i'll always be good enough for someone else

I love when someone is just about to reply to someone else, but the instant they open their mouth to answer, their breath catches and they have to turn away to sneeze instead. Like, the moment they are engaged, it just tumbles out of them with enough urgency that they can’t even fumble through the first syllable of whatever they were about to say, they just have to get it over with before turning back for a redo.

Thoughts on Nelissa

All right, I’m breaking my ‘no wading into the drama’ rule for a minute.

We do not know ANYTHING about Melly’s last relationship. We suspect from posts that dude feels really hurt about her being with Niall, but who in the world wouldn’t feel hurt when your ex ends up dating an internationally famous pop star?   That doesn’t mean that she was cheating on him, that doesn’t mean their relationship was so fantastic and she just suddenly bailed for the famous guy, that doesn’t mean anything except that his feelings are understandably hurt.

Maybe it’s all true, but WE DON’T KNOW!  And they are 21 years old, at that age (and any age really) you date people, you break up with people, you date someone new, it’s the norm! People that marry the person they date at that age are the exception to the rule.

Maybe this is the great love of Niall’s life, maybe it’s not, but it’s not up to us to pass judgement on it or them. If he breaks her heart or she breaks his or they only last 5 more minutes, again, THAT IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DATE PEOPLE!  You get involved, you learn, you grow, you move on together or apart.

Let’s give it a little time before we pass judgement on this one, okay?  I’m excited that Niall has found someone he’s interested enough in to go public, he’s a good guy, there’s a reason he chose her.  Give it a chance.