i'll answer some asks

i draw joseph and caesar casually a lot when i’m bored 

liane-animatromo  asked:

Hownwluld the toys reacted to the fantoms? Wouldn't they be scared to know that they'll be burned...?

Everyone reacts differently to seeing their phantoms! Most of the toys don’t have a phantom form, which is worrying as well. What happens to them? Who knows!

(would’ve drawn Balloon Boy’s reaction to PBB, but the screaming ghost balloon was stolen quite a while ago back in the great BB heist)


(//The class has a group chat where they talk and send memes sometimes. The bakusquad is the meme squad…. except Bakugou. Kaminari is the biggest memer in class and… also the biggest meme with the “yayyy”. The class has their own original memes👀)

Happy Valentines Day

((ayyoo happy valentines dayy~~ sorry for dropping this outta nowhere haha oops i was pretty busy today and stuff but whatever so i thought about making this uh mini valentines day comic thing with all the boys asking him to be his valentine!! yep oh i dont think i ever mentioned this (and im sorry forgive me) but hah this is a Jinharem blog yep thats right i said it a Jinharem, because who doesnt love jin harems right???

spoiler alert: he said yes ))


Hi ya~ Hope you all are doing well! I’m so sorry for being inactive here, I have been working on original stuff and quite occupied with it so kinda took a break from drawing fanart. Here are some of my original characters sketches I want to share with you guys, they’re all from a fantasy world inspired by a role playing community for artists that I had the honor to join during summer time. I’m still working on each character’s design and story so looking forward to more original stuff coming soon :)