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And I never looked back

“Sometimes I think that when you ended us you felt no remorse.” She said, staring at me with her beautiful brown eyes. Eyes that you can never get tired of looking into. Eyes that fill your stomach with butterflies, even though you’re a guy and you’d never admit that to anyone.

“Was I suppose to feel remorse?” I respond, trying to show no signs of regret.

In all honesty, the moment I ended us I regretted it. I could feel my heart breaking in my chest, and my throat starting to close up. How could anyone not feel hurt after ending a 18 month relationship?

“I mean, yeah.” She said, “We were together a year and a fucking half and you walked away like it meant nothing to you.” She threw her hands in the air and her face turned red in anger.

Deciding to be the one to end this conversation before it becomes one of blame, hurt, and mean words, I said the first thing I could think to say. I needed her to forget about me while she still believed in love.

“I ended us four months ago. Then I turned around and I never looked back. Maybe you should try doing the same thing.” I said, voice firm and certain. Little did she know, I was on the verge of throwing up even my own words made me sick.

The things you’ll do so the one you love can truly be loved by the right person. Heartbreak sucks, but love is worth everything. Everything.

In the Wake of Sunbeams | ch3 |

Summary: Through thick and thin, siblings look out for each other. After all, adventures and mishaps are best when shared. (oneshots for Sunshine Siblings Week)

Title/Prompt: Gardening
Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3
AN: For some reason, writing this reminded me of this McDonald’s sign that we’d always pass which said ‘Over 99 billion served’ and for the longest time when I was young and had poor, uncorrected eyesight (and even poorer reading comprehension apparently), I thought it said ‘Over 99 balloons saved’. Hah, alas. Well, I think anyone who knows me in the slightest recognized that I would go straight for the gardening prompt. I can’t deny that writing this was incredibly fun and just what I needed, so I’m rather happy with how this turned out, which is a first in a very long while. Likely the last prompt I’ll be able to submit on time (still planning to write them all though!) since school has started again and I can no longer overestimate how long I can stay awake and still function. Happy reading!
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It is peaceful in the backyard, in the garden, the kind of calm that makes one boneless, the kind that settles and tucks over like the softest of blankets. Wind chimes sing a quiet lullaby, light and enchanting, courtesy of playful breezes that come around to whisper in their ears and kiss their cheeks before dashing off again. Sunlight, rich and warm, spills across the grass and lights the flowers until they become a bouquet of colours, bright and stunning. The day is light and clear with blue skies and puffy white clouds the size of mountains, the sort of day that makes the heart ache with the knowledge that such a perfect moment cannot last forever.

Underneath the dappled shade of the apple tree, Naruto sits back and sighs, allowing the sweet and heady fragrance of dirt and grass and ripening apples to calm and relax his mind. He sets his gardening gloves and spade carefully next to him and stretches his long legs out, mimicking the thick roots that rise above and dip beneath the ground like waves reaching out towards the house before completely relaxing, his limbs utterly at ease. He shuts his eyes and feels the spots of light that peek through the leaves of the tree and that glide across the ground and across his form, warm on his skin and as light as a kiss.

A hum rises from the back of his throat as an actual kiss, soft and gentle and touched by the scent of lavender, presses against the whiskers on his cheek. He grins slowly, lazily, and his eyes flicker open to take in the sight of his wife, her indigo hair glowing violet at the edges from the sun and her lavender eyes creased in a happiness, a smile dancing on her lips.

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Memories Made Me; Part 1/2

I have no idea what this is but idk it popped into my mind and i was just like whatever so sorry if this sucks lmao

{You and Harry had been together for 6 months, but you broke up. It wasn’t a dramatic break up because it came from both sides. The mutual friends you made when you were together with Harry are giving a party and Harry and you are both invited.}

Y/F/N = your friends name




My fingers wrap a little tighter around the glass of wine as I repeat Y/F/N’s words silently to myself. 

‘Oh, and Harry is also coming, but that won’t be a problem, right?' 

Ofcourse it’s not a problem, but it just feels a little awkward. We told each other that we loved one another and now we are distant friends, maybe even acquaintances. I also held on to the thought that we would stay friends, but ofcourse that also faded slowly along with the memories I have with him. If I want to, I remember everything, but I mostly shut everything out to keep myself from missing him again.

The doorbell rings and a wave of what seems to be panic rushes over me, but quickly pulls back. I furrow my eyebrows at the weird sensation I feel inside of me. I shouldn’t feel this way, he is my ex and we both moved on. Taking a deep breath, I get myself together as Y/F/N quickly makes her way over to the door, swinging it open. I can’t seem to bring my eyes to the door, so I focus on my drink. 

'Harry! Good to see you.’ She says in an excited tone. 

'It’s been a while.’ The familiar voice that I fell so deeply in love with fills the room and my ears, sending chills down my spine. It’s like his voice got even deeper than it already was. A soft sigh escapes my lips before I get up from the couch and turn to face him.

His eyes dart from Y/F/N’s face to mine, looking up and down at me. For a second everything around us seems to slowly fade as I can’t tear my gaze away from him. I swallow as his eyes seem to still give me butterflies, but who wouldn’t get butterflies if he looks at you? He is a gorgeous guy after all.

Deep down inside I know I’m just thinking that to sooth myself, making sure that my feelings won’t come back again.

Snapping out of my what seems to be trance, I quickly walk over to him and give him an awkward hug. His arms wrap around my waist, but they quickly move a little higher. I let go of him and make eye contact again.

'Long time, Y/N.’ He says, sighing heavily. I nod in agreement. The last time I saw him was a day after we broke up, when he got his stuff that were still at my place because of sleepovers and other stupid stuff we did together.

I smile and get caught up in his gaze once again, but that quickly changes as a girl appears behind him. She seems familiar, but I can’t quite place it. Harry looks over his shoulder at her as she gives him a genuine smile. My stomach twists. I quickly look away and make my way over to the kitchen. I’m not sad, he deserves to be with someone, he deserves to move on, but something inside of me is still jealous.

Y/F/N is standing against the counter with a glass of wine in her hands, waiting for the microwave to ding. She smiles at me when she notices my presence in the room.

'Hey, did you know Harry and Paige had a thing?’ She asks, putting down the glass.
I seem to be frozen for a few seconds as my mind starts to race back and forth, memories I shut out slowly rolling back into my mind, along with the familiar blonde girl. Paige Reifler. I saw her once when one of mine and Harry’s friend got married, at the afterparty she suddenly appeared. I didn’t pay much attention to her, but even when I glanced at her, all she did was flirting and giggling like a stupid school girl in front of almost every man.

I slightly shake my head in disgust at my own thoughts. I don’t want to admit it, but I think I’m jealous.

'Um, Hello? Where are you with your head?’ Y/F/N’s fingers snap in front of my face. I quickly recover from my thoughts and try to act as nonchalant as I possibly can.

'Well, do they have a thing? Like, are they together or something?’ She gives me a funny glare from over her shoulder before shrugging.
I nod as a response before walking out of the kitchen. Paige took seat on my place, with Harry next to her. Harry reacts to my footsteps as I enter the room, by turning around. He smiles slightly at me. I take seat in the chair next to the couch they are sitting on. I try not to look too much to them, but sometimes I can’t help but glare a little at them from the corner of my eye. 

I focus on my phone, but get distracted by her squeeky giggles. I look over to them, not even bothering to hide it. She pushes her lips to his cheek as Harry looks at his phone. She repeats her actions and starts to kiss down his neck.

I awkwardly clear my throat and raise my eyebrows. They both look at me, Harry with a weird expression and Paige almost furious.

'Oh I’m sorry, are we bothering you?’ She asks in a fake voice. I scoff and look back at my phone, trying not to get angry at her.

'Take me with you tonight, to your place. I’ll give you the best night of your life, better than you would ever have with her.' 

She whispers in his ear a little too loud, probably on purpose. Harry furrows his eyebrows almost unseeable as his cheeks turn a slight colour of red. Before I can say anything, Y/F/N walks into the room with a box in her hands and a big smile on her face.

'Look what I found!’ She says, putting the box down on the coffee table in front of us. My eyes slowly turn from Harry to the box, to see piles of pictures filled with it. She grabs a few of the top ones out and gives them to me. I grab them and turn them around to look at them.
A chuckle escapes my lips as I see pictures of me and Harry together at all kinds of places, we went with our friends.

External image

I smile looking at me and Harry, how happy we were together. For the time we were together, we did make each other happy. Silly pictures lay in front of me combined with others, which are totally different. We have pictures of us kissing, us sleeping, swimming, hugging and a lot of laughing. Harry walks over to my chair.

'Scoot over.’ He says, smiling at me. I move to my left as far as I can, only opening a small space for him to sit. He places himself next to me, squished against my side. Not a place for him to put his arm, he puts it on the back of the chair behind me. He grabs another pile of pictures from the box, looking at them very carefully. I focus back on my own pile of pictures. My eyes study the one on top and as I realise what it is, I burst out in laughter. Harry’s eyes immediately turn to me and look down at the picture on my lap. He joins me in my laughter as his head falls back, just like he always does when is laughing. 

'Do you remember when you w-’ I start to speak, but I don’t even have to finish my sentence before he nods, laughing loudly again. 

'What are we missing?’ Y/F/N asks, curiously looking at the picture on my lap. I grab it and hold it up for her. A laugh escapes her red painted lips as she grabs it from me, also showing it to Paige.

External image

 Everyone is laughing, but Paige on the other hand stares at it with a blank expression. She looks up at me, flames sparkling in her eyes.

'Well, you gained some weight over the years.’ She says, scoffing. My smile quickly fades as her words hit me like a tonne of bricks. Everyone turns silent in the room, making it even more awkward. 

'And you also didn’t get prettier. You really didn’t improve. I get why Harry broke up with you.’ Every word that flows from her mouth makes the rage grow inside of me. I have always been very vulnerable for criticism, I let it grow inside of my mind like flowers that turned out to be tares. My heart slowly sinks as I look over at Y/F/N who looks with an surprised expression at Paige. My eyes dart over to Harry, who looks disgusted at her behaviour. Before I can stop myself, my fingers wrap around the glass of wine that has been standing here for the whole night. Without hesitating, I poor the red coloured beverage all over her blonde hair, slowly falling down on her outfit.I put the glass back down and turn to Y/F/N. 

'Sorry for staining your couch, I’ll pay for the dry cleaner’s’ I say before turning on my heel, walking into the guest room.