i'll be able to not be a mess

Word of advice

Date yourself. No, really. Take yourself on dates. Go to the movies alone. Go to a restaurant for dinner by yourself. Go get a coffee by yourself. Don’t mess on your phone while you’re there either. Give time to yourself.

Because if you can’t do things by yourself, how are you ever going to be able to do them with someone else and be content?

ok so i was listening to ‘one love’ by pvris and all i could think about was how much this song fits andreil??? i mean i could be wrong but listen

i’m hoping you weren’t heaven sent / cause only hell knows where you’ve been / your built composure is wearing thin / and all your walls are caving in 

also the ending is just kjdksk

before you came around / i was lost and out of place / you’re the only love i found and i’m hoping that you’ll stay / please stay

tfw your sis and your bf make fun of you :(

(Things I enjoy greatly in this fandom : Raven and Erik being BFFs, puns, Charles being bad at cooking, Charles being outraged. (Also I can’t seem to be able to draw charles looking older than 14 years old lol, you’re a highlander charles))

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RIGHT, so I’ve taken a short break from my legacy, because 1) life and 2) i needed to create a whole new outline for this generation because everything changed when the fire nation attacked the twins came and then all of my first generation died and it messed up all my plans; but now that i’ve found a house to stick wynn and his girls in and i have a whole new plan for them i’ll be updating again!

I’m sorry but… those panels…

Hell I had to appreciate this or else I wouldn’t be able to sleep properly.
I can go in peace now.. Probably

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Hi! I love your blog like I love when I can find pentagon writing! Can you please write an opinion on pentagon as dads of newborns? Thank you!

Jinho: Lowkey stressed.

Hui: Kind of a mess but gets stuff done.

Hongseok: Surprisingly very calm and efficient.

E’Dawn: Googles everything.

Shinwon: Wants to hand things over to his wife but wants to seem like a good husband.

Yeo One: Somewhat a natural and super good at parenting.

Yan An: Overwhelmed but cautious.

Yuto: Calm and handles everything well.

Kino: Literally perfect, has been waiting for this moment forever.

Wooseok: Stressed and always asking for help.

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My great-grandma is dying and I'm pretty messed up about it. I know it's her time, she said so herself, but she's the last of my great-grandparents and I'm named after her and I'll miss her so much...Any grumps recommendations to help me feel better about it? I'm supposed to visit her tomorrow (which requires 8 hours of driving) and I just want to be able to sleep well tonight so I can make it there in one piece.

I’m so sorry I missed this lovely, I was in bed pretty early to be up by right now. It’s okay to be messed up about it, losing a loved one is a difficult thing no matter who it is. Just remember there is no correct way to grieve. However you deal is however you deal. If you still need a feel good series, I’d recommend either Kirby’s Epic Yarn or Kirby and the Rainbow Curse in their entirety. They’re sweet and cute and funny. I love you. This will be tough but you will be okay. Hang in there.

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It is hard to understand that after years of suppressing a memory, it comes and attacks you in full force. Almost as if it is an old friend, feeling forsaken and ignored and wants to make their presence known. Its terrifying to understand that I am in an entirely different place in life than when we first crossed paths and I am as vulnerable as ever. Ive been trying everything to loose myself and ignore the past but its not working. I’ll see in you in nightmares, around corners, in the middle of the day, during lunch, fucking everywhere. I’m both terrified and relieved once I realize that it isn’t actually you because I thought when I moved, I would leave you behind but I have come to understand that I might not ever be able to get rid of you.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1167 // the last time i saw you, you told me i would always be yours because i belonged to you and maybe this is what you meant //excerptsofstories

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Would you consider getting bothered by the smallest things a "side effect" of ADHD?? I was diagnosed with it like a month or so ago and I'm still trying to figure things out (I'm 17) And along with not being able to say sentences properly part of it too? Like I'll have a sentence planned out in my head, but when I speak it, it'll come out jumbled and messed up or backwards. I ordered some stimming things to help and I'm really excited because the fidget cube helps me a lot

that’s good! and yeah, I flip words and combine sentences and skip sentences or forget what im saying
the other day I kept saying “merves and nuscles” instead of nerves and muscles and i had to try and say it like 6 times to get it right

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9, 17, and 27 for the salty fandom asks hehe! :D

From this salty ask list. Feel free to ask me other questions, I am salty enough to require high blood pressure pills!

9. Most disliked character(s)? Why?

If we’re talking villains, I’m gonna go with Magnussen. I mean, come on, the man is just…gross. If we’re talking regular characters…it depends. John isn’t always on the top of my list, especially after TST. What’s that, you say? You’re more upset about him texting another woman than beating the crap out of his supposed best friend?

Why yes, I respond, I am. Here’s why: Sherlock forgave Mary for shooting him, and so I forgave her. Sherlock forgave John for beating the crap out of him, and so I (a bit more reluctantly) forgave him. But the emotional affair John had? Sorry, but no. That’s not “just texting”; an emotional affair can be just as devastating as a physical one. And the way John spoke to the Imagi-Mary in TLD just confirmed to me that he would have probably ended up REALLY cheating on her at some point in the future, all just to prop up his fragile little ego because he was jealous of his wife.

Hmm, I guess I still have some Major Feelings™ about John H. Watson even months after S4.

17. Instead of XYZ happening, I would have made ABC happen…

It’s a tie.

Instead of Molly Hooper having so little screen time on the pretext that she’s not a canon character or whatever Moftiss used to justify pushing her to the side so much, I would have given her a much more prominent role in S4. That way the build up to the ILY scene would have been much, much more powerful.

And I wouldn’t have killed Mary off, that goes without saying but I’m saying it anyway.

27. Least shippable character?

Culverton Smith. (What? Regular character? Oh, OK…) In spite of the fact that I have fun with Mythea, I’m gonna go with Mycroft. Because I really don’t see him (even after S4) as being really capable of romantic entanglements. I honestly think he’s spent too much time being The Ice Man and dealing with his siblings’ messed up lives to be able to give anyone else enough of his heart (debatable as that organ’s existance may be in his opinion) to anyone else.

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i can't wait for the day i'll come home, log into Tumblr and see a mess of 67,314 posts that will read "IT ENDED" and "IT'S OVER" and "LOUIS IS FREE".

You won’t have to wait to come home- I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to hear screaming from wherever you are. Lol.