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Here’s a very late thank you to my followers! 

Thanks so much for supporting me and my blog! I never thought I’d get this many people following me. For every like, reblog, and message given to me, I’m forever grateful. You guys have no idea how happy it makes me to know that people like what I make ૮(꒦ິ ˙̫̮ ꒦ິ)ა It makes all my hard work worth it. I hope you guys continue to follow and support me from here on!

This was a nice early birthday present actually haha.

MC and Yoosung under the mistletoe.

- Yoosung is the one who ‘conveniently’ stops under the mistletoe and feigns innocence (though he’s obviously the one who set it up)

- ‘Hey MC, look, there’s a mistletoe! We need to… kiss, right?’

- Before MC says anything, Yoosung already closes his eyes and puckers his lips shyly with a red blushy face

- MC, who is still confused, just stares at him and up at the mistletoe, and back and forth

- Yoosung opens his eyes to see you haven’t really reacted

- 'You don’t… want to kiss me?’

- He looks like a kicked puppy

- That’s when MC finally kind of puts it together, and then that’s when MC initiates the kiss suddenly

- 'Sorry Yoosung, I was confused. But don’t worry, there’s never a time I don’t want to kiss you!’

anonymous asked:

Do you like Danny Phantom? I saw your lil' "irl self" character sheet thingy (which is ADORABLE!) and I saw you were wearing a T-shirt with the logo on it! Love your art, and I love you!

YES!! yes I do hehe. 
FUNNY THING in hgh school I was completely caught up with the entire Danny Phantom Archive on FFN and Ao3. Didn’t read absolutely everything, but was definitely aware and checked many stuff out. I’ve been following the phandom for a very very long time actually! I should draw more tbh!!

Recently though I will admit the past year I haven’t been readin as much fanfiction in general, it’s harder to concentrate. So I’ve been a bit out of the loop D: 

Thank you!!!! <333!!!

*cries because school gets in the way of the one thing I actually care about right now: dan and phil*