i'll always cheer you up

for anyone who constantly compares themselves with others

I’ve noticed that there have been so many times in my life where I’ve compared myself to others, and always felt bad about myself as a result. I’d live my life thinking that I’d never amount to much after judging myself based on other people’s success/happiness/other superficial things. I felt so low and insecure about myself time after time, after constantly comparing myself to others. But y’know, you just gotta realize that it happens, but more importantly, you’ll get through this. There will always, always, be people that are better than you, and that’s inevitable. But that shouldn’t matter to you. You have your own goals, your own mindset, and your own plan of life. What they do and how they do it, matters in no way to you. You can and will succeed with or without them; it’s meaningless to compare yourself with others. Just remember that you are your own standard setter. Focus on your own success, because in the end, nothing else matters. I believe that you can do it. Confidence and self-love comes first, your success/happiness are a result. It’s all in your head. If you can conquer your mind, you can conquer your insecurities. You can do it; it’s all right there.