i'll b one mobile

do you ever just… wonder if not you picked your muse but vice versa? like; why did this one suddenly inspire you & become your favorite, pull you into their world & mind, stick around with you & piece by piece claim your heart? why do you start to think of them randomly @ day and/or night instead of a character that once was your fav but somehow never ‘spoke to you’? idk about you, but i tried to write my former favorites & it never worked out for long. then this elf here got my attention & now i love him most of all there ever were. it is funny how UNPREDICTABLE inspiration can be & where you ultimately find the one diamond among coins. embrace your inspo, your muse & your unique take on them —- there is a reason why this one chara claimed your heart; you can give them a life no one else will. inspiration is not only unpredictable, it also comes with as many facets as each of us, the writers who send our muses on different journeys that have different impacts on their growth. you CAN NOT compare. not everyone will agree with your view, but as long as you enjoy what you do & don’t hurt anyone; who cares? be proud of your work. we owe ourselves that & it keeps us inspired.