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i draw joseph and caesar casually a lot when i’m bored 

Headcanon #5 - eh who am i kidding i lost track

Black Hat probably gets his claws done at a nail salon - because he’s a high maintenance diva who’s even vainer than a peacock. And claws are difficult to take care of. What, you thought those things came natural? It’s not easy keeping them glossy and sharp like razors. Hmph. It only goes to show how ignorant humans are to claw-care. 

It took him a long time to figure out salons were a thing (that he can actually appreciate), and his claws were such a bitch to handle. It was such a hassle to sharpen them against his custom-made knife sharpening steel (a must-needed essential). And he always wasted a perfectly good pair of fine leather gloves made from endangered elephant skins each week, because his nails would rip through them.

When he finds out about salons, he just bursts into the first one he sees, and demands a claw manicure from a bunch of terrified nail salon workers.

((Spoiler Alert: An old Chinese lady who’s been doing the nail craft for, give or take fifty-one years, is hardly dazed by this shit, because a customer’s a customer (even if they are a fashionable demonic abomination beyond the wildest human imaginations) - and takes up the daunting challenge. She single-handedly becomes Black Hat’s favorite manicurist.))


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Friends at Shujin have suggested for me to create an ask blog like everyone else to share our school and Mementos shenanigans and the like with the Internet, so here we are.

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This was a nice early birthday present actually haha.

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Hi this is European holiday anon! Don't mind me I'm a little nervous to come of anon bc this blog has nothing to do with yoi whatsoever but if you need me to I will. If this is about a kic chapter 3 not being out before tomorrow, that's okay; just let me know the date it'll be out and I'll be able to pay for wifi for a little bit of time at the resort I'll be staying at :) I'm really excited to read it! Love you Justine!

first off i love you and i’m sorry! ❤️  this has been a hellish week and i’m submitting my last final today ahhh. but anyway omg i dont want you paying wifi to read it dfjdkd what. ok. let’s do this ok euro hols my lov: give me 1 more week

thanks so much for being patient and here’s a preview!! 

“I have a surprise for you,” Victor says, eyes twinkling. He’s wearing that ghost-smile again, the one where the corners of his mouth are upturned and only the faintest glimpse of teeth peek out from behind pink lips. Yuuri wonders again if the man ever completely smiles, is tempted to make a note for himself to conduct some deep research behind this phenomenon – but then Victor’s tugging his arm and shooting him another glance. It’s bright, too bright for nine in the morning, and it’s not that it burns but it’s warm

Yuuri feels like he’s been struck with something all of a sudden. Some truth that he’s only beginning to grasp and his fingers itch for his pen so he can mind-map it out, deconstruct every look that Victor’s given him since that moment at Saint Laurent –

Victor stops them right outside a discreet door next to the HMC closet. Yuuri had never even noticed it before; it’s white, blends into the wall around it. “Close your eyes, please.” 

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In honor of my favorite bisexual's birthday (and because I'm sick of being closeted) I'm coming out today


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Would asking how Keith got Red be too much? 🐈🐾 Is she as protective of him as the Red Lion is in the show? ... also does this mean Lance might get Blue at some point?

i don’t wanna answer how he got her rn bc i might write something abt it in the future, but she’s definitely just as protective of him as she is in the show, altho bc she’s a real cat i think she’s a little bit more standoffish about it than she is in the show. to be honest i’m still trying to decide if lance gets blue or not – part of me feels like bc they share red in the show, she’s kind of enough for both of them, and red isn’t just a pet in the fic, she’s a familiar – she focuses keith’s magic and helps him perform spells, and i’m not sure lance would need something like that given his own kind of magic? but i’m still thinking abt it bc i love lance and blue a lot. 

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Thomas needs some love

((ikr. he’s in the queue a whopping one (1) time, and the queue runs until the start of December :’D if anyone has questions for thomas do feel free to send them~))

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So I put some tabby honey largos in the overgrowth to free roam and now all of them are just bouncing around my mint mango tree mewing. Everytime they bounce they mew, and it's so cute that I think i'm gonna legitimately cry

Where’s! The! Gifs!

*cries because school gets in the way of the one thing I actually care about right now: dan and phil*

Kinda sad headcanon time for Flug.

((anxious about potential shorts tomorrow bear with me))

Flug’s happiness is rare in the canon world

But things that make him happy to the best of my knowledge are -

-Airplanes, anything related to them


-5.0.5. most of the time

-Getting to sleep healthy amounts, same for eating (bonus if proper meal & not ramen /etc)

-Black Hat leaving him alone for more than a few hours

-getting along with Black Hat & him not terrifying Flug

-Demencia being away from the lab when she causes chaos / is bored

-being treated well (usually only by 5.0.5. but some times off-screen co-workers)

-when he successfully creates something

-& the thing doesn’t somehow backfire

-planning escape ideas, until he realizes how slim of a possibility they are