15% 

note: we have more of a possibility with winning on ‘the show’ than the other music shows

Show Champion - Wednesdays @ 7 PM KST
Pre-voting period: Tuesdays 12 AM KST - Sundays 11:59 PM KST

  • digital sales: 40%
  • physical sales: 10%
  • broadcast score: 10%
  • expert judges 15%
  • online voting (idol champ app): 20%

M!Countdown - Thursdays @ 6 PM KST
Pre-voting period: Fridays 2 PM KST - Mondays 9 AM KST

  • digital sales: 40% 
  • physical sales: 10%
  • broadcast score: 10%
  • music video views: 15%
  • live voting: 15%
  • popularity score: 10%

Inkigayo - Sundays @ 12:10 PM KST
Pre-voting period: via 엠앤TV톡 app

  • digital sales: 60% 
  • sns points (Youtube Views, Twitter trends): 35% 
  • live votes (top 3 nominees): 10%
  • Pre-Voting (via 엠앤TV톡 app): 5%  

lis-oh-no  asked:

Hey hey! I saw you reblogged my art, do you want any of your characters drawn? free of charge of course :) x

Hiya! 😊 Aww really? Man that’s super nice of you! You could draw my Shepard, Kimber, if you want to. Her tag is just #kimber shepard

I don’t think I have any drawings of her yet. No pressure though. I just think that it’s amazing you offered. ❤️  Thanks so much!

Newt Imagine

So I wrote a sort of fluffy thing and it’s the first piece of writing I’ve ever posted publicly so be gentle with any feedback on it… I don’t think it’s very good myself, the plot isn’t very creative, it just sort of stemmed from late night conversations with a fellow Newt loving friend. Anyway I hope you like it, let me know what you all think :)


Life’s dirty being a track-hoe. You’ve only been in the glade a month or so, but it already feels like you’ve done more work in your life time than you can even remember… Not that you can remember… no one can. The shower block is nice and empty this time of night -everyone still finishing dinner - so you expect peace and quiet, perfect for the horrible mood you’re in. Sliding off your grimy mud-caked clothes you step into the shower, the cool breeze hitting you hard as you quietly pray the boy’s have left you any hot water.

Turning the tap on you let your thoughts take you away for a moment as you wait for the trickle to become a heavy, steamy stream. Your muscles tense and relax as you move into the water, the dull ache of the day’s work slowly washing away. Your mind runs over the cause of your aching body, Newt. He had pushed you to work harder than anyone today. You knew something was definitely off with him. He’s usually so nice around you, most of the guys are, being one of only two girls in this place the boys tend to treat you and Teresa a little differently. Not today though, Newt was barking orders at you like there was no tomorrow, dropping criticism left and right. You couldn’t even stand to look at him over dinner. You hadn’t realised just how angry and upset it had made you till now though, your fists balled so tight the nails began piercing your skin. “Why Newt?” you sigh to yourself.


Over dinner Newt sits quietly amongst his friends, all of them too engrossed in their conversation to even notice something’s bothering him. He bites his lip, guilt stabbing his gut. He didn’t intend to be so horrible to you today. It’s just… the guys had been teasing him relentlessly about his “little crush” the night before. He just wanted to shut them up, but as usual just managed to put his foot in it with you instead. He sighs, letting his head drop to the table. 
“What’s up with you shank?” Minho pokes Newts arm lightly with his fork.
“Nothing” he grumbles into the table in reply.
“Sure it’s not something to do with y/n?” Minho nudges him a little more.
“Yeah, she not giving you enough kisses?” Thomas adds, the others snickering as someone starts to make mock kissing noises.
“Slim it!” Newt practically hisses slamming his hands on the table, making everyone jump as he stands up. His mind too much of a mess to deal with this as he begins to walk away.
“Newt wait” Thomas calls after him feeling a little guilty. Newt doesn’t even bother replying though as he tries his best to stomp away from them, his limp not helping.

He trudges frustrated across the grass until he reaches the edge of the deadheads, sinking to the ground against a miserable looking tree. “Ugh Newt you bloody slinthead, what were you thinking? Treat the girl you like, like a damn piece of klunk, nice going” he groans out in frustration. Time seems to drag on as he sits alone cursing himself under his breath till finally he can’t take it. Getting back on his feet he heads toward toward the homestead, his only desire to wash himself clean of his miserable mind. Ignoring everyone he passes as he does so, Newt makes his way to the back end of the building where he bumps into Chuck. 

“Woah dude you can’t go-“ 
“Slim it Chuckie, I’m not in the mood” Newt cuts him off, pushing past toward the bathroom door.
“But Newt you ca-“
“I said slim it!” he barks this time, the door swinging closed behind him. Too engrossed in his self loathing state, he pays no attention to his surroundings, quickly stripping and stepping into a shower. He fumbles trying to turn on the rusty old tap, sighing as the water starts beating down on his skin.
“Stupid, stupid, stupid” with each repetition of the word his head hits the rough wall.
“Just tell the shank you like her” he groans.

He doesn’t know how much time has passed but after letting the water run for what feels like forever, Newt finally gets round to cleaning off, scrubbing every inch of skin he can reach. Stepping out of the shower he dries himself down with a towel. Wrapping it around his waist, he walks into the changing area to get dressed but before he can take another step he’s confronted by yelling.

“WHAT THE BLOODY KLUNK DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?!” you scream. Newt jumps startled. “I’m sorry, so sorry sorry, sorry” he babbles out completely paralyzed in shock and fear.
“GET OUT! GET THE HE-“ but before you can finish the sentence, your foot skids on a wet patch and you find yourself falling backwards, slamming to the ground. You groan, your head aching from the contact with the floor as you try to sit up.

There’s silence as Newt contemplates quite just what to do, his mouth barely forming the words to offer you some help. You put on a brave tone telling him you can manage but wince trying to get to your feet, failing and falling back to the ground. His body moves into autopilot as he quickly rushes over to assist you. “Oh shuck, this is all my fault, I’m so sorry” he mutters crouching down besides you, completely losing his usual cool.
“It’s okay” you grab his hand, his incessant mumbling stressing you out more. “Newt I’ll be okay. If you really want to help, would you pass me my clothes? And for shucks sake, put some on yourself!” you cover your face trying to hide your blush in a horrible cocktail of shame, embarrassment and uncomfortable miss-timed desire for him.

Newt’s face is an intense beetroot now, his hands fumbling as he passes you your clothes and tries to wrangle on his own. You clear your throat awkwardly as you realise you’re not going to manage getting dressed on your own. "Newt… can I uh, can I have a little help?” you feel stupid for asking since you’ve already rejected help from him, but as you’re struggling to even get to your feet - your ankle throbbing in pain - you know it’s the only option. He nods, crouching down besides you once more, pulling your arm over his shoulder and heaving you to your feet. Just about balancing on one foot and his shoulder, you finally manage to pull on your clothes, if a little awkwardly. Muttering a small thank you to him, he sets you down on a chair, taking a step back as you give him a shy but grateful smile. An awkward silence follows, neither of you know quite what to say, both making an effort to avoid eye contact for the moment.

Time passes till the throbbing in your ankle and head are too much to bear and you let out a small whimper of discomfort. Newt raising his head to eye you cautiously, his lip practically bitten raw with nerves.
“Shall I um, shall I get the medjacks?” There’s a long pause before you give a simple “no” in reply.

“No… I think, no. I know we need to talk first” you stare back at him.
“About this?” he can taste blood now from chewing so much.
“No.” That word was really starting to stress Newt out now. “No, I mean about today as a whole. Something was different. Shuck, I know you usually treat me nicer because I’m a girl, but you’ve treated me worse than the other guys today. I thought you were my friend…” you trail off, tears finally welling at your eyes as you let the days hurt take its hold on you.

“I am, I just” he sighs and looks at the wall in shame.
“You just what?” you try to throw anger into your words but only sniffles come out.
He pauses, scratching at the nape of his neck, trying to pick his next words with as much care as possible. “I just… well I like you… and the guys, they don’t understand that.
“So you’re saying none of the others like me? They don’t understand how to like me?”
“No. No, that’s not what I meant” he sighs again. “I like, like you y/n” he stresses the words, face turning redder by the second.
“Oh” is your only reply. Neither of you say anything; Newt just lets you process the new information, despite the wait absolutely killing him inside.

A few more minutes pass before you finally reply. “Man you guys really don’t know how to flirt do you?” you almost laugh, a small grin tugging at your lips.
“W-what?” of all the things you could have said, he wasn’t prepared to hear that.
“I mean come on; you spent your day being horrible to me because you couldn’t admit you like me? Great way to get a girl to like you back” you roll your eyes.
“I’ve made a shuck mess of this haven’t I?”
“Kinda, yeah”
“Ruined bloody everything” he grumbles dropping his head to his hands.
“Well I wouldn’t say everything” you give a soft smile.
“What do you mean?” he mumbles into his hands, “I was a bloody idiot.”
“Yeah you were… but, I like you too, and I guess… that might just make you my idiot. If you want?”
“Y/n, I’d bloody love that” he smiles shyly finally looking up from his hands.
“Good that” you return the smile. 

I know that he is still quite a few thousands away from 5 million, but this will give you guys time to make your submissions and turn them in and give me plenty of time to make sure the video is amazing!

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