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Sex with Hux headcanons?:3

-Armi Hux is a very cold man. Cold and calculating.

-But with you, he fucking woRSHIPS YOU.

-He’s usually quiet during sex, except when he’s nearing his end, he can get up to screaming sometimes.

-He’s the master of dirty talk, lemme explain you a thing.

-He does call you names. But not all the time, he makes sure you’re comfortable with it.

-Middle of the night sex

-He has a hair kink. Course the bastard doesn’t admit it but when you touch his hair, he loses it.

-He can and will make you beg if you both want that hard enough.

-He loves kissing your neck, jaw and collar bones.

-He also leaves tons of hickeys there. What a bitch.

-He always starts with a make out session.

-And they are fucking hot make out sessions. Tounges, teeth, sucking and softly biting. :,-)

-Ok poor millicent has been on the bed while you two are going at it. She’s literally just like, “Why are daddy and (mommy/daddy) screaming????? Why is everything shaking???? Why is it so hot in here????”
I love that cat

-Quickies. No doubt about that. It’s a miracle if it’s something other than a quick oral session, grinding or thigh riding. Mmmm, grinding :3

-Sometimes when either you or Mit have a hard day, you’ll make slow love to each other. 👌

-After sex cuddles. You guys talk in hushed tones while you draw patterns on each other’s skin. (ya know in Requiem for a Dream where Harry and Marion are doing that??? Yeah, kinda like that. that movie makes me so uncomfortable holy shit)

-Rushed morning sex. Sometimes you don’t even your clothes off. the poor man just nEEDS TO CUM OK


-Also expect him to be vocal when you suck him off. :,3

some mass effect modern au headcanons:

note: with modern au i mean our universe but still set in the future, because making all the alien characters human seemed… very odd. also books still exist and that sort of stuff.

john shepard: fitness instructor (and probably also ex military), wears sleeveless shirts, rides his mountain bike everywhere, early bird, probably does stupid shit in the morning like jogging, left handed, coffee fanatic, bites his nails, A Broke Bitch, roomies with jack, college drop out, david anderson is his (adoptive) dad there is no other way

samara: yoga instructor, Full Time Lesbian, cool (sub)urban mom, meditates (sort of already canon), knits, “kids pls take your vitamins” “you’re not my mom, samara”

liara: either a librarian or an archivist (maybe both), cat lover (or maybe allergic to cats) (maybe both)

ashley: your hot high school gym teacher, “no gym clothes again huh. drop and give me 20, soldier”, roomies with liara

kaidan: english/physics teacher, owns a dog, hot choclety milk, elbow patches, dress pants, did a photoshoot for a hair gel advertisement in his early twenties (and everyone makes jokes about it)

garrus: mechanic (muahaha)

jack: barman, is a dummer in a band, she has gigs in the bar where she works and the whole squad shows up, “put it on the tab jack” “fuck off shepard, rent is due next week”

miranda: school guidance counselor, passionate about her job/helping kids, married to samara

james: barista, ???, shepard is his fitness instructor

if anyone wants to add something go ahead because there are still some characters missing and i’d love to see this idea grow


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