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she who walks the edge of darkness

A/N: So this is a rough little drabble based on this amazing piece of art by @ask-royai-lty. I’m sorry Bi, but I just couldn’t resist writing something to go with it after you dedicated it to me :’) 

I think I have a Lust!Riza problem lol

“Are you sure about this boss? Do you really think she’s down here?”

Roy had never been more sure about anything in his life. The destitute dungeon of a lab they had found themselves wandering through reeked with the stench of a cover-up. The too clean, broken beakers and dustless pieces of paper littering the room they had stepped foot in were telling.

The laboratory had been recently used.

“I’m sure,” he replied as he stepped cautiously over a pile of broken glass to stand in the center of the room. He scanned over the dusty desks and peeling walls, looking for anything that would point him toward where exactly Riza would be.

He saw a shadow shift in the periphery of his vision and he jerked his head around. Havoc responded to his sudden movement with a gasp, his weapon raised and pointed toward the corner Roy had focused his attention on. But after a few moments, when their eyes both adjusted, they found that whatever Roy had seen had been a figment of his sleep-deprived mind.

Roy staggered a few steps forward and slammed his hand against the wall to steady himself. The innumerable nights of sleeplessness he had suffered through were beginning to take its toll on him. No, three days, he reminded himself as his vision cleared and the dark spots that had dotted it began to clear. Though it seemed like it had been a lifetime since she had vanished, it had still been less than a week.  The military, the one entity he had begrudgingly put his faith in for the support and materials necessary to find her, had continued to drag its feet until he was left with no other options but act on his own accord.

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anonymous asked:

Hi hun! Can I get a Draco oneshot where Im Blaise's cousin & he's really overprotective of me? Draco has a huge crush on me but is afraid to ask me out, not just cuz of Blaise but also bc I'm really nice so he thinks I'll say no? One day Blaise overhears him talking to Crabbe & Goyle about me & confronts him about it, but then helps him work up the courage to ask me out since I've already told Blaise before that I think Draco's cute? If it helps, its in 4th year & Im a pureblood slytherin too :)

Hey, guys sorry this turned out so long (I had a lot of plot to work with) hope this is what you were after :)

Family Business

‘Ugh I’m never going to get this right,’ you whined as you stirred your draft of Chelidonium Miniscula.

‘Stop worrying, it looks fine,’ your cousin Blaise reassured. ‘You just need to add more mandrake root, let me do it.’

‘I want to do it myself,’ you fussed, batting his hand away.

‘I’m only trying to help,’ he sighed and continued stirring his own potion which looked ten times better than yours.

Blaise was always being overprotective of you and you appreciated his support but sometimes it felt patronising and you wanted to prove you were capable of doing things on your own.

Across the room Draco stared at you distractedly, not paying any attention to his own cauldron which was violently bubbling and on the verge of overflowing. A looming black shadow cast over his desk woke him from his daydream and he turned to find Professor Snape fuming in anger behind him.

‘Would you care to tell me exactly what is so fascinating? Perhaps you would like to write me an essay explaining your interest in the back of (Y/F/N)’s head. Pay attention and get on with it!’ he barked.

Draco’s cronies erupted in laughter at the sight of the self-proclaimed Slytherin Prince turning red as a tomato.

‘Shut up! Both of you, stop laughing at once you idiots.’ Huffed Draco, but it was no use.

‘I think Draco’s in love, Crabbe,’ said Goyle, messing up Draco’s hair and pointing to you.

‘What do we have here?’ Taunted Crabbe with a malignant grin ‘Oh no, Blaise’s little cousin (Y/N)? Draco you’ve been a bad boy.’

‘(Y/N) is well fit though,’ Added Goyle

‘Too good for Draco,’ Agreed Crabbe

‘SHUT UP!’ The blond boy yelled, hitting them both over the head. ‘And keep your bloody voices down are you trying to get me killed?’

‘Honestly Draco, out of all the girls you could have wanted you had to choose her.’ Droned Goyle

‘It’s not like I wanted this to happen!’ hissed Draco, checking over his shoulder. ‘I keep trying to hate her but I just can’t. She must have slipped me a love potion or something. Just look at her… teasing me.’

The three focussed their eyes on you. You were too concerned with the alarming amount of smoke rising from your cauldron to even notice him gawking at you let alone tease him.

‘Oh yeah, she wants you,’ Joked Crabbe and the two burst out in laughter again.

Before Draco could construct a witty comeback there was an almighty BANG as your potion exploded. Everyone screamed except for you and Blaise who were covered from head to toe in thick, black soot.

‘Merlin’s beard what happened!’ cried Snape, running to assess the situation. He took one look at the two of you and knew exactly who was to blame.

‘Too much mandrake root?’ you jested with a weak smile.

‘Both of you will stay back to clean up this mess! No dinner for either of you and I expect it to be spotless,’ growled Snape.

He stormed out of the room shaking his head and muttering various profanities under his breath.

The rest of the class filed out to the great hall, with Draco loitering to the back. You locked eyes with Draco for a lingering moment as he reached the door. And then he was gone.

‘Now you’ve really done it,’ Blaise complained as he scrubbed down your work bench.

You stayed silent, clenching your jaw.

‘I want to do it myself,’ He retorted sarcastically.

‘Just quit it, okay?’ you said. ‘You were right, I was wrong. You’re smart and I’m dumb, is that what you want to hear?’

You threw your rag at him, trying your best to look angry.

‘Oh grow up (Y/N), you look like a grumpy kitten,’ your cousin mocked. ‘And what was all that about with Draco?’

‘All what?’ you asked innocently.

‘Don’t play dumb (Y/N), he was making eyes at you, and you back at him. Is there something going on between you two?’

If it wasn’t for the grime covering your face, your blushing would have given you away.

‘You think he likes me?’ You mused with no subtlety.

‘I think you like him too.’ He said. ‘Not to mention the fact he’s been staring at you for weeks now.’

‘What else?’ you asked excitedly, jumping up and down.

‘You really do fancy him, don’t you,’ he perplexed, raising an eyebrow.

You nodded. He sighed and sat back down on the bench.

‘I must admit, this is not ideal… But I’ll see what I can do,’

‘Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You squealed and hugged him so tight that he could barely breathe.

‘Don’t make me regret this.’

Late that night after all the cleaning was done, Blaise climbed the steps to his dorm room. He expected everyone to be asleep already as it was well past 12am but instead he heard voices from within. He decided he would wait outside the door, hoping to hear some juicy gossip.

‘Just man-up and ask her Draco. What’s the worst she could say?’ said Crabbe.

‘No.’ replied Draco hopelessly.

‘Stop feeling so sorry for yourself, what makes you so sure she’d reject you, anyway?’ added Goyle.

‘She’s just so nice and… cheerful. What would she want in someone like me?’ said Draco

‘Yeah but everybody knows that opposites attract!’ Crabbe exclaimed.

Blaise struggled to muffle his laughter when he realised Draco was getting relationship advice from Crabbe and Goyle.

‘Trust us, asking her out will be the easy part, convincing Blaise is a different story.’ Goyle chimed in.

‘Convincing me of what?’ Blaise interrupted, deciding now was a better time than any to make his presence known.

The three boys screamed in shock.

‘How long have you been standing there!?’ gasped Draco who looked as if he might faint.

‘Long enough to know your intentions with my cousin,’

‘Blaise I swear, I was going to ask you—‘

‘Relax Draco; don’t get your panties in a twist.’ chuckled Blaise. ‘It’s cool.’

Draco breathed a sigh of relief and brushed back his white-blonde hair.

‘I must admit I’m quite flattered, but I mean really, who can resist a Zabini? We’re flawless.’

‘Don’t flatter yourself, it’s (Y/N) I’m interested, not her self-absorbed cousin.’

‘You’re lucky (Y/N) likes you so much or else perhaps I wouldn’t so helpful in arranging this little rendezvous.

‘Rendezvous?’ Draco repeated sounding puzzled.

‘You can thank me later, but right now (Y/N) is waiting for you in the Slytherin common room and if you don’t go right now she’s going to be left all alone and that’s not the kind of behaviour I accept from my cousin’s future boyfriend so get down there!’ babbled Blaise.

Wasting no time, Draco swiftly but silently rushed down the stairs to find you sitting in an armchair by the fire, checking your watch as you nervously tapped your foot.

‘(Y/N)’ called Draco, trying to sound surprised. ‘I was hoping I’d find you here, I have something I want to ask you.’

‘Oh Draco, what a surprise.’ You replied. ‘What is it?’

He took a seat in the chair beside you and hesitated for a moment.

‘I ah, wanted to ask you… if we have divination homework.’ He blurted.

‘Oh,’ you responded sounding noticeably disappointed.

‘That’s not what I wanted to ask,’ said Draco as he facepalmed. Pull yourself together Draco, this is embarrassing he thought.

A slight smile crept across your face. Seeing Draco all flustered and nervous was a rare sight.

‘Are you trying to ask me out?’ you asked softly.

‘Oh thank god, that could have dragged on for hours. Yes, I want to know how you’d feel about going out with me some time, on a date…

‘I’d love to’ you beamed.

And the rest is history.

How to Pick a Base Pattern

Alternatively, “How to Find ‘Where to Start’ on a Cosplay”

After grabbing a new pattern to tear apart for my next cosplay, I got to thinking about how a lot of newer cosplayers could use a little guidance when it comes to planning out how to tackle a fresh sewing project. I had at least a couple twitter friends show interest in something like this, so I decided to take a little time to talk about how I personally go about organizing my plan of attack when I’m ready to sew something new!

This is much less of a strict how-to and more of a general guideline of things to think about/look for when you feel a little lost on how to go about sewing that cosplay you have your eye on.

So, if you’ve ever looked at a character you want to cosplay and thought “Oh boy, where do I even start?” and your first instinct is to ask someone else, then this guide may be beneficial to you! 

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‘cause i’m gonna be free and i’m gonna be fine

can u believe i wrote @elsaclack a zombie apocalypse au snippet and avoided doing my stats homework? anyways, this will probABLY eventually evolve into a larger Thing, but right now I just really needed to WRITE something and also Em’s been having a bit of a rough time and this is her baby, so here u go, Emelius!!! shameless end of the world fluff. 

So, like, Jake really needs a shower.

It’s a mark of how gross and dirty Amy must feel that she agrees to it without hesitation. Jake’s already splashing as quietly as he can into the questionably sanitary river, his t-shirt and jeans in a heap on the damp ground of the shore, when he turns around to see her stripping out of her jeans and lumpy jacket and her t-shirt, wading in after him.

Jake grins and lets his knees bend so that his tummy and chest submerge in the water easily. It’s muggy enough outside that the cold water is refreshing, rather than shocking, and Jake lets himself sigh in relief and dip his head back, the back of his hair just barely touching the water.


Jake looks up to see Amy’s eyebrows creased into a frown, hands curling into fists at her sides. He can see the perfect upside down u of her mouth, filling her face with a frown. She’s on edge, anxious – well, Amy’s usually on edge and anxious, and like, okay, maybe it’s one of Jake’s unspoken life missions to make her less so – but he knows her and he knows exactly what she’s thinking right now. The fact that she keeps glancing over her shoulder and at the looming warehouse behind them, abandoned against the backdrop of the Hudson and the surrounding scraggly trees, is not lost to him.

So Jake steadies himself on his feet again, biting back a happy groan at the way the air brushes against his wet skin, and whispers, “Hey, Santiago.” He watches as she jumps, the lines of her body tightening, to look back at him with wide eyes. “I’m turned around so I can see behind you, right?”

Amy’s shoulders relax, marginally, and her eyes narrow. “Jake –”

“Forreal,” says Jake. “And you can see behind me – so we’re good. All bases covered. I swear I’ve got your back if you’ve got mine.”

Predictably, Amy huffs and places her hands on her hips, thigh-deep in the murky, deliciously cool water. “We’re supposed to be on a scouting mission right now. If we take too long, we’ll either attract attention, or they’ll send out a search party that will definitely attract attention, and – God, Jake, think of the inconvenience – and, you know, statistically, it’s more likely that the zombies would approach from land,” she says. It all comes out in one breath. “Which means that your responsibility is inherently higher than mine – would zombies walk on water, Jake? I don’t think zombies can walk on water. I did research on the last functioning library computer, it’s not listed as one of their –”

“Amy,” he says, looking her in the eye. This is easy; her eyes are standing out big and bright and expressive in the bright moonlight. “I’ve got your back.”

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