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MC and Yoosung under the mistletoe.

- Yoosung is the one who ‘conveniently’ stops under the mistletoe and feigns innocence (though he’s obviously the one who set it up)

- ‘Hey MC, look, there’s a mistletoe! We need to… kiss, right?’

- Before MC says anything, Yoosung already closes his eyes and puckers his lips shyly with a red blushy face

- MC, who is still confused, just stares at him and up at the mistletoe, and back and forth

- Yoosung opens his eyes to see you haven’t really reacted

- 'You don’t… want to kiss me?’

- He looks like a kicked puppy

- That’s when MC finally kind of puts it together, and then that’s when MC initiates the kiss suddenly

- 'Sorry Yoosung, I was confused. But don’t worry, there’s never a time I don’t want to kiss you!’

anonymous asked:

I'm in need of some prayers. My dad got laid off after working for the same company for 25 years, and while he still has two months to look, he doesn't have a job yet. He just now told me and two of my siblings, and my little sister took it hard. My older brother started crying, and I can't remember the last time he did that. My dad thinks that it'll be fine because he has some promising leads, but there's the possibility that we'll have to move away after living here for almost all our (1/2)

lives or cut off luxuries that my family has grown accustomed to. Me and my older brother go to a wonderful private Christian school, and we would have to leave the school. Please send us your prayers, but above all, pray that God’s will be done and that he’ll protect and care for my family. (2/2)

I’ll be praying for you and your family, anon. In times of fear and worry, prayer and community see us through. 

~ O Spirit of New Beginnings, fill this person’s father with the energy he needs in his search for work, and open doors before him. No matter what happens, we trust that you will not abandon this family. Be their courage and their hope, their comfort and their strength. Send helpers their way. Amen. ~

*cries because school gets in the way of the one thing I actually care about right now: dan and phil*