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Imagine the angst if Link had changed so much after the 100 years sleep and remembers so little that he doesn't love Zelda anymore. Now imagine the fluff when he falls for her all over again!

His memories had told him more than he could have asked, but he still felt a loss. A gaping loss within him remained, even once Ganon was defeated and him and Zelda were reunited. When all was said and done, she had thrown herself around him in a hug, and he held her back, but felt no overwhelming emotion or love for her. 

Care, yes, friendship sure, but the love… whatever love he had once had for her had not returned yet, and it was evident in his eyes, much as he tried to hide it. Zelda seemed to come to terms with this on her own, without feeling the need to draw attention to it, but the heartache was there in both of the Hylians. They had work to do, at least, and it distracted them from the awkward nights they spent sitting across each other at a campfire; she would ask him if he remembered Poppy, or the time he lit up her room with blue nightshade as a surprise. Every time, the knight shook his head, and every time he apologised she would tell him he didn’t need to. But the way her eyes dropped when he asked her something he obviously should have known, the way her smile faded when he introduced himself to someone who should have been an old friend, it tore at his soul. 

When he felt he knew her better, he assured her that if he fell in love with her once, it would happen again. He began to ask her what his favourite things about her used to be, and she would get embarrassed a little and tell him, show him her scars, and give him tentative kisses on the forehead like he used to love. She caught bugs and frogs for him, raced him up and down hills, and the adrenaline rushing in his veins made him feel like he was discovering the world he knew so well - better than before, probably - all over again. Spending time with her made him wonder how he had managed so much time on his own. She sought shelter from the rain with him, then dragged him into it; would dress up in his Champion’s tunic and act out moments from his life in Castle Town; and would regale him with stories of his parents and how much they loved him. 

Sure enough, there was something magnetic about her that he couldn’t get away from, and he found himself giving more and more away to the girl who fought for his heart. After a particularly rough day, when he saw her suffering and clutching her own arms for comfort, Link finally had the courage to kiss her, and was shocked to feel the striking familiarity of her lips and the way she smiled against his kiss, the way her hands pushed through hair behind his neck, and the way she said his name so quietly, like a whisper through time. His breath was hot against her cheek when they pulled apart, and the knight told her, finally, that he loved her again. 

I am in a desperate need of a road trip…

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I gotta say, you're great at drawing anthropomorphic animal characters like Toriel and Goofy. And I guess you're thinking of making NITW art now that you finished the game?

Yeup I’m pretty dang predictable


Did you talk to Javier after the competition?
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Mulder & Scully ☝🏻

Mulder, the believer, the leap before you look, heart in his hand kinda guy.

Scully, the skeptic, the hard provable facts, medical scientific doctor kinda gal.

They were both looking for the truth. Together a perfect fit.

They may have believed differently but but but when they came together, well, that was magic. Wasn’t it?

We are all Mulder & Scully. Bits of this and bits of that. We all believe different things and yet when we set aside our differences and come together, we can be magic too.

Don’t let the differences keep us apart!
Let’s be magic instead! 💫

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I know you’re upset about AIDA. I’m in a strange position. I don’t want to intrude on you while you’re… processing.

You’re not worth the tears I shed over you.
—  personal thoughts (via faundroyant)
I’ve watched you pick up and move on without me like I never even existed. Like our time together was nothing and I was just a ghost from the past. Well now I feel like a ghost. Cold and lonely. No one can see me. No one can see my pain, or the tears that blur my vision every time I see the two of you together. I just keep floating through life praying someone will see me and bring me back to life.