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i draw joseph and caesar casually a lot when i’m bored 

Here’s a very late thank you to my followers! 

Thanks so much for supporting me and my blog! I never thought I’d get this many people following me. For every like, reblog, and message given to me, I’m forever grateful. You guys have no idea how happy it makes me to know that people like what I make ૮(꒦ິ ˙̫̮ ꒦ິ)ა It makes all my hard work worth it. I hope you guys continue to follow and support me from here on!

This was a nice early birthday present actually haha.

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Hi this is European holiday anon! Don't mind me I'm a little nervous to come of anon bc this blog has nothing to do with yoi whatsoever but if you need me to I will. If this is about a kic chapter 3 not being out before tomorrow, that's okay; just let me know the date it'll be out and I'll be able to pay for wifi for a little bit of time at the resort I'll be staying at :) I'm really excited to read it! Love you Justine!

first off i love you and i’m sorry! ❤️  this has been a hellish week and i’m submitting my last final today ahhh. but anyway omg i dont want you paying wifi to read it dfjdkd what. ok. let’s do this ok euro hols my lov: give me 1 more week

thanks so much for being patient and here’s a preview!! 

“I have a surprise for you,” Victor says, eyes twinkling. He’s wearing that ghost-smile again, the one where the corners of his mouth are upturned and only the faintest glimpse of teeth peek out from behind pink lips. Yuuri wonders again if the man ever completely smiles, is tempted to make a note for himself to conduct some deep research behind this phenomenon – but then Victor’s tugging his arm and shooting him another glance. It’s bright, too bright for nine in the morning, and it’s not that it burns but it’s warm

Yuuri feels like he’s been struck with something all of a sudden. Some truth that he’s only beginning to grasp and his fingers itch for his pen so he can mind-map it out, deconstruct every look that Victor’s given him since that moment at Saint Laurent –

Victor stops them right outside a discreet door next to the HMC closet. Yuuri had never even noticed it before; it’s white, blends into the wall around it. “Close your eyes, please.” 

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Welcome back to tumblr! Will you be more active again? ^^

Originally posted by stardustschild

Hello hello! I can’t say for sure, but I am slowly crawling my way back to tumblr, with all these new movie releases and whatnot, so yes, I might come out of my hidey hole and be more active on tumblr again :D

I do freaking miss you guys though! How are you all?! Catch me up on your lives!

MC and Yoosung under the mistletoe.

- Yoosung is the one who ‘conveniently’ stops under the mistletoe and feigns innocence (though he’s obviously the one who set it up)

- ‘Hey MC, look, there’s a mistletoe! We need to… kiss, right?’

- Before MC says anything, Yoosung already closes his eyes and puckers his lips shyly with a red blushy face

- MC, who is still confused, just stares at him and up at the mistletoe, and back and forth

- Yoosung opens his eyes to see you haven’t really reacted

- 'You don’t… want to kiss me?’

- He looks like a kicked puppy

- That’s when MC finally kind of puts it together, and then that’s when MC initiates the kiss suddenly

- 'Sorry Yoosung, I was confused. But don’t worry, there’s never a time I don’t want to kiss you!’

*cries because school gets in the way of the one thing I actually care about right now: dan and phil*

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What do people have against Emma Watson as Hermione? All of your art is lovely but you draw her very much not like Emma Watson, and I don't understand why you hate her? She's lovely? And did a great job in the role?

AHAHA! Who said I hate Emma Watson?? I love Emma Watson! She is gorgeous, intelligent and spoke about feminism at the UN, it is 100% impossible for me to hate her. I just like drawing characters from the Harry Potter books in a way that is separate and different from the movies. :)

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Did you read 'la douleur exquise' and 'lítost' (kd fic)? If yes, please talk about it!

I haven’t read ‘la douleur exquise’ and I haven’t heard about it before but I’ll check foreword  and maybe I’ll give it a chance.

Hm… maybe. 

Oh, so ‘Lítost’ is a sequel? Now I understand. 

When you mentioned ‘Lítost’ I thought it would be in Czech language. I wonder if the author is a Czech? 

Castle Fics published in August 2014

As I forgot to do this for July, here is a list of wonderful fics that were published in the month of August. Separated into One/Two Shots and Multichapters, and I’ll mark if it’s M or In progress. 

One/Two Shots

Tied by morgangirl11 (M)

ex nihilo omnia by Cora Clavia

waiting game (M), shades of doubt and between two lungs by bravevulnerability

Enough for now by Ky03elk

Hooked on a Feeling by lms2457

Under Pressure by ColieMacKenzie

A Brief Madness by Polly Lynn

Contact (M) and Practice by Kato Molotov

Curiosity by Garrae (M)

The Strong One by CalPal052699

ever so on the road and out of the ashes by AlyssaLucyAnne

The Walls Come Tumbling Down by ilovetoread09

Inferno by flawedperfectionx

Puppy Love by stanaticfanatic

Witchcraft (M) and Falling Into You by kimmiesjoy

What is WooHoo? and Back to Square One by The-KLF

I Hope This Gets To You by jstar1382

Again and When stuck in an elevator by nighttimerunner

Run To You by glowfrominside

In Need of Some Action by Lord of Kavaka

A Proposal and a Ring by KroganVanguard

Denouement by alwayswritewithcoffee

In My Dreams by CuffedBunnies

hold my hand when lights go down by speedofloveSK

an offer he can’t refuse by sugar free vanilla

One but the Other by ShutUpAndPull

in the rain by nevergoback


Handle With Care by bravevulnerability (extra special shout out to this because it was semi inspired by me and I’m super excited) 

No Place I’d Rather Be by skygirl55

All I Want Is Now by blue252

It Was Always You by TR-Fanfic (complete)

Lust by Oliviet (M)

Uvivi by seilleanmor 

Night People by Father Vengeance (Technically a repost of an old fic, but so happy it’s back you should read it) 

Enjoy the Silence by leuska 

Here’s your lifeline by CaskettFeels

Nikki Heat by Neuship (complete)

Young Hearts by stanaticfanatic 

Meet by Anonymous033 

You Leave Me Breathless by CeroMero

Is This How It Ends? by spaceman-earthgirl (complete)

Sleepless in Manhattan by Docnerd89

Payback by Garrae (complete) (M)

Time and Tide by KB-RC23

So obviously this isn’t all fics, but if you know of a fic that should definitely be on this list let me know and I can add! :)

hp ask meme~

mirror: how have your goals changed since 5 years ago?
horcrux: describe a prized possession
rubber duck: what is a concept or trend you don’t understand?
parchment: describe your favorite class and elective
gobstone: what Hogwarts club do you belong in?
time-turner: who would be your time-travel buddy?
portkey: what country do you want to visit?
amortentia: what traits do you find most attractive?
chocolate frog: which famous figure do you want to meet?
portrait: who is your favorite permanent Hogwarts resident (portrait, ghost, etc)?
invisibility cloak: when and why did you last sneak out?
pensieve: describe a memory you like to revisit
remembrall: describe a memory you’d rather forget
marauder’s map: what is your favorite Hogwarts location?
vanishing cabinet:
where do you go when you’re upset?
treacle: describe a favorite meal
boggart: describe an irrational fear
wand: what would you be doing in the Battle of Hogwarts?