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gif meme - rupert giles + favorite quotes (for anon) 

“Pipsqueak was being the hero I deserve the other morning while I slept. My friend caught her on duty!”

What a small guard dog!

my johanbeck fic masterpost!

I figured I should have a single place where every fic I’ve written can be found, since it can be so easy to lose track of posts. I’m going to link this in the header of my blog so it’ll be there as a resource for folks new and old, and I’ll update it if/when I write more. 

EDIT/NOTE: These now live at AO3 too, and they are updated + improved + in actual chronological order, so I’d encourage you to read them there! They’re split up between two series: 

  1. you, my compass and my sea 
  2. now we’re there, and we’ve only just begun

From oldest to newest: 

And here’s some good shit by other folks that you should totally read: 

More to come (hopefully)!


[5/5 for #kgsspringsanta] aoa’s good luck era for @fuckinston

anonymous asked:

fluffy headcanons for the chocobros? like hugging or cuddling? thank you!

/wave wave/ 

Taking a small break from writing before going to sleep, heheh (it’s 3AM and I can literally hear Ignis nagging at me) let me see…

  • Oh man, Noctis would be a bit affection-starved, even if he doesn’t like to show it it’s there, pulling him towards you for long hugs, soft nuzzles and whines when you move away. His hugs are full of longing and he will try to search contact one way or another.
  • Prompto is a bit shyer than he lets on, but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t want all the kisses you can give him. He needs to feel comfortable before he actually can touch you as long as he wants without internally and externally combusting, but once he can, get ready for a man-puppy all over you.
  • Gladio? Big ass bear hugs, spinning you around even if you beg for mercy á la “put me down or SO HELP ME”. It won’t work, I assure you, only the other chocobros can save you, that or you can give him a surprise kiss that will leave him stunned enough to slip away from his grasp. He’s like a big kid sometimes.
  • Ignis… he’s hard to “crack”. I can’t see him as excited as the others, or it might be just his advisor façade he has to keep. He probably won’t care much at the beginning about physical affection, but my bets are that once he knows and feels you’re there for him when he needs it, he will go more often than you expect. Stress takes a toll on him so more than nuzzles (though you still get those) you’ll find him asking for a comforting hug instead. Poor man needs to breathe.

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You're walking in the woods. There's no one around and your phone is dead. Out of the corner of your eye you spot him. Sock sowachowski.

Jon’s actual nightmares


Gif Request Meme ➸ Most Attractive - The 100 (requested by evilpandaislana​)

Hey everyone! I recently made an Instagram to post all my traditional artwork! I’ll be splitting my time between this artblog and my Instagram so if you want to see what I’m up to, please follow me!

Also I know I’ve been kind of slow on posting in general;; I’m really sorry, I am not very good at maintaining a schedule… OTL;;